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Fruity-minty metallic fizziness, translucent soapiness, azure water, crystal and glass, a sparkling fruity cocktail, with a subtle, sophisticated sort of “synthetic leather chair” feel. The smell of cold metal, rubber, fresh air. Both formally gentle, and almost arrogant with its cold cutting sharpness, especially at the beginning. What instantly got my attention here is that Z by Zegna manages to stay connected to a certain type of “middle class mainstream” references, which in the end would be, I guess, more or less aligned to Zegna's customers' world, while smelling almost avantgarde, decidedly “niche” and different enough from other similar designer scents: it smells sharp, crisp, minimalistic, “cold” and synthetic, but by no means “cheap” or generic – not at all. If that makes sense, on the contrary it smells “high quality synthetic”. Both for the quality and the creativity involved. An azure-black scent: if you take a look at the bottle, that’s the perfect visual depiction of the fragrance. Glass, azure water, grey metal, black rubber. This may be classified as a fruity-spicy-woody aquatic scent, as it basically seems composed by tart citrus notes, something fruity and bittersweet like apple or blackcurrant, soft woods, sharp spices, green notes and a very hint of patchouli; surely on the “fresh & office-safe” mainstream side, but this doesn’t prevent it to be classy and above all, something on its own creativity-wise. It does not really remind me of anything else, and I quite disagree about considering this a copycat of Aqua di Giò or similar fragrances. It clearly belongs to that same family in broad terms, but this doesn’t make it a redundant blatant copy. While the concept of “sport/aquatic/office-fresh” fragrance is surely involved, in my opinion Z by Zegna sits actually quite away from most other fragrances of those genres. It conveys those clichés, but in a unique way – colder, fruitier, sharper, with a really peculiar feel of “icy futuristic elegance”. It smells sophisticated, formal and sporty at once, cold and synthetic yet somehow slightly “warm” in a really natural way – the warmth of lukewarm crystal water and sea breeze. This "warm" feature will emerge clearly on the drydown, more centered on extremely subtle dusty-powdery-woody notes. Kind of yuppie, a bit light and a bit too linear to be entirely compelling, but in my opinion surely fascinating and more than pleasant to wear.

01st May, 2015
Z Zegna is one of my all time favorite summer colognes. It smells very fresh and clean. It is perfect for "casual Friday" at the office or just for general daytime wear. It is perfect for the hot and humid climate we have in South Florida. I get many compliments when I wear it. It lasts a long time on me.
23rd May, 2014
Alternate Aquatic

If that sea of aquatics is too long a list,

Here's one worth trying, a definite twist.

To clean, fresh and fruity, add citrus and tart,

Enough of a difference to set it apart.

Lithe and linear, projection's not strong,

But for summertime pleasure, it sings it's own song.

18th June, 2013
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Z Zegna is a mix of 3 fragrances: Acqua Di Gio, Cool Water, and F by Ferragamo. The opening is a tart citrus fruity combination of ADG and CW that smells great without being aquatic. From the mid to the dry own it becomes spicier with the pepper and nutmeg. Once it hits the dry down the patchouli and woods come in and it resembles F by Ferragamo. Not as sweet and more natural smelling. This is really an overlooked and fantastic summer and spring fragrance.
27th December, 2012 (last edited: 05th April, 2015)
I know it’s simple and I know it’s fairly linear, but there’s just something so nice and refreshing about this fragrance that I can’t stop smelling my arm when I’m wearing it!

Even though it looks and is presented like many other ‘aqua’ style fragrances, there is something a little fruity and tart about Z that distinguishes it from the rest of the bunch. After about an hour I also get a noticeable but faint spicy menthol type vibe from this which keeps the freshness kicking for a few hours.

It’s certainly not an outstanding fragrance, but its easy wearability has seen it recently make it into my top 20 rotation for everyday use.

Longevity – about 5 hours tops;
Sillage – easily detectable in the first 2 hours, then fades somewhat;
Value for $ – if you are paying retail price not great. However, as this can be found relatively cheaply on-line ($35 for 100mls), not too shabby.

Easily recommended as a safe blind buy for those who are looking for a slightly different ‘fresh’ style masculine fragrance. Not a stunner, but it still gets a thumbs up from me.

