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italian cypress is one of the best tom ford blend. i own a 250ml and going to buy a 75ml. sense it's been discontinue it's going to hard to find.
19th November, 2017 (last edited: 23rd November, 2017)
Italian Cypress is mature and refined smelling, but not an old man scent, if that makes sense.

I don't get all of the Polo green comparisons because to me, it is sweeter and less macho than Polo green. Also, the prominent notes of cinnamon and basil really separate the two...that and Polo's signature oakmoss punch (vintage).

Really great for the office as it speaks to class and dignity, not playfulness and sexiness.

Excellent longevity and projection is very good.

14th September, 2017
I blind bought this one at a really good price, and it was my first foray into the Tom Ford Private Blend line. Being the Creed fanatic that I am, and reading all the reviews below that describe it as a pleasant "green" fragrance, I was expecting something similar to Green Irish Tweed LOL boy was I wrong... green yes, but absolutely not pleasant in the same way that GIT is. I honestly didn't like it at first, but after a couple days of sniffing it, I've grown to love it.

Italian Cypress is a very dark and complex fragrance- for some reason, it makes me think of movie villains like Scar from the Lion King, or any villain played by Alan Rickman (Snape, Turpin, Hans Gruber etc). It exudes confidence and power, and yes, it does have that green cypress tree accord thats very well done, and very (almost astonishingly) natural smelling. The top notes are very brash- makes it seem like the cypress tree got set on fire, but then got put out quickly. As it dries down however, that smokiness mellows out and the wood notes come out (the cypress sticks around throughout). I'm also getting a touch of cinnamon underneath all the cypress and woodiness. It has an austere elegance to it that is again, very well done and natural.

It's definitely masculine, and very potent- a fall/winter fragrance for sure. I've noticed that this fragrance inexplicably has a way of sticking in your nose even after walking away from the bottle or test strip/cloth that you spray it on (or maybe its just so potent that I can smell the few pico-liters that stick to my index finger after spraying it). Very non-casual too- I'll probably never wear this with anything less than slacks and a collared button-down shirt.

This is top quality stuff and I would recommend any perfume enthusiast to get your nose on it before it disappears! (apparently it's been discontinued)
11th September, 2017 (last edited: 12th September, 2017)
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Immediately ralph lauren polo green springs to mind, my dad's signiture fragrance as a child and the one I used to sneak a few sprays of before meeting friends on my bmx lol. I don't remember it smelling as opulent and as well refined as this tho. This feels much more dense and moist with an updated modern tone. In many ways this is to polo green as grey vetiver is to guerlain vetiver. Tom ford obviously has a great respect for the classics, and he can clearly see the iconic fashion statements that these fragrances have created. I think this fragrance would be great for a board meeting ..a round of golf (mainly the club house)..countryside hotels etc. Performance is very good on my skin with a moderate projection which doesn't dominate a social setting.
26th August, 2017
As expected, this really jumps out at you. In the same family as polo, I expect projection and longevity will be just fine.

Lasted all day. Got home and I got within a foot of my girlfriend and she noticed it and said I smelt nice. Perfect!
15th July, 2017
A citrus basil start with a sweet mint. Underneath nice woods appear. It has an elegant quality about it with nothing "too much". It seems cheerful and wearable. It's classic. It's like a sexy Polo Green and Derby. This is my favorite Tom Ford fragrance so far.
21st April, 2017
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South Africa
She said, in an intimate moment: "You smell like a forest sex God"
23rd September, 2016
Stardate 20160908:

A great vintage Z-14 clone. I almost gave it neutral for the price when vintage Z-14 can be had for 1/10th but then changed my mind as this is not a bad fragrance and vintage Z-14 are getting harder to find.
08th September, 2016
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United Kingdom
Sure, a whiff of citrus-orange hits you at the beginning, but after a few minutes this is getting serious. A boozy wood emerges, a rich, dark tapestry of dark greenness, with the undertone of damp forest grounds and the earthy smell of coniferous aromas in the air.

In the drydown the cypress developed slowly but convincingly, and I am also getting some herbal undertones with occasional minty glimpses, like the sun rays breaking through the dense roofs of tree tops in the autumnal Šumava.

Yes, there are clear reminiscences of the vintage version of Polo Green, especially the old bottle I picked up from an old shop in Dunedin many years ago, but this TF is richer and boozier than the Ralph Lauren. Other similarities are found with Bogner's Deep Forest, with Torrente's for Men - without the spice and amber - with Monsiour Couturier and with one of my perennial favourites, Dunhill Blend 30, but Italian Cypress is quite linear, more straightforward, less rich, a bit less textured and less nuanced than those Greats are.

