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Positive Reviews of Italian Cypress by Tom Ford

Not even going through the notes and all that stuff. I just like this one! Done! 9/10
17th August, 2015
This is another great example of a Tom Ford Private Blend that works mainly for cold weather, is outstanding in terms of projection and longevity, and, like Tuscan Leather, is a great interpretation of the main note aspect (in this case, cypress).

The cypress and woody aspects dominate the fragrance, with spicy aspects (i.e. clove, and some have said cinnamon) and some citrus standing in the background while the cypress holds serve.

Lupe online wisely advises that this is not a compliment-gatherer but nonetheless a power scent, and I agree. It is sophisticated, and a friend of work and formal occasions, but it is not seductive in the manner of Noir de Noir. Rather, Italian Cypress is a very classy but more serious, and evocative of an earlier time, with natural-smelling ingredients. It's also somewhat unisex, as many TF Private Blends are, but I'd certainly argue that this leans somewhat to the masculine side, as I believe most woods-intensive fragrances do.

This may have just become one of the next on my list, but I would at least encourage men to try this out, as I've already heard a few times and can corroborate that this is a seriously underrated and under-discussed fragrance.

9 out of 10
10th August, 2015 (last edited: 18th August, 2015)
Spicy sweet smoky fall/winter must have.

Harve Leger Homme (from AVON) done with finer ingredients and marketed thusly. To be fair, HLH came 3 years later than TFIC so it is clear who copied whom. That said, I find TFIC to be bone dry and super linear...aka boring. So I did the unthinkable and layered the 2.

TFIC on the skin with HLH on clothing and elsewhere reveals a wonderful symbiosis that I did not expect. Where TFIC falls down, HLH does a good job of picking it up, what with its undulations between sweet and spicy. Longevity is HLH's issue, and ofcourse TFIC shows up strong.
30th June, 2015
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My favorite in the TFPR line. Not a sillage monster and very well blended, which I like! Fans of this line know that you are dealing with top quality ingredients, save for a fairly simple and linear profile for many. Perfume need not be overtly complex to be good and Italian Cypress is a one note pony that behaves exactly as it should. Bravo TF.
05th August, 2014
For me, the "citrusy freshness" did not last long at all. What followed was a deeply rich piney aroma. In fact this note is so intense that it smells like tar on a hot summers day (which I like incidentally) on my arm where I sprayed it. It's a unique fragrance that "does exactly what it says on the tin". It's like walking through a cypress forest on a July day. Recommended to try but this is not quite for me.
03rd August, 2014
One of the freshest and most masculine scents on the market. It smells like, what I imagine, walking through a cypress forest in Italy smells like. It's pure, fresh, natural, rich smelling woody tree. Almost piney but not. It also develops into a long lasting much deeper and earthier scent after a few hours, it smells wonderful for hours. I wish Tom Ford sold this in 100ml bottles but he sadly does not. Although I wasn't alive, it smells like a beast dude would from the 70s or 80s, I just know it.

Another must own from the private blend line. A very unique fragrance. Such high quality and so long lasting on me. A must smell if you haven't, along with Tuscan leather, oud wood, and TV.
29th March, 2014
Well, finally I had a chance to test this fragrance and I must say quality and natural smelling is the first thing that comes in mind.
The opening is green and also semi fresh citrusy scent with some spices in the background.
While there is no cinnamon note in the note breakdown, the cinnamon note play a huge role in this fragrance, specially in the mid!
After that beautiful fresh, natural and green opening and in the mid, you can smell a very natural and bright cinnamon smell with some green and fresh notes and slight sweetness in the background.
I don't know if you guys know what's the cinnamon source, but if you don't know, the cinnamon is a special tree's skin that people take it and make it like powder and use it in some foods.
I already have that cinnamon tree's skin in my house because when we want to make tea, sometimes we throw a small piece of that tree's skin in the pot and that make the tea's taste something really special and pleasant!
Why did I tell you this?
Because I want you guys know that I know exactly how that cinnamon tree's skin smell like and the cinnamon in this fragrance is the most quality cinnamon note ever I smelled in fragrances.
The cinnamon note as I said smell very natural with small woody feeling and it's very natural and pleasant. smell exactly like that cinnamon tree's skin that I told you.
In the base the cinnamon note goes to the background and you will get again that green note at the opening with very light woodsy notes and some sweetness.
Longevity is good but projection is not that great.
It's very versatile and you can use it in all four seasons.
All and all, a great natural fragrance with stunning quality. If you do respect quality in fragrances and you pay for it, this is for you guys.
27th February, 2014
A great, high-quality fragrance. Opening with citrus and bergamot, which are not synthetic at all and very authentic smelling, some green notes between, followed closely by some clove, spearmint and basil. Then the cypres shows up and you can picture it as real as it grows in the sunny Tuscany, the warm woody notes in the base are as noble as can be. There is an interesting undertone in the dry-down, some kind of smokey oud, very nice.. it's a great, not too complex and straight formard juice with high quality ingredients, nicely blended with an above average longevity, BUT...

