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Smells great but in a really good smelling hair conditioner or lotion kind of way. Not refined by any means by still pleasant and fun. Can really smell the Nightflight DNA in Jump, makes me think this is their daytime version of that scent.
29th February, 2016

The opening is sharp but fresh and aromatic.definitely young and modern.everyone in my family loves my openion one of the best JOOP fragrances.

If you feel a bit blue some day i recommend you try for this cologne because it is really joyful.everytime i wear it i am feeling carefree and cheerful!

perfect balance of is suitbale for everyday/office use in hot days but not for special occasions.the price is convenient.the longevity is +6 hours on my skin.

11th May, 2015

I got it today from my kids! i was always ignoring Jump by its cheap image (green JUMP on the blue bottle) i always thought this one to be a moderate sweet youngsters fragrance but was wrong its not only for the kiddies.

I was suprised by the fresh grapefruit and other fruit opening of 1 minute then touching the macho sweet side but inoffensive in anyway the first blst was right spot on.
The heliotrope is dancing together with the tonka bean and in this way its from the mid after 5 minutes a warm sweet and joyfull scent. Its not complicated by all means and also not groundbreaking but it wil be a nice scent wearing on a party or for a romantic meeting. People will give you compliments.
Its a good little brother of Joop pour homme and Joop Nightflight. It has the freshness of Nightflight and the warmth and sweetness of Pour Homme.
The sillage is not as much as pour homme
I give it a positive review i like it and it makes me happy wearing it and thats also a good sign.
Sprayed 5 sprays on my chest and on my wrists and i smell myself from time to time and its very ok!

Joop Jump : Jump of joy? or Jump of Building?
My verdict - Small jump of joy

Pros: Very easy on the nose great compliments

24th August, 2013
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Smell good and dutiful, I personally like it better than nightflight. The vodka gives it a nice touch and tonka oil though look a bit heavy, making somewhat intense fragrance and not as fresh as it is announced, I think it would behave very well in very hot days there. Jovial, with superb projection and longevity as we are used to the house Joop!
18th January, 2013
I am a Joop fan..!! Jump on the bandwagon...

You guys know I like finding the great scent from a blind buy... As one of my former supervisors once said, "sometimes you get the bear... and sometimes the bear gets you..." With Jump, I think I got the bear. The fragrance is definitely unique and easy on the nose. The beginning notes are those of spice, sugar, vanilla, and floral and then settling down to a nice smooth aquatic, clean, sweet (but not too sweet) fragrance that is masculine and unique. Almost addictive...

My first Joop purchase was a the Original Joop some years ago and was initially turned off on how strong that fragrance was. I was hesitant with Jump, but found the reviews (and price) worth a try. I am pleasantly surprised. While the projection is good, it is not overpowering. Very easy on the nose and not offensive. I have one the fragrance once and received compliments and curiosity of the fragrance. Definitely scoring in the Wow Factor.

The longevity is above average, lasting about 6+ hours on the skin and a little longer on my shirtsleeve. The beauty of the fragrance is the versatility. You pick up various notes that will blend well with any time of year and any occasion. The fragrance is really good. The bottle is easy designed, cooly (is that a word?) designed that fits the hand perfectly. It is also well packaged. You can really tell if the manufacture wants to sell "top shelf" by the packaging. Great job, Joop..!! The current deal on Amazon is just under $30.00 for a large bottle with Free Shipping. You can't beat that..!! For the avid collector, and those that need a versatile fragrance, add Jump to your collection.

Not sure where Jump falls in my collection, probably just outside the Top 10 - but, I like it and recommend/suggest adding to your collection.

All things considered, I give Joop Jump 4.3 stars out of 5. Bottom line - the scent is fantastic, it has potential "Wow Factor", longevity is above average, and the deal is fantastic. I definitely recommend adding to your collection. Someone made a difference in your life - pass it on...
08th November, 2012
Joop! Jump is Ungaro's Apparition Homme Intense trying to be incognito. The striking mandarin/rhubarb is gone but the somewhat powdery, airy vanillamber accompanied by a nose-tickling array of subtle spices is still there. Not a very interesting fragrance, but it is good. So literally no points awarded for originality, but the final grade is rescued by the smooth texture, competent blending, and above average lasting power. Jump is soft but confident, silky smooth and refreshing like a cottony breeze. It's a 'get close scent' that's youthfully wanton but also a little graceful. Readers under 25 or so, this is a good scent for the budding enthusiast that doesn't want to smell obnoxious like his louder contemporaries and for the kind of guy that doesn't have to make a scene to be noticed.
03rd May, 2012
If I ever smelt this on a man I swear I'd die and go to heaven.