What Italian Cypress shares with these scents is that it is made of top-quality ingredients and how beautifully it is blended. This bears the hallmark of TF in his heydays at Gucci, when GPH I was released, before TF departed to set up his own shop and before Gucci focused on becoming a juvenile olfactory candy store.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity a stupendously sensational sixteen hours on my skin - now THAT is longevity!

A great autumnal product of impeccable traditional craftsmanship, which is given a contemporaneous makeover. This is indubitably one of Tom Ford's finest. 4/5
13th July, 2016
She asked me what I was wearing and then she said "I thought I was having sex in a forest".
26th April, 2016

Short review to begin with, then more to come as time goes on. As others have mentioned, this is a complex fragrance. I've only worn it one day so far, but just wanted to put down my first impressions. The top notes are nice. A crisp, coniferous cypress. But, passes so quickly. I believe the brightness of the cypress might be enhanced by the citrus note, but fortunately, the citrus doesn't over power at all, it seems to only act as an enhancer for the cypress note. Middle notes start to become more musty. Having worn Polo for 33 years I can honestly say that like many others have stated, I can smell the similarities to Polo. I'm going to continue wearing and come back to this fragrance many times. I know it's been discontinued and it's another one I'd like to have. I'd better enjoy my samples for awhile. I got some bigger ones so I could work my way through this frag for a while.


Celery. I wore Italian Cypress again today and I smelled celery. I'm surprised that I missed it the first day I wore it. I picked up celery in the opening notes this time instead of the citrus/cypress smell. I don't know if my nose is on the blink or not, but I don't like the Yatagan celery vibe from Yatagan, let alone from a fragrance as expensive as Italian Cypress. I don't hate the celery scent as much as I do the oregano smell I get from so many of the Amouage fragrances, but I also don't want my coniferous fragrances, (which are my favorites), smelling like celery. I also noticed more with this wearing that the longevity was only around 4.5 hours. I'm going to keep the thumbs up rating, but the longevity should be better, IMO.
24th April, 2016 (last edited: 28th April, 2016)
Take Polo, turn down the volume to 1/3, add that dollop of shaving cream mentioned in another review, add a smidge of cinnamon and basil and make it last a good long time. Voila, good scent but much too expensive for what it is and compared to other conifers. My decant's at least 5 years old.
07th February, 2016
Bingo! My favourite Private Blend scent so far. Or better say, the only one I would say I truly like. I wouldn’t ever spend that money for this, but let’s be honest – this is very good. It’s basically a better (way better) Ralph Lauren Polo Green, which is a scent I moderately admire and really wanted to like, while I couldn’t really – pardon the blasphemy, but I find it (in both its vintage and new versions) too dry, unbalanced, screechily macho and almost vile. Italian Cypress just tweaks the right knobs and fixes that same concept to perfection, creating a very handsome, mature scent with a brilliant masculine vibe miles away the idiotic baseball-hatted “bro” attitude of half of the rest of the Private Blend line.

Basically it’s a very compelling, “virile” and old-school yet somehow totally contemporary green-woody fougère with an amazingly crisp sort of leafy-earthy feel of balsamic greenness and smoky woods. It covers the whole spectre of aromas you’d encounter in a forest, basically – from the thin fresh balsamic air, to the damp smell of woody roots. It may sound nothing special or new, but instead it manages to present such a conventional structure under a very different, and ultimately quite distinctive light. Probably the cypress accord is the key, as it’s green, minty and woody in a very peculiar way – a sort of bitter, watery, rooty, exceedingly realistic smell of crisp green woods. Now take that, surrounded by a half-macho, half-gentleman fougère-inspired aura of smoke-infused darker woods (slightly birch-y, too) and topped with an added dose of more rarefied citrusy greenness. Nothing really Italian actually, this smells more like some German forest to me, like in some Prussian area – it feels quite balsamic, uplifting, but at the same time somehow cold, dark, archaic. More “viking” than “macho”, so to speak. “Italy” shall mean probably more citrus, more herbs, and a more friendly, affable, laid-back mood, while Italian Cypress has some fascinating feel of dry, austere breezy darkness that definitely moves the inspiration way “more up-North”, in my opinion.