BUT..the price for this distinctive scent is very high and there are other much cheaper scents out there which could substitute it in a certain way, as for example vintage Polo from Ralph Lauren, which unfortunatelly nowadays due to reformulations lost a lot of it's original quality, beeing watered down and with some ingredients replaced by synthetic cheaper substitutes.

If you don't mind to pay a very high premium price for this scent, it might be worth it, considering its quality and uniquness.
14th February, 2014
Italian cypress is a modern take on a classic masculine fragrance. It has a very real citrus opening that sits on top of a superb blend of spices and herbs (clove, spearmint and basil) with a cypress amber and gaiac base. Bottom line, this stuff is great. A virile, masculine scent that is a breath of fresh air in this age of one gender fits all perfumery.
16th December, 2013

I really like this - Pure cypress and musky deep smoke - like a super refined RL Polo or Z14. The fragrance seems to move in three distinct parts as the top, middle and base notes reveal themselves - first you get an hour's worth of the loud cypress pine note, followed by a few hours of warm and fruity middle notes, before the smokey, peppery incense at the bottom glowers for the rest of the day. The projection is lower than Polo, with a lot less leather, so this stays closer to the skin but still has decent longevity. The smokey bottom notes accord in this is very similar to the one in Tuscan Leather but whereas TL made me feel queasy with it's strong ashtray vibe this one seems to stay just the right side of offensive.

This smells expensive, which is lucky considering how much it costs. BUT it is definitely a 70's powerhouse sort of frag. This is for the older man IMHO. I give this an immediate 5 stars because the drydown on this stuff is absolutely beautiful, you will be sniffing yourself all day!

Pros: cypress in a bottle, amazing masculine
Cons: old fashioned smelling for some
24th July, 2013 (last edited: 20th January, 2015)
truth in advertising

In a wonderfully straightforward manner, Italian Cypress does in fact smell like the cypress tree. It manages to capture the entirety of the tree: the green stiff briskness of evergreen, the pine-like moisture of the wood, the soil and air and sunshine. It’s unabashedly What It Is. It reminds me of Caron Yataghan, Paco Rabanne pour Homme in genre and character. The linking of herbal, woody and balsamic notes is effortless. This baby has nothing to do with the muscled, depilated, excessively groomed, self-conscious male fragrances of the 21st-century. It's animated, sweaty, and spits on sidewalks. It’s uninhibited in a way that might not fit easily into a social media framework.

Current men's perfumery is still saddled with vestiges of 1990s apologia. It supports aspiration, the desire to fit in, the pathology of conspicuousness. I tend to think of Tom Ford brand style, from my cursory views of it since the 1990s, as aspiring to uniformity and a bland, unexcitingluxury. A world where the White Party is an ideal, and the best manicure wins. It's as if he took the worst from my people, the clonishness and used it with neither irony nor higher purpose. All anonymity and no identity.

But credit where it’s due. Italian Cypress is a beautifully rough ride. It’s expansive and brash, but completely charming. Italian Cypress captures that 1970s good-old-bad-old days feel perfectly.

from cent

31st May, 2013
I find this fragrance to be fantastic like they took the smells of a Mediterranean garden and bottled it.

It opens very green with lemon citrus like your smelling lemons from a lemon grove in Tuscany. This is closely followed by a stunning cypress note on a resinous woody backdrop.

The woods feel a little smoky like smouldering woods that have been in the direct sunlight for to long. I love how this fragrance has a combination of fresh citrus with warm woods with a stunning cypress note. A amazing fragrance.

I get about ten hours longevity but it does reign itself in after four/five hours in the projection and sillage department. But I can still pick up gentle wafts of the scent for most of the day.

To sum up a very classy masculine fragrance that reminds you of a Mediterranean garden with cypress trees and lemon groves. Great stuff!
08th April, 2013
First and foremost.. this fragrance is not for everyone. It has an old school powerhouse feel, yet still feels quite relevant today. Two notes that aren't listed anywhere, that I get a lot of, are cinnamon and amber. Amber plays a big role for me in the background, and when it mixes with the cinnamon and basil, it gives me this fresh baked Italian bread accord. I can't help but mention it, although I am sure others will disagree.

