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Neutral Reviews of Z by Ermenegildo Zegna

This was my first real fragrance. In middle school, everyone loved it on me, and no one else owned it.
I recently bought it again to see if it held the same charm.
It's definitely not me, anymore, but it's not awful. It's interesting to note they've changed the front of the bottle. The current bottle design has a silver "Z" next to the Zegna, as opposed to the original design where Zegna was superimposed on a large white "Z".

It opens with bergamot and... something fruity and tart, but within minutes I'm getting oakmoss and iris. By the end of the first hour, though, it's just patchouli and spice.

If you're looking for something that's just slightly different than what everyone else is wearing, here it is. As unoffensive as possible, but also not spectacular or even particularly noteworthy.
25th January, 2013
A spicier Acqua di Gio that unfortunately lasts about 2 hours on my skin.
03rd February, 2011
JMang Show all reviews
United States
Its a nice scent, my ex purchased this for me in high school, and its definitely a frag for the younger crowd.

In my opinion, its better than Acqua di Gio, though Z doesn't wander far from the aquatics aimed for the younger generation. Its also cleaner and not as chemical/synthetic as AdG. Opening notes are very citrusy, very clean, very fresh, similar to Chrome in that it can almost be harsh. The drydown is much better, and though the fragrance doesn't evolve very much, its still very sporty and fresh.

A summertime fragrance thats definitely worth a try if you're tired of the Cool Waters/AdG. Whether or not you buy it is your choice.

08th March, 2010
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Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
As far as masculines go, this is not half bad. A herby, woody fragrance that smells good, but not good enough for me to purchase.
04th March, 2010
I see alot of reviews comparing this to AdG. I think this smells exactly like Polo Black but with more of a floral note instead of the citrus. In all this just smells like a mixture of other colognes. I like aquatic scents so ill give this one a neutral.
20th January, 2009
Early development of Z can be considered cool and crisp. I get soapy and peppery aspects as well. But the dominant aspect to my nose is a citric tartness. The tartness suggests citrus, but not any specific fruit: rather a generic tartness. Eventually soapy and peppery aspects die out and what remains is the tartness. Tartness by itself feels cold and sterile, nothing that I really want in a fragrance. I don't think it to be hideous, just not for me. Hence a neutral rating.
04th July, 2008
jdnba Show all reviews
United States
i think this is acqua di gio purple...its just ok...i liked it the very first time i tried that i own it, i rarely reach for it
27th December, 2007
i don't understand how people can compare this to Issey or ADG. Z is dry, a bit spicy and peppery, a bit on the synthetic side and not terribly aquatic -- certainly nothing like the elegant ambiguity of ADG or the intense, very organic citrus-floral blast of Issey. i find it - like Zegna's clothing - well put together, a bit formal, and in very good taste, but ultimately a bit uninspired; definitely appropriate for the office. i bought a bottle and am using it as my daily EDT while on business trips, but i certainly won't miss it when it's gone. staying power is so-so - slightly less than ADG and a LOT less than Issey.
02nd November, 2007
Very plain and boring. Not a BAD fragrance, not annoying, not offensive in any way. Just, nothing THERE!
07th August, 2007
I agree with the reviewers who find Z to be a bit generic, blah, unexciting. This is a basic brisk, crisp, dry scent. No problems: not sweet, not annoying... but not much of anything. I can’t think of any reason to seek this out when there are more interesting scents out there. Maybe if I work my imagination hard I can detect interesting green-wood or bamboo elements, dusky florals from the iris, etc. It finishes on a vaguely unsatisfactory note: green stalks, slightly metallic. Nothing to get upset about, nothing to endorse. Thumb firmly sideways here.
14th June, 2007
As several of the reviewers have said—déjà vu, all over again, or maybe diGi-ó all over again. Will the designers never get tired of making these copies? Probably not as long as there are consumers willing to buy it. I’ll admit that this is cleanly done—it’s nice—perhaps a little nicer than Acqua di Gio; however, it is not any nicer than Herrera’s or Bulgari’s or some other versions IMO. Its use of wood, iris, nutmeg, and moss is very well done. Z Zegna has good lasting power, but no better than AdG or the others. My question is, if Zegna had the ability to make a nice fragrance like this, why didn’t they go the extra 10% and make it a little innovative rather than a make it a clone of something that has been around for eleven years?
04th March, 2007
Smelled really good on the magazine sample so I ordered a bottle and am somewhat dissapointed to find that it smells almost exactly like Echo by Davidoff which I already own. Not bad, has decent staying power, but nothing special.
09th October, 2006
Smells classic... maybe so much classic. In the fresh/fougere line, it don't have catchy top or base notes. In fact, it's almost the same aroma until the end.
24th November, 2005
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