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Neutral Reviews of Miss Dior Chérie (original) by Christian Dior

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I wore the original Miss Dior in the 1980s. It was very delicate and feminine with fresh green and floral notes and a smidgen of leather. Miss Dior Cherie smells like a candy shoppe--very sickly sweet and sticky smelling. Personally, I do not want to smell like a candy shoppe, but for those who do, Cherie will give you what you want.

Dior has reformulated Miss Dior yet again. This time they have called it Miss Dior Le Parfum, and I must say I like it so much better. The new formulation is a sophisticated, sexy, womanly scent with wonderful rose and amber notes. The Le Parfum formulation is nothing like the original however. Le Parfum cannot be described as delicate, but it is still very nice, very long lasting with projection of easily three to five feet and a nice sillage.

Ratings for Cherie are as follows.

Fragrance: 4/10
Sillage: 6/10
Projection: 6/10
Longevity: 6/10
17th April, 2016
A sweetly plummy transparent floral that wears quite well if 'pleasantly nondescript' is your preferred mode. There is a certain ascerbic brightness to MISS DIOR CHERIE that grates on the nose a little but thankfully it subsides as the scent descends into its fruity-patchouli heart. Fruity florals is a well populated genre. But if there's a contest for fragrances that yell (or giggle rather) "I'm a cute little girl", this would make a strong contender especially with its mouth-wateringly fruity popsicle vibe.
03rd April, 2012

An extremely sour, botanic and  fruity-floral fragrance. The pungency of some fruits is so realistic that smells like something edible under your nose. The smell is citrusy (mostly orangy) alcoholic, viney, mossy, sophisticated  by flowers and fruity of grapefruit and cranberries. Among the flowers i smell a lot the lily of the valley, iris and gardenia. This combination of floral notes surrounded by citrus is transparent and almost aquatic. Elegant and very feminine because of the combination of projectful aldehydes, the utterly womanly flower of narcissus and patchouli. There is an extremely shadowy, almost dark woodsy atmosphere produced by the powerful chord of oakmoss, labdanum and resinous galbanum. I detect the final touch of vetiver that is not rooty and realistic but watery and aqueous as well as in Encre Noir. This fragrance is a beautiful concoction for dynamic and self confident women all around tue world. Better worn outside in warm  climates.
04th January, 2012
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I am wearing this today, and still cannot for the life of me LIKE it. It's just toooo fruity! It certainly lasts a very long time, wish I could say the same for some of my favorite fragrances.
01st January, 2012
Like every other perfume that contains pineapple I really don't care for this one. I can always smell the pineapple note like crazy in every fruity floral that has it, and it's not a scent that I care for on my skin. I was really kind of disappointed with this perfume though. I absolutely love the way Miss Dior Cherie smells in the bottle. The scent is almost divine! It's just really not that great when I wear it!
13th October, 2011
As I was testing this, there was a sweet yet sour note in the top and middle that I could not put my finger on. I eventually realized that it was a tart strawberry I was smelling almost like a sour strawberry hard candy with sour powdered sugar coating. There was not very much depth or variety during my wearing. The scent overall seemed to fade very quickly on my skin. I actually forgot that I had it one at one point. It smells nice...but not very memorable to me. I agree that this scent would smell just right on a teenager.
16th June, 2011
I do still like this fragrance, I always have, but there is something about it that isn't urging me to buy it.

Miss Dior Cherie is most definitely fruity and sweet, and certainly aimed at a younger crowd. The scent itself is quite complex and strong. The pineapple and strawberry wine like notes seem to dominate in this fragrance. Surprisingly I consider Miss Dior Cherie as being a boozy type of scent; something that would blend in well at special occasions or bars.

Unfortunately I don't see myself buying this because I have far too many fruity scents, and I'm needing a more sophisticated wintery scent for the colder months.

