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Negative Reviews of Miss Dior Chérie (original) by Christian Dior

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Now I have to say first of all that it's the EDT I have, not the EDP. I found the EDP cloying and sickly. I loved this EDT when I bought it, and I'll use what's left of it, but all I get from it now is strawberry jam. I love strawberry jam, but not to wear. I think that from the people who created the stunning J'Adore, this is a real let down. Shame on you, Dior.
25th January, 2012
Very "artificial" fruit and flowers. Really smells like sour candy on me. All pineapple and sugar. Thank goodness it faded away in a couple of hours.

This may be great on some, but I really don't even like to eat artificial fruit flavors. Certainly don't want to wear them.
13th September, 2011
The opening is fine, sweet and fruity, but the drydown is too acidic for me...I think my sample may have turned though, so I will update after I try a fresh one, to make sure.
01st September, 2011
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Hairspray, white florals (jasmine, freesia, lily of the valley?), red berries and citrus on a base of patchouli and popcorn. Hm, I'm thirty and felt like this is something I would've outgrown by the time I was thirteen. But then (shudder) fruity florals was never my thing....
17th December, 2010
smh78 Show all reviews
United States
This is girly, sugary, and not unpleasant, but nothing I would buy for myself or anyone else. The sugary fruitiness does pull away fairly quickly, leaving a decent patchouli base lingering on its lonesome. But there's the rub; who needs another fruity, sugary, patchouli scent? Nobody. But because it's Dior, it is bought by hordes of young things, or people who want to smell like sugar-coated young things, although for the life of me I can't imagine why. One of the delights of growing older is being able to grow into more interesting perfumes than concoctions such as these. Too expensive to be worth it.
08th April, 2010
Yuck. While a good representation of the genre of fruity scents, this just is to much. Too sweet, too rich, too much.
15th September, 2009
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
I agree with those who say this is too sweet and comes across as very "cheap." It's also unbalanced, lacks complexity, and is not dynamic. I don't understand how Dior could even consider marketing this. Perhaps it is meant to appeal to teenage girls with rich parents and little taste.
07th September, 2009
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United States
Dior Miss Dior Cherie

Notes: mandarin, strawberry leaf, violet, jasmine, caramel popcorn, wild strawberry sorbet, musk, and patchouli (from NowSmellThis)

I tried to love MDC, I really did. Sometime last year, I tried it from a Sephora sample, and found myself scrubbing within minutes. The indelible memory of that moment was of a sweet and tart berry-flavored hard candy: Jolly Rancher. For anybody who does not know what a Jolly Rancher candy is, let me explain. It is one of the most artificial, sugar sweet, acidic, mouth puckering, tooth decaying candies I have encountered. Needless to say, the first time I tried MDC, I felt more like some artificial flavoring had been sprayed on my arm rather than a designer fragrance.

Fast forward to today--I recently got another sample thinking maybe my tastes had evolved since my first trial. Well, turns out, my tastes DID evolve. Now, instead of Jolly Rancher candy, I smell artificial strawberry gelatin dessert (Jell-O). And, to add to the misery, it is Jell-O sweetened with artificial sweetener (aspartame or saccharine). So, what I experience is the sickly and tacky strawberry flavoring that resembles nothing of a real strawberry, the bitter, medicinal edge of saccharine sweetener, carried in a fluffy cloud of artificial vanilla and sanitized "gourmand" patchouli.

To be fair, MDC smelled really enticing for about 5 minutes while the other chemicals (whatever they are) tempered the strawberry with some plastic floral notes.
10th May, 2009
Think strawberries burning in hot caramel sauce. Think doughnuts cooking in sugared boiling water. Think apricot orchard. Think lollipop factory. Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet without a hint of class. Turned my stomach - I hate it. You cannot be taken seriously when wearning this....not even by a teenage boy. I wouldn't touch it even with an 8 metre stick. YUCK!
03rd April, 2009
The top features an irritating artificial strawberry scent that brought back memories of "scratch 'n sniff" stickers from childhood. Imagine one of those stickers mixed in with a lot of patchouli, and you have Miss Dior Cherie. Miss Dior, sadly, now has an idiot grandaughter.
31st March, 2009
i hate this smell. i was attracted to try it after seeing the advertisement on magazines. it smells totally different from what i tested in the drugstore. i find the scent rather weird and is not for my liking. i think it will stay in my cupboard as a decoration. ):
13th August, 2008
The PEZ Candy Company called. They want their aroma back.
27th January, 2007
ktc Show all reviews
United States
On first review I don't care for this fragrance. I didn't like the top note and after the dry down I don't find it interesting.
18th December, 2006
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Yuk bubblegum. How could they have used the name of my very favourite perfume for this! I won´t be buying.
17th August, 2006
smells like you have been dipped in a candy shop!!!!!
10th November, 2005