Anyway, inspirations aside this is a very well made scent, not overly creative but really impeccable. It smells just great: refined, quite natural, fascinatingly complex, subtly austere, it manages to do something I always love with fragrances – making you feel “home” with an apparently conventional structure (the early Eighties green fougère here) but yet refreshing and playing around with it a bit, just enough to smell distinctive and show some, say, “up-to-date” personality. Plus it also checks all the relevant performance marks – lasts well, projects well, no unpleasant surprises, very decent materials. Well done.

26th January, 2016
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While I am not a huge fan of TF fragrances, the Private Line does have several offerings that are noteworthy, albeit without consideration of their ridiculous price.

Italian Cypress is one that does stand out to me, in that it performs well and seems decidedly masculine. The cypress note is extremely well done and pairs with hints of citrus and basil into a sweeter wood scent that stays deep and interesting. Cypress can be a hollow scent, but Ford is very clever with his scents and keeps this fragrance captivating, albeit linear throughout.

Would make a better office scent than anything you might wear out. While I like the fragrance, it isn't a scent that will garner notice or significant attention, which makes it totally versatile and safe. IMO, every man should have several fragrances that are of this character.

Unfortunately, like the rest of this line, price is the greatest downfall so a decant would be a great buy here. Absolutely a Thumbs Up.
21st September, 2015 (last edited: 16th November, 2015)
I have this and like it. I'm not sure love is in there though. I am a female and this does remind me of a male scent. I would be attracted to a male wearing this. However I also wear it, maybe when I'm lonely? LOL. Anyway, when I wear it, it reminds me of Carmel, California in the fall, or anytime really, or Italy, imagine that. It takes me to a place I want to be, a place I miss. When I can't get there? I wear this. I prefer this in the Fall to Winter.
08th September, 2015
Not even going through the notes and all that stuff. I just like this one! Done! 9/10
17th August, 2015
This is another great example of a Tom Ford Private Blend that works mainly for cold weather, is outstanding in terms of projection and longevity, and, like Tuscan Leather, is a great interpretation of the main note aspect (in this case, cypress).

The cypress and woody aspects dominate the fragrance, with spicy aspects (i.e. clove, and some have said cinnamon) and some citrus standing in the background while the cypress holds serve.

Lupe online wisely advises that this is not a compliment-gatherer but nonetheless a power scent, and I agree. It is sophisticated, and a friend of work and formal occasions, but it is not seductive in the manner of Noir de Noir. Rather, Italian Cypress is a very classy but more serious, and evocative of an earlier time, with natural-smelling ingredients. It's also somewhat unisex, as many TF Private Blends are, but I'd certainly argue that this leans somewhat to the masculine side, as I believe most woods-intensive fragrances do.

This may have just become one of the next on my list, but I would at least encourage men to try this out, as I've already heard a few times and can corroborate that this is a seriously underrated and under-discussed fragrance.

9 out of 10
10th August, 2015 (last edited: 18th August, 2015)
Spicy sweet smoky fall/winter must have.

Harve Leger Homme (from AVON) done with finer ingredients and marketed thusly. To be fair, HLH came 3 years later than TFIC so it is clear who copied whom. That said, I find TFIC to be bone dry and super linear...aka boring. So I did the unthinkable and layered the 2.

TFIC on the skin with HLH on clothing and elsewhere reveals a wonderful symbiosis that I did not expect. Where TFIC falls down, HLH does a good job of picking it up, what with its undulations between sweet and spicy. Longevity is HLH's issue, and ofcourse TFIC shows up strong.
30th June, 2015
My favorite in the TFPR line. Not a sillage monster and very well blended, which I like! Fans of this line know that you are dealing with top quality ingredients, save for a fairly simple and linear profile for many. Perfume need not be overtly complex to be good and Italian Cypress is a one note pony that behaves exactly as it should. Bravo TF.
05th August, 2014
jumpfrog Show all reviews
United Kingdom
For me, the "citrusy freshness" did not last long at all. What followed was a deeply rich piney aroma. In fact this note is so intense that it smells like tar on a hot summers day (which I like incidentally) on my arm where I sprayed it. It's a unique fragrance that "does exactly what it says on the tin". It's like walking through a cypress forest on a July day. Recommended to try but this is not quite for me.
03rd August, 2014
One of the freshest and most masculine scents on the market. It smells like, what I imagine, walking through a cypress forest in Italy smells like. It's pure, fresh, natural, rich smelling woody tree. Almost piney but not. It also develops into a long lasting much deeper and earthier scent after a few hours, it smells wonderful for hours. I wish Tom Ford sold this in 100ml bottles but he sadly does not. Although I wasn't alive, it smells like a beast dude would from the 70s or 80s, I just know it.