26th April, 2011
A sticky, sweet affair...In theory, I should like this, but I cannot discern any of the notes because I am overwhelmed by the sugary caramel (?). I cannot understand why perfumers think that the majority of their customers are under 18yrs old and that they want to smell like cheap candy. This Dior creation is not terrible, but it is pedestrian. It is no Diorella. Having said that, I bet it sells even though the idea has been overdone for some time. For me, Lolita Lempicka is the best of this new breed, but I must admit that I am growing tired of her. My first and last bottle will be around for a long time.
06th September, 2009
This is the way a fresh girly girl smells like. The kind of girl that you in some way become jelaous of, because you will never be able to be as fresh and nice and pretty and clean as her. But when you really think about it, maybe you just prefer being you. A little bit more dirty, interesting, and real.
30th January, 2009
It's like Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy's cotton candy/floral/fruity sweetness tempered by J'adore's serious white florals. Very pretty effort, but lacking nuance and interest that, for example, set J'adore apart from the rest of its (old-lady-white-floral) field.
05th December, 2008
I dislike this scent very much....I'm not saying I hate it, it's a well done perfume, it just happens to give me a headache.
27th November, 2008
Wow, this is very very sweet to my taste. It is a wearable sweet, but very sweet nonetheless.

It is not a 'skin' scent - it doesn't melt on your skin necessarily. It has a potpourri touch to it -especially the heart notes. It smells edible too, and the reason why is the very fruity opening that includes only fruits - pineapple, sweet cherry, strawberry and mandarin. Quite the fruit salad. The middle notes are rose, caramel, jasmine, violet and popcorn. Yes, popcorn... I'll leave it at that.

Then the base comes, which is quite insignificant actually. It is the usual patchouli, musk and amber combo. However, I would not call this base musky, amber-y, nor patchouli-heavy. It is fruity and sweet from top to the very bottom. That is the scent's distinctive 'edge'.

It is girlie, young, simple, yet somewhat loud. My complaint is it feels a little too 'edible.'

It creates a weird distance from the skin and never moves to anything that is remotely sophisticated nor sensible. It is the quintessential Parisian fruity floral though - the type that many celebrity scents try to imitate and emulate. I personally think it doesn't take that much of a sophisticated palette to enjoy and appreciate a random fruity floral scent. They almost always smell cute and girlie. And unfortunately, there is almost always a lack of depth in these scents' olfactory journey and their genuine soul.

It is an enthusiastic scent and has some certainly attractive aspects too its pre-mature progression, but it is not what I would call a fantastic creation.

That said, I am sure it sells like crazy over in Japan. And to Dior, that matters a lot.
03rd November, 2008
My boyfriend chose this perfume for me and I was quite surprised (and quietly pleased) to find out that he actually thinks that this smell suits me.

What do I think? It's incredibly sweet. Thats for sure. Tried it on my skin and the sweetness made me worry if I would wake up tomorrow with my body infested with ants. The strawberry leaves and caramelised popcorn sure come out strong but still, not surprisingly, it didnt last long on my skin.

Definitely a scent for the young at the heart, and the literally young. Its feminine, which I doubt wouldnt attract the opposite sex. Having someone smelling like caramel popcorn should never be a bad thing. I wouldnt mind smelling like one for my boyfriend too.
31st May, 2007
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Hmmm, had so high hopes for this one… Kind of liked it when trying it out in the scent room at my local department store here in Stockholm… Did not buy it immediately, but kept on thinking about it. My girlfriend’s Chanel Mademoiselle was running on empty and she wanted to re-stack, but I felt kind of tired of it. I thought this would be a classy, qualitative but yet quite young scent to replace it with and gladly bought a bottle of EdP for her name’s day… But now I notice, the longevity is so so and you can just feel the difference in terms quality between Chanel’s Mademoiselle and Dior’s Petite Cherie. The latter is much more childish in its presence and has not as clear a signature as do Chanel. I also find Dior to be less of a novelty… The feeling I get is very much “been there done that”, which is not so good when it comes to your future spouse’s scent…
28th April, 2007