Cypress plays a key role, as the name of the fragrance suggests. A woody and resinous cypress, that is flattered with mint, basil and cinnamon; and as I feel, amber behind it all. It makes for a refined, somewhat linear, yet powerful fragrance. I would suggest this to somebody looking for "the" ultimate masculine scent in the niche realm. Although, like with many powerhouse style scents, they serve a certain demographic group.

As for comparisons. This reminds me of Obsession, and BHPC Red. I don't get the Drakkar Noir comparison that many say. Longevity and projection are both excellent. Not often do I prefer to splash than spray, but with this one, because it is so strong, I recommend it be dabbed a little bit on each wrist, and you're set.

I do enjoy Italian Cypress, but I don't think it's bottle worthy, or for me. An acquired taste for a man who wants something bold, and classy.
18th March, 2013
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Launched in 2009 by Tom Ford in his Milan boutique, this beautiful fragrance may share many ideas with the late 70's fragrances in the mould of Polo Green, however it would be unwise to dismiss this on that basis, it is a modern interpretation, with some subtle but stunning twists on the theme, and of the highest quality.

Italian Cypress goes on with an opening consisting of fresh and zesty citrus and green notes. Soon after subtle minty/menthol notes may be experienced. During the heart phase of the fragrance the cypress note opens out and presents its green and warming embrace, also at this time green resinous notes appear and add warm and depth, this is the masterpiece stroke that sets this fragrance apart. In my mind I am walking up a path in Tuscany with the late afternoon sun wafting beautiful green and resinous aromas from the tall cypress trees bordering the path, I feel free and confident in me and my surroundings...

Wear anytime during the year, however it really comes to life in heat, a warm breeze in a sunny climate seems to awake and lift the cypress and resinous notes, wafting in waves of gorgeous scent clouds. Silage is moderate with a well defined scent cloud enveloping the wearer, however warm air lifts and wafts the scent further. Longevity is very good, and the skin scent persistent.

A subtle, classy, high quality fragrance to sort the men from the boys... Great stuff.
06th March, 2013
I like this, but I don't love it. It's kind of simple, just a pleasant sweet woody cypress smell that's vaguley creamy on top and ends up as a sawdusty sandalwood with some maple syrup immortelle by the end of the day. It lasts forever, but in a way that just calls attention to how it's not doing very much.

I like the smell and feel comfortable giving it a thumbs up, but Duchoufour's Cipresso do Toscano for Acqua di Parma uses this same cypress note in a brilliant symphony of smoke and woods that makes Italian Cypress fell like a simplistic sketch in comparison.
18th January, 2013
Have a range of longterm HGs including, Fleur de The Rose Bulgarie, Cuir de Russie and Marquis de Sade 1740........have to say this Tom Ford Italian Cypress is THE best Classy fragrance like those I have smelled in a lonnnggg time.
It's very expensive, get a sample and if you love it like me, buy a decanter of 250ml as it's hugely better value. £300........five x 50ml bottles will cost you over £600 !! But, it is long lasting (many hours) has great sillage. Agree, it is def a masculine orientated one in my opinion too, Green, Woody, Spicy. If you are a Lady and love it, get it for your other half !
Not since FdeTR or CdeR have I smelled any fragrance I've thought........this is for Movie Stars !!
17th October, 2012
Krizia Uomo Revisited meet Gyvenchy Xerius, a wonderfull mid winter sunny afternoon strolling in a Cemetery in the Italian Alps!
11th October, 2012 (last edited: 12th October, 2012)
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United States
Tom Ford's fragances are mostly centered around a single baeutifully done note--leather, tobacco, etc.--and this is no exception. A deep dive into green, green cypress underpinned with a smokey/leathery/musky base. Very good stuff. Some say that it is similar to original Polo, which I can see(although there is a lot more going on in Polo!). I find that it has an even greater similarity to my favorite Z-14. Either way, this is a very good scent (at a very high price!). Even though this is an E de P, it does not seem to last as long on me as the cologne versions of Polo or Z-14. Wonderful packaging.
26th April, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
A very mild thumbs up for this one. Some say this is a modernized version of Polo Green, but apart from them both being green fragrances, I don't see it and quite frankly the original Polo is light years better than this for a heck of a lot less money. The comment by another poster about it being a revamped Rive Gauche is closer to the mark, IMO but I prefer Rive Gauche (also a heck of lot less money). Bottom line is Italian Cypress is a pleasant scent that is worth a sniff but I cannot in good conscience recommend a buy on this one. 3 stars out of 5.
29th February, 2012 (last edited: 21st December, 2012)
I had been out of the fragrance scene for about 20 years. Maybe it's a bit of a mid life thing (won't label it a crisis) that got me interested in rebuilding my collection of scents. Raised on the Obsessions, Polo's, etc from the 80's I wasn't sure what I wanted to smell like at 41. After reading an Esquire article on leather scents, I first tried a sample of the John Varvatos, but the Tom Ford reviews that I read online piqued my interest. During a meeting in Boston I wandered into a Nieman Marcus where I was able to sample Ford's Tuscan Leather. Not bad I thought, but when the saleswoman hit my wrists with Italian Cypress it was over. It is unfair to even consider using this as a yardstick to measure others by. Cost and quality are just too far ahead of anything else I have ever worn. Told Mrs. OBNJ to forget about all other holiday gifts and just pick this up. Glad she did.
18th February, 2012
Another Christmas candle! This really reminds me of Micaleff/Nejman Le Seducteur. A sweet, spicy green fragrance, redolent with conifer needles and boughs - pine, cypress - whatever.