Another must own from the private blend line. A very unique fragrance. Such high quality and so long lasting on me. A must smell if you haven't, along with Tuscan leather, oud wood, and TV.
29th March, 2014
Well, finally I had a chance to test this fragrance and I must say quality and natural smelling is the first thing that comes in mind.
The opening is green and also semi fresh citrusy scent with some spices in the background.
While there is no cinnamon note in the note breakdown, the cinnamon note play a huge role in this fragrance, specially in the mid!
After that beautiful fresh, natural and green opening and in the mid, you can smell a very natural and bright cinnamon smell with some green and fresh notes and slight sweetness in the background.
I don't know if you guys know what's the cinnamon source, but if you don't know, the cinnamon is a special tree's skin that people take it and make it like powder and use it in some foods.
I already have that cinnamon tree's skin in my house because when we want to make tea, sometimes we throw a small piece of that tree's skin in the pot and that make the tea's taste something really special and pleasant!
Why did I tell you this?
Because I want you guys know that I know exactly how that cinnamon tree's skin smell like and the cinnamon in this fragrance is the most quality cinnamon note ever I smelled in fragrances.
The cinnamon note as I said smell very natural with small woody feeling and it's very natural and pleasant. smell exactly like that cinnamon tree's skin that I told you.
In the base the cinnamon note goes to the background and you will get again that green note at the opening with very light woodsy notes and some sweetness.
Longevity is good but projection is not that great.
It's very versatile and you can use it in all four seasons.
All and all, a great natural fragrance with stunning quality. If you do respect quality in fragrances and you pay for it, this is for you guys.
27th February, 2014
A great, high-quality fragrance. Opening with citrus and bergamot, which are not synthetic at all and very authentic smelling, some green notes between, followed closely by some clove, spearmint and basil. Then the cypres shows up and you can picture it as real as it grows in the sunny Tuscany, the warm woody notes in the base are as noble as can be. There is an interesting undertone in the dry-down, some kind of smokey oud, very nice.. it's a great, not too complex and straight formard juice with high quality ingredients, nicely blended with an above average longevity, BUT...

BUT..the price for this distinctive scent is very high and there are other much cheaper scents out there which could substitute it in a certain way, as for example vintage Polo from Ralph Lauren, which unfortunatelly nowadays due to reformulations lost a lot of it's original quality, beeing watered down and with some ingredients replaced by synthetic cheaper substitutes.

If you don't mind to pay a very high premium price for this scent, it might be worth it, considering its quality and uniquness.
14th February, 2014
Italian cypress is a modern take on a classic masculine fragrance. It has a very real citrus opening that sits on top of a superb blend of spices and herbs (clove, spearmint and basil) with a cypress amber and gaiac base. Bottom line, this stuff is great. A virile, masculine scent that is a breath of fresh air in this age of one gender fits all perfumery.
16th December, 2013

I really like this - Pure cypress and musky deep smoke - like a super refined RL Polo or Z14. The fragrance seems to move in three distinct parts as the top, middle and base notes reveal themselves - first you get an hour's worth of the loud cypress pine note, followed by a few hours of warm and fruity middle notes, before the smokey, peppery incense at the bottom glowers for the rest of the day. The projection is lower than Polo, with a lot less leather, so this stays closer to the skin but still has decent longevity. The smokey bottom notes accord in this is very similar to the one in Tuscan Leather but whereas TL made me feel queasy with it's strong ashtray vibe this one seems to stay just the right side of offensive.

This smells expensive, which is lucky considering how much it costs. BUT it is definitely a 70's powerhouse sort of frag. This is for the older man IMHO. I give this an immediate 5 stars because the drydown on this stuff is absolutely beautiful, you will be sniffing yourself all day!

Pros: cypress in a bottle, amazing masculine
Cons: old fashioned smelling for some
24th July, 2013 (last edited: 20th January, 2015)
truth in advertising

In a wonderfully straightforward manner, Italian Cypress does in fact smell like the cypress tree. It manages to capture the entirety of the tree: the green stiff briskness of evergreen, the pine-like moisture of the wood, the soil and air and sunshine. It’s unabashedly What It Is. It reminds me of Caron Yataghan, Paco Rabanne pour Homme in genre and character. The linking of herbal, woody and balsamic notes is effortless. This baby has nothing to do with the muscled, depilated, excessively groomed, self-conscious male fragrances of the 21st-century. It's animated, sweaty, and spits on sidewalks. It’s uninhibited in a way that might not fit easily into a social media framework.

