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Neutral Reviews of Escada by Escada

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Im disappointed with this one, attractive packaging, but doesnt last 5 seconds on my skin :(
27th March, 2010
This is not one of my faves as it doesn't seem to make any statement at all. Very nondescript cucumber citrus and melon type frag. Pleasant to wear after a shower, but it is way too ordinary for me to wear even to work. Longevity also not great. Not unpleasant, just not at all memorable.
30th April, 2007
Escada is overflowing with notes of every kind - fruit, flower, water, earth, green, woods, really smells like the perfume department! Somehow, after the drydown there is a strange reminiscence of Anne Klein II...if you choose to wear this 'loaded' fragrance - please go lightly!
30th April, 2006
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This smells just like fresh cucumber and sea salt with a hint of florals. It's a combination I'm not very keen on.

It's advertised as smelling like "crushed diamonds" in some magazines I've read. I suppose they've captured that well in that it's fresh, light and sparkling. It might be nice to wear in the summer as it's refreshing.

However, I find this scent disappointing. It's weak and watery and so unlike a lot of the other Escada scents. This one desn't seem to fit in with the brand that's well known for it's fruity and sweet fragrances.
28th February, 2006