I think it smells great, quality ingredients, decent longevity. I would prefer a more dry, astringent conifer scent, but this is worth trying. Would be an interesting comparison with Le Seducteur.
15th December, 2011
You have to give this one more than 1 try , you'll be amazed by the rare earthy smell it has.

it's definitely a mans fragrance due to the cologne like smell it has . a great citrus menty like opening and a strong projection , it's the middle and base notes that blows you away

reminds you of cow boys and desert , pine and cypress and a lot of GREEN

lasts a good 5 -6 hours, at the end of the day it will just smell something rare and different, another world, just keeps your mind thinking and trying to find what it is.
19th April, 2011
This fragrance is far above average in its top notes, but it is in the dry-down and eventually the base notes that Italian Cypress transforms into pure magic. Gorgeous, sexy, alluring, inviting, calming, happy scent, and a true masterpiece from the house of Tom Ford.

This one took two or three samplings to really understand, but boy am I glad I stuck with it. Take Polo Green and add that immeasurable, intangible, magical "extra something," and the resulting synergy of notes will have you taking out your wallet for an elite niche scent without hesitation or second-thought as to why you did.

There are a lot of average scents in the world of fragrance. Perfumes smell GOOD--that's why they're perfumes. But there are very, very few that have that missing ingredient, that invisible note which takes good and makes it great. Tom Ford achieves it with Italian Cypress. A four-or-five-star work of art in my book.
03rd February, 2011 (last edited: 13th February, 2011)
Benj Show all reviews
United States
Pine needles, sap, a wood fire nearby, maybe someone threw some garrigue on there and then a leather jacket. I love this style at the moment, and these smoky leathery types always have excellent longevity on skin, seemingly smoldering away forever like a dying fire. I couldn't quite see myself wearing this - these scents have something of a Gentleman's Club (the cigar and port type, not the stripping type) feel about them. Excellent work though.
16th January, 2011
I have completely re-written my review, including a change from neutral to thumbs up. This is a challenging, complex scent. It cannot be assimilated in one or a few trials. I find that it has parts which attract me greatly, and parts with which I struggle.
First, I am happy to have a notes list, which seems accurate to what I detect.
Notes: bergamot, mandarin orange, galbanum, spearmint, basil, clove, labdanum, smoky cypress, moss, musk.
This starts with very green herbal and coniferous notes. This phase is excellent, but regrettably very brief.
The scent quickly develops a gruff, bold, assertive and spicy character -- very old-school! With its clove-y spice note, it reminds me of the revamped Rive Gauche, which Tom Ford designed. At times, Gucci Nobile stands as an apt comparison.
Then appears the aspect I find is at once unique and challenging. It truly seems to me to capture accurately a dirty old metallic ashtray or an old clay pipe bowl. Sharp, slightly stale notes of smoke and minerals abound, and persist. Perhaps there are also vestiges of cold dark coffee drying in a cup, for a true cigarette and coffee vibe.
This complex chord persists through the life of the scent. It is never unpleasant, and at times it conveys a world-weary character that is charming. At other times its "dirtyness" seems a bit problematic to me.
The dry-down generally is pleasing, at times even haunting. The mint keeps reappearing to brighten the otherwise dusky proceedings. At times, I do get a Yatagan vibe in the later stages.
I wish it was more woody and resinous. I love cypress, and find it overwhelmed here. I wish that ashtray note was less prominent.
Do I find it bottle-worthy? No, not at this point. Yet I cannot dismiss it. It is a very striking scent. It invites further attention.
05th July, 2010 (last edited: 04th January, 2011)
Italian Cypress is a mature masculine construction, with a striking pine/cinnamon open, and a dry down to warm cinnamon like incense woods. It's a refreshing bear hug. It's a cozy comforting scent in a fatherly like way. It's the wise, handsome, gentleman/brother who'll take care of you.

