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Negative Reviews of Z by Ermenegildo Zegna

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Can't believe they would continue to make a terrible, terrible cheap, forgetable scent like this, but discontinue essenza di zegna, a dream-come-true/bring it back now scent
16th February, 2016
Yet another of the thousands of acquatic/woody rip offs that have taken over the market since CK1.

This begins with an aldehydic burst of citrus (bergamot) and herbal (rosemary). It quickly dries down to the artemesia reedy woodiness common to this type of scent.

Turin gave it four stars, dubbing it a "citrus herbal," and yet not praising it much in the few lines he gives it, so one must wonder why he gave it four stars. As almost always in dealing with modern scents, his reviews baffle me, being miles away from my own experience.

In any case, this is nothing special and as it progreses on my skin, quite unattractive.
07th October, 2015
The original bottle (not the black ducati bottle) is IMO one of the best looking bottles ever.

However, Initially or on drydown, I can't get past the Windex notes (original & vinegar)

Sterile, hospital grade, stand-offish fresh. Thumbs way down. Beautiful bottle though.
01st November, 2007
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This is just watered down L'eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake. L'eau is a bit potent for the office - this might be a nice substitute if you like L'eau D'Issey.
Just another generic citrus/aquatic with no staying power. I think it lasted about an hour on me. If you like this frag, try the real thing. Issey Miyake lasts for about 12 hours and a spritz is all you need.
02nd December, 2006
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United States
Notes: Sicilian Bergamot, Rosemary, Fruit of Casoar, Iris, Nutmeg, White Pepper, Cashmere Wood, Oak Moss.

I admit I was excited by the opening notes. Fresh, tarty, with a hint of herbs. Good stuff! The listed notes sounded good - iris, pepper, wood, oakmoss! I kept waiting for the goodies to unravel.

It didnt happen. "Z" was stuck in its opening notes phase. Maybe it was one of the few fragrances where the top citrus notes really do last ...yay! So I waited a bit more. No. This was it. Tart, fresh, herbal and citrusy. This was the entire composition, with no depth or evolution. The notes list lied. This puts "Z" into the "generics" category pretty fast.

"Z" doesnt smell bad; it just doesnt stand out from the million other generics. Maybe there was a hint in the name..."Z"....the last letter of the english alphabet. The beginning was the end.
06th November, 2006
As much as I like the classic, well made italian clothes from this house, as much do I despise their cheap moneymaking attempts of scents. Essenza and Z has really signaled what to expect fragrancewise here. Boring, no development, light, synthetic fruitiness without depth. Please do not make this one stay on the shelves longer than needed.
15th March, 2006
Acqua di Gio part 873628. there are SO may scents out there which smell just like this. Lets hope this is the last. Cool bottle though.
09th December, 2005
Eugh. GROSS. It smells a LOT like Acqua di Gio. In fact, WAY too much like AdG...It has this sickeningly sweet quality to it that is just nauseating to be around. I'm close to a person who wears this almost everyday and I can't stand to be near him when he's just sprayed it on. The longevity is about standard, probably 4-6 hours, but it never morphs or changes, it's very one dimensional. If you like it on the card, you'll like it on your skin. But what's hard to detect on the card is that it has that "smooth" aura that's so sickening and found in many "designer" sweet-woody frags such as Boss In Motion and AdG. I say no on this one.
15th August, 2005