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Positive Reviews of Miss Dior Chérie (original) by Christian Dior

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I'm wearing this lovely perfume on the first day of 2016 because I'm a firm believer in the old adage of Start the way you want to go on...and I want this year to be happy, cheerful, optimistic and fun. Like Miss Dior Cherie. Not sure why so many think this scent is only for teenagers. Just because you're over 30 doesn't mean you must constantly be draped in oakmoss. Sometimes I want to smell dark and mysterious, sure, but other times I want to smell like strawberries and popcorn. If you like a perfume wear it. And have a happy New Year!
01st January, 2016
A fruity-floral melange, similar to Angel, but without the latter's strength and powerhouse sillage.

As Tania Sanchez notes in her four star review, its essential three note center of strawberry-rose-patchouli is better balanced and more nuanced than the Mugler classic, Angel for the teen-aged girl, who wants to have fun with her perfume, not announce her presence blocks away.

A perfect gift for that 14-18 year-old, who wants to smell trendy like her girlfriends, but knows the value of being able to flash a "Dior" bottle at sleepovers.

For that audience and that genre, a subtle sweet concoction.
10th December, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The leitmotif triad of mandarin, strawberry and jasmine - citrus-fruity-floral - makes for a winning combination that is hard to find elsewhere in such a fashion. The base adds a nice sweetish caramel touch that is counterbalanced by the restrained tartness of patchouli.

Overall nice and well executed. I get moderate sillage with good projection and five hours of longevity. 3/5
09th May, 2015
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If you are a Huge fan of Fruity and Fresh fragrances That are Cheery and Crisp then MDC is your New Signature fragrance.This is composed of a Delectable Fruity that results is an Elegant,Sweet,Youthful,Unforgettable, Unique,Independent and Actual scent.

MDC is so different from any other fragrances.It is Predominate Strawberry scent at the Top notes that combination with Jasmine in middle notes and makes a Great balance. it will lift your spirits,Freshen you on a Spring day and Sweeten the air around You wherever Your walk.

Perfect for a Beautiful BRIDE,Great surprise for VALENTINES day,So Yummy for SPRINGTIME,Ideal for wear when You having Cute clothes with Sweety Accessories that Surely You get so Many compliments.

Tottaly I Adore it and i Would highly recommend this EDP to a Young Lady (20/30 years old) who wants to Get notieced without having to shout. Please repeat MISS DIOR CHERIE is FANTASTIC.


Longevity?Magnificent on my skin and this is just what i was Expecting from DIOR.

Thank You DIOR.

22nd April, 2015
It's flowery, classy, lady-like, bit powdery but not to overwhelming like No.5. It is not a recommended scent for young girls. But perfect for seductive woman in the 30s like me. Would definitely repurchase any perfume that my husband love :)
09th May, 2014
I absolutely love this, and was very dismayed to learn that Dior have changed the formula. Apparently there were people out there who confused the Miss Dior with the Miss Dior Cherie & the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, so to make it easy for the numpties, they changed the name to Miss Dior and now have the parfum and the toilette (or so I was told by the lady at the Christian Dior counter at Myers). Neither of these smell anywhere near as nice as the Miss Dior Cherie did - I really hope that they go back to the original formula, it was just gorgeous.
14th January, 2014
Just bought this today it is so beautiful to wear and I keep smelling my arm as it is very yummy it..
02nd October, 2012
Sounds like everyone is reviewing the reformulated 2011/2012 version. The original was so yummy! The caramel and pocorn notes are long gone, and now it smells like any other "girlie" fragrance. Shame on Dior for reformulating such a unique gourmand scent!
16th September, 2012
When I wear this, I don't get the sweet, the carmel corn, fruit, etc. On me this goes straight to the woods, with a little floral mixed in it. Very complex with a distinct top, middle, and base note. Lasts a really long time and is definitely cold weather wear.
02nd September, 2012
Miss Dior Cherie is so lovely!
Fragrance full of life, so joyful and bright, it could be great antidepressant!
Can't imagine someone wearing MDC and being sad or in a bad mood!
It's very sweet and creamy, like a candy :)
I don't actually smell cherries in it, but strawberries.
My hb (and friends) always says I smell like a drunk when I wear it, but I don't mind. At least I'm a happy "drunk" ;)
19th July, 2012
Miss Dior Chérie

Playful, sweet and fresh.
Lovely opening notes with Orange Sanguine. This scent is warm and fresh at the same time and most importantly it is NOT clowing.
The Patchouli, balances the orange and the Neroli in a beautiful harmonic way.
Public for this one - Young - I would say 20 till 30 years old, Silage is good , projections as well - thumbs up again Dior!
09th February, 2011
Dior last decade use one of the most powerful perfume to reinvent, the one who caused great sensation in the 40's(Miss Dior).

