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Escada 2005 could be the separated-at-birth twin of Victoria’s Secret’s discontinued gem, Very Sexy 2. There’s less sweetness and the juice here is blue, asserting an upscale aquatic vibe, but they are essentially twins. This is great for fans—such as me—of one of the last of VS’s fragrance creations, before they traded in daring sophistication for cocktail cacophonic ‘fumes of late. Come to think of it, Escada could be accused of casting the same fate to their collection, too.

I’m not a fan of chypres but this is a pleasantly calm one. It’s not bombastic like most chypres that come to mind, but it has staying power comparable to any classic one, like Aromatics Elixir or Magie Noire. The sillage and projection are subdued for a chypre but it lets the wearer’s friends and acquaintances know you are wearing something lightly floral and somewhat leafy. Speaking of leafy, this is cassia-laden (and I love me some cassia). The blue color implies this is a weak, watery summer scent but Escada is perfect for any weather, any time of day or night.

If more chypres were like this I’d be a bigger fan of them.
17th May, 2012
I absolutely LOVE this perfume. On British perfume sites it's known as Escada Signature, so it's slightly confusing that it seems to have a different name in America and some other countries!

Anyway, it's a wonderful perfume. Very classy smelling, light, fresh, clean and sexy at the same time. It also lasts on me for ages. It's entirely different to some of the other Escada perfumes, such as Magnetism, which tend to be very sweet and, to me, cheap smelling! My sister who, like me, is fussy about perfumes also loves this perfume.

The packaging of this perfume is also very nice. The bottle is simple and classy and the perfume is a lovely sea green color!

This gets a massive thumbs up from me!
18th February, 2011
Presuming that this is the fragrance that is sold in the pale gren/white glittery packaging, then this took over from Burberry London as my favourite scent when I received it as a Christmas present in 2005. It it a lovely, fresh, delicate fragrance; I want to describe it as having "pale" fruity and floral scents; it's a fairly subtle perfume. It possibly reminds me of the fragrance of certain baby products; perhaps oil or talcum powder or something. I once left my scarf at my boyfriend's friend's house; when my boyfriend returned it to me, his friend's mother had asked him to ask me what this fragrance was, as it was the best she had ever smelt. Perfume compliments are lovely :-) One thing about this perfume that I can't say about others is that I am unable to recognise it on other people. A friend once wore it and I had to ask what she was wearing, hoping that I was about to discover a new and wonderful fragrance, only to find that she was wearing the same as me. I am yet to find a scent that pleases me as much as this one does.
29th April, 2007
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I got a sample of this at a local shop and instantly fell in love! This is the best smelling perfume! Its definetly a grown up perfume, not at all like the fruit punch-y fragrances that I'm used to from Escada. This will certainly be on my "buy a bottle" list.
14th October, 2006
This new Escada is quite nice-- I live in Hawaii and many times it's way too humid to wear anything heavy or "perfume-y", especially in the daytime. It is definitely not like the "Island Kiss" or "Rockin' Rio" type Escadas. This is a more grown-up Escada, if you will. After the citrusy/fruity opening fades, what I'm left with is a nice, "neutral", eau fraiche-type scent. And it lasts. This is a good one for work or a day on the road.
11th April, 2006
This smelt good. I really liked it. It had a great sporty summer scent and it was a lot of fun. You can really smell the orange in it and I enjoyed it a lot!!
09th January, 2006
If you live in warm climates (like I do= venezuela) you can never be thankful enough for the amount of light, clean, refreshing perfume availability in the market, specially considering that mayor houses only sell those kinds of scent in other countries' summertime. Having said that, I love this new Escada:
Top notes: bergamot, black currant,leafy greens, the cucumber is although almost unperceptible appreciated, and italian lemon.
Middle notes: petals of magnolia, jasmine, muguet, rose, and orange blossom.
Base notes: amber, musk, nectarine, vanilla, and patchouli.
When I wear this perfume, say midday, on a busy street, on the beach, or at home, I (and the people around me) feel light and airy, just what you need to ease the difficulties of everyday life.
27th December, 2005
So is it a light floral? not really. is it aquatic? not really. is it summery? hmmm is it i gues it is ... I could not make anything out from this scent other than it's one of the nicest green-blue-cristal-clear scents out there. Now why is that? because for example, in a tropical country, this is heavenly. to wear this in the fall or in winter? what's the use? It's too fresh for it. Some think it might be generic but i have tested many many in a similar "line" and this stands out everytime. Maybe it's because it's an eau de parfum instead of an eau de toilette. At least it's not another special edition that escada likes to make every year and that adds little to their collections. This one is a winner just cause it's lovely, clean and classy compared to others is the same line. if you like this one you might also like VanC&Arpels's Hiver, even if they are different , they both share a blueish aura scent for the ones who like water and air and all things clear-blue that i like so much.
10th December, 2005