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United Kingdom
Buying this cured me of having to buy something in a duty free rather than wanting to. I bought this before I realised that perfume manufacturers changed ingredients because I used to have this maybe 15 years ago and there was nothing else that I wanted. The initial few moments are enough like the original then it's just horrid. A bit like those nasty fakes you can get on market stalls.
12th April, 2009
Escada (2005) is sweet & pretty but not a fave of mine. I applied it just 1 hr ago & I can barely smell it now. Hey, but it has a nice bottle & cool cap. It's a no for me.
16th December, 2008
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Trinidad and Tobago
I have to say that this is a very nice scent if you like "perfume-y" fragrances. It smells very much like the typical perfume department down here in sunny Florida, with prominent cucumber and citrusy notes.
While it has a good lasting power, it is a bit on the strogn side for me.
31st August, 2006
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It's interesting to see where Escada has gone with its fragrances over the past decade and a half, culminating in this new signature scent that has just come out in summer 2005. Gone are the extremely rich and saturated compositions behind the exotic uber-floriental Escada by Margaretha Ley and the tantalizing ambrosia-kissed cola, tonka and sandalwood of Collection. Ever since the company started turning its new launches progressively lighter and less intense - Sentiment, Magnetism, the feather-light fruity annual limited editions - it's become clear they're trying to distance themselves from their old, rather heavily gilded late 80s-early 90s image. And while I fully understand the need for a brand to evolve and stay relevant, unfortunately this fragrance is just TOO generic and like a gazillion other things out there. The Escada folks should have quit while ahead with something like Magnetism, because this new signature scent is plain old wishy-washy, nice and all but really without any kind of definition whatsoever. I've sampled it extensively and have to say it's the first Escada I won't be buying; I'm already up to my eyeballs with all the aqueous-fruity, lightly floral, clean, refreshing scents I could ever want. The market hardly needs another. I just find it really disappointing, to the point where I feel nearly nostalgic for the days back when Escada by Margartha Ley nearly asphyxiated me a few times with its extreme headiness! The notes for this new launch include bergamot, black currant, greens, cucumber, lemon, sea breeze accord, freesia, honeydew, magnolia, jasmine, muguet, rose, ornage blossom, peony, amber, musk, nectarine, vanilla, orris, patchouli, sandalwood.
23rd September, 2005