Miss Dior must have an heir and give birth to a fragance for this new generation,taking some risks,changing but keeping the essence.

So 58 years later, Miss Dior cherie born and blow away my mind with these irresistible notes.. is like gluttony sin in a fragance bottle. This smell really represents the scent of youth being sweet .. soft.. breezy.. hopeful.. elegant..

And the best of all the power lasting is just precious without overwhelming..
28th January, 2011
There is an old movie with Tony Randall and Debbie Reynolds called The Mating Game. In the film, Tony Randall is the most promising "bird dog" at the IRS sent to investigate an ornery family who refuse to deal in cash and only barter. Debbie Reynolds is their wild, cheerful, tomboyish teenage daughter who pistol whips the neighborhood boys and rides her horses hell for leather. Of course, it is love at first sight for Tony Randall, especially when the family gets him drunk on good bourbon and sends in Debbie Reynolds, wearing a charming pink dress that accentuates her tiny waist (she was down to 90 pounds in this movie following her famous divorce from Eddie Fisher) and a French perfume of her mother's called "Orgy" (pronounced hilariously with a hard G.) In my mind, Miss Dior Cherie smells like this. Rambunctious, yet ladylike. Chic and unpretentious. Innocent, yet wise because she was brought up well. Kindhearted and mischievous. Like Tony Randall, you might wonder why you like it so much and suspect you've lost your mind. It's pure Frankenberry at first. But it is a well done fruity chypre. If it helps you any, Christina Applegate and Dolly Parton are fans.
27th December, 2010 (last edited: 07th January, 2011)
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Very sweet and summery scent, altogether yummy and irresistable reminiscent of youth and warm summer days.
24th April, 2010
For those who think that Miss Dior Cherie is just another stupid girly fruity scent, I suggest to compare it with Patou Colony, a beautiful vintage fruity chypre with a pineapple effect, from the 30's... They are nearly the same, with the Dior a little bit more sparkling! I am a vintage fan, but Miss Dior Cherie is good!!!
16th April, 2010
You can throw Miss Dior Cherie into a giant bin of fruity florals that are rampant at all corners of the retail fragrant world. However, I'd say it's a top notch offering. Cherie's longevity is superior. We were pitting it against D&G Anthology La Lune 18, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, Squeeze by Lilly Pulitzer, etc. Coco won for having a more dressed up elegant edge. D&G 18 won for having a more distinct floral top end, although it underperforms in longevity. Squeeze beat Cherie for being the declarative uber fruity parfum. Throw in Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy for a dark fruity sexy parfum, and Ralph Lauren Love which has a moodier sophisticated dark construction, and Cherie just comes up not only redundant, but not voicing anything unique other than it is the same quality as Coco Madem, but perhaps more playful.

If you don't have any of the others, it's a thumbs up in my book.
23rd March, 2010
I treated myself to this sweet perfume for my birthday. Really nice, light, fragrance which has good lasting power and a very feminine smell.
Quite floral and sugary.
12th March, 2010
This is currently my absolute favorite mainstream fragrance.

I find it to be a beautifully joyful blend of sweet, ripened berries and soft, romantic flowers. I will admit, however, that I have a strong affinity for gourmand fragrances, and Miss Dior Cherie is very dangerously close to being one. There is just enough floral to pull it back from that edible edge, and the experience of that initial burst of summer strawberries drying down to a softer, flowery fruit experience is intoxicating & mood enhancing - not just for me, but for the many strangers that compliment me on it as well.

Is it as adult and sophisticated as other Dior fragrances? Absolutely not, but that was clearly not the goal here. The strong berry notes are carefree summers and warm sunshine, they are memories of a youth spent in your best friend's backyard or the strawberry vines on your grandmothers fence - they are the "Miss" in "Miss Dior Cherie".

I understand how and why it might be too sweet for many, but for me, she is a joy. I welcome her carefree innocence and I do not hold her youth against her even one, tiny bit.