31st August, 2011

pretty linear

considering the reputation of zegna as a brand i expected some quality one.

this is to me just OK.
nice pleasing smell no changes in the note.

any way i am not tired of it.
staying power is good
use it sparigly
12th April, 2011
z is a good youthful scent. just like their print ads of young italian boys that all look alike in their windbreakers, white jeans, loafers drinking coffee together, z also reminds me of all those aquatic frgrances that all smell alike. z though is made of quality materials and smells really great. sometimes generic fragrances are what you're looking for.
20th August, 2010 (last edited: 02nd February, 2011)
OMG!!! Z by Mr Zegna
For me a marterpiece i don't know why but i think it's my skin
that makes this fragrance so awesome first i get like 6-8 hours
but the first 2 it proyects like crazy on the hot days of summer! i don't know if
it's just my skin, because i just make 4 sprays (2 on my neck and 2 on my wrist and that's all)
This catches the attention of the ladies and make them crazy!!! they just go around me and ask me what that was!
I just love it, a nice aquiatic
When I first smelled it, it remind me of Acqua Di Gio but like a blue version of it with those top notes very fresh and citrus eith like a blue berry feel to it and the heart notes are more floral but the tops notes are there , but it's pretty linear
One of my favourites!!
Try it!!
If you are an ADG fan and you don't like that sour note try the fruty version of it wich is Z by Ermenegildo Zegna

11th August, 2010
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United States
This is one of my favorite aquatic scents.
I own many of the Zegna scents, and this
one will remain a favorite of mine from that
house. A great alternative to fans of
Cool Water and Aqua di Gio.
13th February, 2010
id call this stuff zorro because it stands out and totally kills all the other scents sitting besides it

take my advise buy this stuff its phenomenal
20th September, 2009
Fresh, in a clean smelling way, sweet in a fruity way, Z is one of the best aquatics I've smelt recently. Longevity is medium, but It's ok for a casual fragrance. Acqua di Giò Fans that have issues with its slightly sour note, will be delighted with Z's sweet fruity freshness.
21st May, 2009
This is for the review of the extreme version-starts off with a energetic burst of bright and sparkling sweet notes and stays quite linear throughout its course. I love it. And for a scent that is extreme, I just wish it can be more intense in its longevity and sillage. Afterall a very commendable effort by Zegna.
18th March, 2009
A nice fresh and clean fragrance. It starts off citrus with a little floral and spice. The citrus fades away after about an hour but the other parts stick around for 4 hours or so. Longevity is a slight drawback but it's better than similar scents.
13th March, 2009
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Clean, Clean, Clean. On initial spray I get a clean version of A87 from Aeropostale. But it soon fades away about 5-10 minutes later. I really like how clean it is, like a bar of Coast soap being rubbed on you with a dash of pepper to spice things up. The only reason why I wouldn't buy a full size bottle is its lack of longevity or sillage. It sticks close to the skin. Perfect for office wear.
11th November, 2008
Classy citrus and herbs with a bit of florals thrown in. A light and refined scent. Awesome bottle. One drawback is that I find the longevity lacking.
07th June, 2008
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United States
I agree with the reviews that point out Z's lack of development... it is what it is and that's what it is. However, I like what it is. It's not ADG, which I've never liked. There is something metallic about Z's impact on the nose whilst still wet, but once dry this fragrance exudes freshness. Z is not trying to be a deep, rich, spicy fragrance and shouldn't be compared to such scents. The after shave balm version is particularly kind to the skin.

I recently put a zap of the new Perry Ellis 18 on my skin and noticed that it is nearly a complete copy of Z.
21st May, 2008
I believe that the negative reviews do not do justice to the perfume. I find it classy, masculine and discreet at the same time. It doesn't last long however.
25th December, 2007
I purchased this cologne before having discovered this very informative site. Despite the bad reviews, I still would have purchased this fragrance. Some see it as unimaginative, but I thinks its classy.
16th March, 2007
_R$_ Show all reviews
United States
A better AdG. Z takes the mossy/woods route to get to the sea while AdG throws cut lemons at you while you try to get there. Not a bad effect, but ultimately nothing new or inspiring. Just a non-offensive scent that everyone will say "I've smelled that before!" Enjoy it for the reason that it smells good, don't hate it because it's not original.
- Rich
11th February, 2007
This fragrance reminds me a little of Issey Miyake's Bleu (maybe it's the creamy quality it possesses...) but more subtle and refined. Although I probably wouldn't appreciate this on someone else, the fact that it wears close to the skin makes it a plus in my opinion. I also find that the woodish/patchouli basenotes are neither overly masculine nor feminine.
11th March, 2006
Youthful and energetic...a ride down a quiet streetin between the medeteranian and the cirtus orchards of Sorriento on a silver Ducati while cool see breezes brush your face and whip through your hair...crisp and citrusy with a slight hint of leather, this scent wakes the senses and then takes them for a joyride...very fast, sporty yet still, through it all, it remains elegant...
09th November, 2005
When people tell me a fragrance is "clean and fresh", I usually surmise that I will dislike it or at least be ambivalent. Still, this one is a winner. It is not sweet, but rather clean, masculine, and sexy. I love the patchouli/ wood dry down. I think patchouli is the new trend note in men's fragrance, and this blend works quite well. BTW, the aftershave balm is very emollient. It's definitely one of the best on the market- contains zinc and other vitamins too. Definitely one of the better new fragrances.
04th August, 2005