Current men's perfumery is still saddled with vestiges of 1990s apologia. It supports aspiration, the desire to fit in, the pathology of conspicuousness. I tend to think of Tom Ford brand style, from my cursory views of it since the 1990s, as aspiring to uniformity and a bland, unexcitingluxury. A world where the White Party is an ideal, and the best manicure wins. It's as if he took the worst from my people, the clonishness and used it with neither irony nor higher purpose. All anonymity and no identity.

But credit where it’s due. Italian Cypress is a beautifully rough ride. It’s expansive and brash, but completely charming. Italian Cypress captures that 1970s good-old-bad-old days feel perfectly.

from cent

31st May, 2013
I find this fragrance to be fantastic like they took the smells of a Mediterranean garden and bottled it.

It opens very green with lemon citrus like your smelling lemons from a lemon grove in Tuscany. This is closely followed by a stunning cypress note on a resinous woody backdrop.

The woods feel a little smoky like smouldering woods that have been in the direct sunlight for to long. I love how this fragrance has a combination of fresh citrus with warm woods with a stunning cypress note. A amazing fragrance.

I get about ten hours longevity but it does reign itself in after four/five hours in the projection and sillage department. But I can still pick up gentle wafts of the scent for most of the day.

To sum up a very classy masculine fragrance that reminds you of a Mediterranean garden with cypress trees and lemon groves. Great stuff!
08th April, 2013
First and foremost.. this fragrance is not for everyone. It has an old school powerhouse feel, yet still feels quite relevant today. Two notes that aren't listed anywhere, that I get a lot of, are cinnamon and amber. Amber plays a big role for me in the background, and when it mixes with the cinnamon and basil, it gives me this fresh baked Italian bread accord. I can't help but mention it, although I am sure others will disagree.

Cypress plays a key role, as the name of the fragrance suggests. A woody and resinous cypress, that is flattered with mint, basil and cinnamon; and as I feel, amber behind it all. It makes for a refined, somewhat linear, yet powerful fragrance. I would suggest this to somebody looking for "the" ultimate masculine scent in the niche realm. Although, like with many powerhouse style scents, they serve a certain demographic group.

As for comparisons. This reminds me of Obsession, and BHPC Red. I don't get the Drakkar Noir comparison that many say. Longevity and projection are both excellent. Not often do I prefer to splash than spray, but with this one, because it is so strong, I recommend it be dabbed a little bit on each wrist, and you're set.

I do enjoy Italian Cypress, but I don't think it's bottle worthy, or for me. An acquired taste for a man who wants something bold, and classy.
18th March, 2013
Launched in 2009 by Tom Ford in his Milan boutique, this beautiful fragrance may share many ideas with the late 70's fragrances in the mould of Polo Green, however it would be unwise to dismiss this on that basis, it is a modern interpretation, with some subtle but stunning twists on the theme, and of the highest quality.

Italian Cypress goes on with an opening consisting of fresh and zesty citrus and green notes. Soon after subtle minty/menthol notes may be experienced. During the heart phase of the fragrance the cypress note opens out and presents its green and warming embrace, also at this time green resinous notes appear and add warm and depth, this is the masterpiece stroke that sets this fragrance apart. In my mind I am walking up a path in Tuscany with the late afternoon sun wafting beautiful green and resinous aromas from the tall cypress trees bordering the path, I feel free and confident in me and my surroundings...

Wear anytime during the year, however it really comes to life in heat, a warm breeze in a sunny climate seems to awake and lift the cypress and resinous notes, wafting in waves of gorgeous scent clouds. Silage is moderate with a well defined scent cloud enveloping the wearer, however warm air lifts and wafts the scent further. Longevity is very good, and the skin scent persistent.

A subtle, classy, high quality fragrance to sort the men from the boys... Great stuff.
06th March, 2013
I like this, but I don't love it. It's kind of simple, just a pleasant sweet woody cypress smell that's vaguley creamy on top and ends up as a sawdusty sandalwood with some maple syrup immortelle by the end of the day. It lasts forever, but in a way that just calls attention to how it's not doing very much.

I like the smell and feel comfortable giving it a thumbs up, but Duchoufour's Cipresso do Toscano for Acqua di Parma uses this same cypress note in a brilliant symphony of smoke and woods that makes Italian Cypress fell like a simplistic sketch in comparison.
18th January, 2013