Jump is much softer, more refreshing and as some might say, more masculine than the original Joop! Homme. If Joop! Homme was your Winter scent, then this fragrance would be your Summer alternative.

The scent is spicy, slightly sweet (yet not as sweet as Joop! Homme), fresh and in some ways, powdery and soft, (especially in the drydown).

Jump is a fragrance that portrays calm and tranquility. It is not sexy or dirty, just soothing. The perfect scent to snuggle with or wear casually.

I would trust a man that wore Jump. There is something almost drug-like about this scent, it sends me to a calm, happy, quiet place. This is the first men's cologne that I have ever felt this way about, many of the scents I've tried have been sexy or loud, however this scent is the total opposite.

The sillage is good, but not overpowering, (unless it is applied with a heavy hand). The lasting power is also great, which is no surprise because Joop! fragrances always impress me with their quality.

Certainly a cologne that every man should consider adding to their collection.

04th June, 2011
Joop! Jump is a fragrance I bought at an airport as a snap decision one day, and I have been greatly rewarded for my purchase. The opening of Jump is very fresh and clean, with flower notes. It stays like this for about 15 minutes and goes over to it's wonderful middle note, which stays for hours. If you don't mind a synthetic smell Joop! is the bargain you should jump on. The girls love it and you will love it too. For casual use as a signature scent it works really nice. Jump creates a pleasant aura, is a complement getter and reflects a young and easy going spirit to others.
14th May, 2011
I really like Allure Homme Sport by Chanel, and this smells like a fruitier version of it. Thus, its resemblance to AHS makes me like it, except I don't like fruityness versus more masculine fragrances.

One nice thing, though it I get INSANE compliments with this. This last saturday I sprayed it at 9am and 11:30 at a bar I had a group of girlfriends crowded around me smelling me telling me awesome I smelled (which continued off an on all night). Not only was it a compliment getter, but lasted from 9am to nearly midnight!

Another plus, is the price...JJ can be found pretty cheap online and won't break your wallet like AHS will.

To conclude: I like that it smells sporty and in the same ballpark as AHS, its vibrant, sexy and smooth. Also, the sillage will last 10+ hours or something like that because of its synthetic nature.
What I don't like is its slightly feminine sometimes and might not be able to wear for older men (I'm 23).
02nd March, 2011 (last edited: 09th October, 2015)
Joop! Jump is a vibrant, creamy fragrance that is sweet with a blast of freshness at the same time. Think sugary, candied, creamy oranges. Comparisons to Le Male.....I find this to be a lot fresher, not as overtly sweet, not as cloying. A wonderful fragrance for a young person who wants to smell different than their peers, and certainly acceptable for someone in their 20's as well. Works in all seasons as well, a very pleasant scent. Last a while, as with all Joop! scents. I do agree with the comparison to Blue Jeans by Versace, however I like this a lot better. It's much more accessible, and it smells better than Blue Jeans, in my opinion. While sweet, this still retains its masculinity.

Good sillage, so don't spray too much, lest you want to be tasting it! Also, this juice is strictly casual - I can't imagine someone wearing this with a suit and tie.

EDIT: My tastes have changed and I find Joop! Jump a lot sweeter than I did before, but it's still unique and enjoyable in small doses.
04th December, 2010 (last edited: 23rd January, 2011)
Decent scent from Joop!. Very popular in the nightclubs right now, which is fair because its strong presence and sweetness are powerful enough to be noticed over the stench of sweat and spilled beer. But for more casual use its a little too much in my opinion, a little sweeter than a masculine fragrance should be, with a strange medicinal quality to it initially. The drydown is pretty pleasant though, and it smells great 7 - 8 hours after application.
13th May, 2010
Joop! Jump surely has one of the great drydowns in the recent history of men’s fragrances. I find it to be an immediately likeable and very well blended sweet-fruity-woody-spicy concoction with superb longevity (8 hours easily with a few modest sprays) and a wonderfully uplifting and classy sillage that envelopes the user, and I know is generally adored by females. I find that patchouli and what I think is vanilla dominate this scent and make it smell more complex than Joop! Go! (although the latter has the edge in sheer wearability). I agree that it makes a great summer scent and IMO is already a classic, much like other well blended teutonic fragrances that include Bogner Man and Jil Sander Feeling Man. I haven’t noticed any significant difference in smell or longevity between the standard Joop! Jump and the Electric Heat variant (which is the one that I own) other than in the price, the latter being significantly lower :)). Highly recommended, even as a blind buy.
27th February, 2010
to me this smells of parma violets - after the drydown it smells better , i like this one but i wouldnt wear it anywhere other than work because i feel it smells to generic so it wont be noticed when ur out because everyone smells the same !
09th October, 2009
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What a great smell. It's strong and lasts for ages (as you would expect from Joop!) but it isn't invasive. Its a very bright smell but it does ever so slightly remind me of the warmth of the original Joop! Homme.