I compare this to Aqua Allegoria Winter Delice by Guerlain, Fou d`Absinthe by L Artisan Parfumeur, Kyoto by Comme des Garcons, and the other Tom Ford scent, Bois Marocain. Italian Cypress is more masculine than all of these, yet smoother than Fou d`Absinthe. It's most like Winter Delice. And it's sister is Bois Marocain. The more distant relative is Kyoto which is more transcendent, meditative, weightless, and genderless. They are all Cypress-like woods of some variation, and I love them all.

Italian Cypress has some awesome dispersion and longevity. Wear this with pride and confidence or you'll have to wait it out for a couple of hours till it goes to the incense woods area.
23rd March, 2010
today i was at TJ Maxx perusing the fragrance section and i picked up a well known name in the fragrance world. i had never given it a whiff before bc i thought it might be dated, seeing how it came out originally in the 70's. that bottle was none other than Halston Z-14 . . . and guess what? Cypress Wood is like the niche, updated, less synthetic version of it. people always compare Cypress Wood to Polo, but i think Polo has a more dated herbal/medicinal zing. that being said, Cypress Wood is definitely a nicely made scent that lasts and lasts and lasts on the skin. the beginning smells exactly like crackling, dry firewood, and then the base settles in rounding it out giving it this slighty sweet, syrupy thick, but not cloying woody creaminess. definitely a more mature scent, but i think the right younger guy could pull it off if he had that swagger to pull off a throwback style. Cypress Wood is by no means 'old smelling' like Tuscany - i think of it more as a classic.
06th March, 2010
This is another superb fragrance by Tom Ford. It reminds me of Halston Z-14 almost exactly but with a more urbane, congenial nature. Italian Cypress' opening is of a smoky, herbaceous pine that welcomes attention and yet exudes class and nobility. This Eau de Parfum is in a different class, it smells of a country club's library of overstuffed leather chairs, wood panelling, roaring fire, and bookshelves stuffed with dusty, first-editions.

As the heart begins to appear, the herbaceousness softens into the background as it morphs into ashy, charred embers and wisps of smoky church incense; to elaborate on the incense facet, it has the hint of Japanese incense as well. It is so well combined, that the herbs and incense are so intertwined yet definable. Furthermore, I seem to detect Agarwood, which seems to be a favorite of Mr. Tom Ford and lends to the woodsy aspect of the scent.

At the dry down, Italian Cypress does not develop. It stays linear.

This is a linear Eau de Parfum albeit, complex. This scent is, to my opinion, age specific; this is a fragrance that is touted for the mature, not old; a man of class, character and urbanity. If generously applied, then it would smell as if a boy got into his father's cologne. This scent carries an air of colognes past, to name some: Z-14 by Halston, M7 by Yves Saint Laurent, Rive Gauche Pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent and the original L'Homme by Roger & Gallet. Longevity is excellent and the sillage is moderate but if worn sparingly; if overapplied, then this scent can be ostentatious.

I feel this is a special occasion fragrance; a romantic date, an evening out, a candlelight dinner or black-tie affairs. However, at the asking price of $180, I would wear it quite often and not hoard it away, enjoy the complexity.

Tom Ford Prive Blend Italian Cypress is a must buy and is highly recommended!
19th February, 2010
gordonm Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is not in my opinion a unisex scent. It's for guys and that's that I believe. Vaguely reminiscent of Ralph Lauren's original Polo for men, which to my nose has now changed. Italian Cypress is drier, woodier and smokier, and does not seem to develop on my skin. It has great lasting power and smells the same 10 hours later. If you like cypress then this is a faithful rendition. I agree with Kaern that this is "something your dad may like" in the sense that the under 30's all smell fresh / synthetic / aquatic / ozonic, but I have 3 of the private collection- Amber Ab, Tobacco V and Italian C. None smells like a young person's scent. They all have a bit more to them than just "smelling nice".
Best place to buy.............. Terminal 5 at Heathrow, all available, cheaper than central London and half the price of Paris, where Galleries Lafayette are offering them at a stinging 150 Euros. £76 at T5, damn reasonable.
07th May, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Check -- this is a straight up cypress rendition, which is arid and masculine. The rendition is really lovely though and it doesn't really stray anywhere else. It reminds me slightly of Fou D'Absinthe, replacing cypress for pine and smoke for booze. It has that burnt woody autumnal feel. There is one caveat -- it smells like something your Dad would like to wear.
20th April, 2009