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Neutral Reviews of SummerbyKenzo by Kenzo

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After an initial blast of alcohol, white flower sweetness underscored by smoky musk-
28th June, 2010
I tried both this and Eternity Summer within a couple days apart and first like them both. I went back and tried Kenzo Summer again- Do not like the strong first shot of mimosa. It is way to strong. If you are looking for a light summer frag I would choose the Eternity.
24th February, 2010
Very strong mimosa, then a strong almond/musk drydown, with a milk note. I like this, and it would make a good, peaceful daily wear scent, but so would Amour and that one is a little more interesting, so if I had to choose, I'd spring for Amour. As it is, I use Kenzo Flower (parfum) when I need an almond hit. But this one is very nice, in a quiet way.
18th February, 2007
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I love it - almond, white musk, heliotrope...the mimosa is a bit much for me, but the sweetness is tmepered by a ylang note. Great for lovers of Etro Heliotrope or Guerlain Ylang et Vanile.
14th January, 2006
Kenzo Summer it is just beautiful tuscany citrus, mimosa, styrax wood, almond and amber. Believe it or not this actually smells exactly like Avon's DreamLife on me. They have the same basic notes mimosa, amber and musk and are both woody florals. The amber musk & mimosa are the most dominant on me. I'll stick to my Avon DreamLife since it smells exactly like this does and it's less expensive.
29th November, 2005