A cracking summer fragrance and the kind of thing I would enjoy wearing in the evening too.
06th August, 2009
Great scent. It's a must have! Really is kind of jumpy! Thumbs up!

Update: I got to notice that this scent and Cerruti Pour Homme smell virtually the same!
29th June, 2009 (last edited: 05th January, 2011)
Smells like 'Le Male' for few seconds 'n then a sweet boozy concoction evolves gently..''n tells ur brain ITS JOOP! JUMP :)

GEM among J...oops

25th February, 2009 (last edited: 27th August, 2009)
In various reviews it had been pointed out that Joop! Jump is quite resembled to Chanel-Allure and some mixed it with JPG-Le Male as a cloned version. My observation is not in agreement with those comments as it has its own distinctive class. A very nice opening where I feel citrus dominates with fruity sweetness but the most sensual part is when the fragrance goes real fascinating in dry down, a very cool & fresh masculine fragrance and Iced Vodka worked so well to make it an intimate romantic wear! Good for everyday use in summer.

I had experienced Joop! Homme, Joop! Go and the variants of Joop! Jump as well but in my opinion Joop! Jump is extremely wonderful and highly recommended.

03rd February, 2009
I really like this cologne. It's like they took Versace Blue Jeans, made it less sweet, removed what was wrong with it and put it in their bottle.

its very nice -- also very similar to JPG Le Male

I give it props for taking what was already out there and making it better! :)
29th December, 2008
have had two 100ml bottles to date. simply a fantastic fragrance.
04th December, 2008
azhdar Show all reviews
United Kingdom
excellent long lasting,perfume. especially middle note and base note are sweat, but refreshing. highly recommended.
21st September, 2008
reallly like this one, smells so much more complex and manly than i ever expected from something named "joop! jump" more of a nightime smell i think but it could be used during the day as well. 5 stars for sure.
06th September, 2008
good, very,very good stuff.
an awesome mixture of sweet and creamy (vanilla, coffee?) yet fresh and light.
i love how it lingers around me and turns heads.
been meaning to get a bottle for ages and i will soon.
24th August, 2008
An excellent sweet spicy and slightly woody scent that is not as cloying or as headache inducing as Joop! Homme. Very lively scent that's energetic and uplifting. This would be perfect going out wear for fall or early spring but works wonderfully well in the summer because it's also quite refreshing even if it's sweet.
26th July, 2008
recently a rash of men's frags were released that are nothing more than JPG le male clones (212 Sexy, 100% love, hypnose, courduroy etc)
Jump has what appears to be coconut that dominates for a few hours and makes it quite similar to JPG. i ti s not a clone however, more like a much better version. Excellent summer scent.
21st May, 2007
This fragrance is just lovely! Very good for the summer. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long on me. Oh, it does last some time, but the notes dry down really fast... Maybe next time I'm gonna spray it four times on me... Anyway, lovely.
09th May, 2007
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United States
Bought this one blind with leftover X-mas money and glad I did.I have recived a few compliments on it from guys and gals. It last a long time on my skin but I will save it for when the weather begins to warm up a little. Agree with the one poster, it reminds me of the samples of Allure a little.
23rd January, 2007
Really like this one! And, it really work last on me. I find it and Allure have something common :P
19th September, 2006
heey.. a nice fragance, versatile, comfortable, sexy between spicy-woody and some fruity/fresh base with a great staying power..

go ahead, and test it...
12th September, 2006
Cool, nice refreshing fragrance. great for summer.

Something about it reminds of Diesel++, they are very similar. Nonetheless, I have both, and like both.
29th May, 2006
Can anybody tell me how many hours Joop Jump lasts on your skin.Is it a strong fragrance that fills the whole room or is it an ordinary fragrance. I want to get Joop but I am not sure how good it is.Can you please help me?
08th May, 2006