07th January, 2010 (last edited: 02nd March, 2010)
I am 50 and I haven't bought it because of my age ( don't feel 50), and the perfume blogs I belong to mostly hates it. Tough! I think I am going to buy it anyway!
The first thing that strikes me about Miss Dior Cherie is it's WARMTH, it feels so much like a comfy blanket when you are cold and sad. I love the fact you can pick out the strawberry, and the caramel, and then the tempering and the raw sexiness of the patchouli. It's like this sugar and musk perfume that I own. It is unadulterated and unadulterated sexy! Something about sweet and animal drives men wild...and me. -Take note of the men who have bought this. This perfume makes me feel like a sex kitten. It turns people on...what could be wrong with that?
09th March, 2009
I do not like overly sweet scents. This is a very sweet fragrance but it is not too sweet, it is a wearable sweet to me. When I first started using MDC, I wasn't sure if it worked for me. This fragrance grew on me! I love mixing MDC with other fragrances in my collection. This is a sexy scent great for a night out. I love wearing it.
06th February, 2009
Miss Dior Cherie is my signiture scent. When I wear it, I feel like a "petite parisienne". Elegant yet playful, innocent yet sexy. I think it is modern romantisicm. Like a little black dress with powder rose accessories, and a sexy high heel black suede boot.
On me it develops into a powdery, a bit creamy not too sweet fragrance. Just a little note: I wear edp. (Edt is fresher, with more citrusy head notes, good for summer).
07th January, 2009
At 26 I think I'm probably already out of the target age group for this perfume. That said, for me this was a horrendous, headache inducing blend of fake strawberry, burnt sugar, and something resembling patchulli. If you want to know how this smells......take a whiff of your strawberry chapstick and imagine that.....only sweeter.
07th December, 2008
I tried this fragrance a year ago. I got a small bottle of it as part of a Dior fragrance gift set. Miss Dior Cherie was the one that I liked the most. It has a sweet scent which isn't too sweet but it smells girly and youthful. I couldn't stop smelling it. I haven't managed to get myself a proper bottle of it (yet) but I always take in the smell from the used up bottle.

This is by far my favourite fragrance. I have yet to find a fragrance that I like more than this one. I can't wait to go out and purchase a full size bottle of it.
16th October, 2008
Celia.D Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is a lovely very wearable fragrance. Yes it is sweet but not in that awful cloying vanillary way that so many modern fragrances are. The dry down produces the gentle sweetness of strawberries tempered by a lovely subtle patchouli. IMHO this is a very classy scent.
04th September, 2008
Classic, soft and girly and also modern. Not too sweet. Its a wonderfull smell.
09th July, 2008
You know that taste when you stick that piece of candy that’s been rolling around in your handbag for months and you realize too late that it’s been moping up spilt perfume all the while? This is it. I don’t care how popular gourmand fragrances are, there’s no excuse to combine a caramel sundae with indolic jasmine perfume. This doesn’t even smell like caramel made from butter and sugar, it’s the bottled stuff with hydrogenated oils and high glucose syrup. I don’t know why that should further bother me when it’s obvious Miss Dior Cherie and I aren’t going anywhere together anyway, but it does. This is the least appealing combination of notes I can imagine – there is some fruit in there as well - and as to why it usurped the Miss Dior name when Miss Dior, a leather chypre with a slender figure, wouldn’t be caught dead scarfing down fake food, I have no idea. This could have been called Junk Food Addict, perhaps. The packaging is pretty enough to trick you into believing there’s something good inside.
22nd May, 2008
This is a staple of mine. It's for everyone young and old. A real pick me up, a happy fragrance. Love the musky fruity drydown. This is a classic.
13th December, 2007
its a wonderfull smell!!! Since i am so greedy with smells i gave away my perfume that was only half finished! I really regret it.
17th October, 2007
I really like this scent, though not for me. It is ultra-feminine and I can't imagine any woman or girl in the world who would turn it away. I certainly would love to receive Cherie if it came to me as a gift, though I doubt I'd wear it very often. Possibly because it's too safe. Methinks this is a scent for the good girls ;)
16th October, 2007
What a lovely fragrance! (SJP should have endorsed this fragrance!). It is an absolute joy to wear. Very girly. Fresh, sweet, and fruity, all without going overboard on any of them. Just a delight. It's a very happy fragrance, and will lift your spirits for sure. Reminds me of Jovan's Eau Fresh, but nicer: much higher quality and more substantial. I love Taolady's is very classy ... Christian Dior has done it again. I think this one will become a classic.
02nd June, 2007