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A forgettable gourmand evoking stained khaki and uninspired facsimile.
22nd August, 2017
Another mediocre release for Calvin Klein with the house signature of sweet, syrupy and nauseating.

Calvin Klein fragrances deserve a lifetime achievement award for keeping discount bins full across the world.
01st March, 2016

A Nice Inoffensive scent but it doesn't have a Great Characterestic I was expecting So i am not very impressed with it.Not Overbearing and certainly this is Adorable part of this EDT for me! Aromatic,Mild,Clean,Modern, Masculine and Pleasent but Nothing Special.

Smells Lovely at the begining by Ginger and Pepper as Elevates Your mood Instantly but fades away Gradually to a pretty Ordinary and Faint Soapy base notes.This composition is Light and Youthful and Not Too Romantic for me.

EUPHORIA is Good for Rainy days and It's light enough to wear During the SUMMER.Perfect for EVERYDAY use and In my Opinion Appropriate for a young,Calm Man that confident of Himself.Anyway If you are a fan of CK fragrances you will enjoy it.


Longevity?My complain as i dont find it Noticeable on my skin.

13th May, 2015
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It's like a sweet suede. This could have been great if the suede was stronger. There's more Patchouli than Suede. The ginger just gives it a little sweetness. It's not something I would buy because I would tire of it. 2.5/5
07th December, 2014
I gave this three stars earlier, and now I'm giving it a thumbs up. I don't think that's a contradiction.

I like this stuff.

But I recognize it's limited.

But I like the Calvin Klein DNA or base, and I like this Euphoria Men juice.

For me, it's almost the opposite of the people worried about projection and longevity. This smells slightly edgy to me, and I'm glad the projection isn't too strong. The key with this juice is that the staying power is strong to my nose. I almost never get comments, but someone did comment that this stuff was projecting, so I rate the performance on this juice as ok, just fine.

The smell is good but not fantastic. But the performance, for me, is a bonus, and pushes it into the "like" zone. A little sweet. A little flowery. A little synthetic. But I like it.

Smelling it again, I'm reminded of Azzaro Chrome, and that one reminded me of CK One.
10th October, 2014
Euphoria Men is very sweet, but still masculine. The fragrance may not be particularly deep or complex - I don't get the sense that it interacts with my skin much - but it's very pleasant. I got compliments several times while wearing this. I usually wear it on days when it's neither particularly hot or cold, or for evenings out.
30th July, 2014
So, I'm a novice at this whole deal.
I'm a 19 year old EMT, wanted something I could throw on during work. For obvious reasons, it can't be super strong or cloying in the slightest. Technically, I can get written up for even wearing too strong of a deodorant, so this is pretty good.
I don't know if I'm just lucky, but this has some staying power for me. I bought it today and wore it for the first time, it's now about 4 hours later and I still get a whiff every once in a while. Several people commented throughout the night.
I would say the projection is eh. Normally I wear really strong colognes, that you can catch from a few feet off (think Polo original). This is not like that (then again, that's what I wanted). Everyone that smelt it was very close, mostly girls that were close to me.
I'm not adept enough to pick out individual tones, yet. I do smell the pepper that people have commented of, a little ginger at the beginning. I think it's a good scent, not my favorite, but I got a nice sized bottle for $35 (Christmas sale, although that's the typical price on Amazon, but I didn't want to blind buy), so I'm not complaining.
24th December, 2013
I've not got a trained nose, but know what I like when I smell it. My tastes have matured over the years, I'm 56: What smelled good in the past I generally don't like today. For example, my wife of 30 years (RIP...) wore Shalimar when we first met. I loved it, then she stopped wearing it and several years later I sampled it and found it to be too overwhelmingly floral. The same "love it young, hate it later" could be said of English Leather, Polo, Grey Flannel, etc., the list goes on...

I got into soap making 20 years ago, which got me into essential oils and eventually, trying to blend my own cologne... Less than satifactory results with my own led me to try bay rum and then Old Spice, which I've used for the last couple years BUT, have found it to have a cloying, lingering scent: what I smell in my coat closet I don't like.

I smelled a women's perfume that I liked and found out it was Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

I found there was a matching scent for men, but didn't want to order without smelling and went to my local Macy's to check it out. I liked it and bought a gift set to try. The regular Euphoria, not the Intense, though I DO like the Intense and the two are VERY similar. Two hours later and I still like it. Compared to Obsession (which I've worn in the past), it's not nearly as spicy and as has been noted by others, has perhaps the best suede/leather afternote I've ever come across.

I'm not sure what the beef is about "staying power". My needs are simple: I a) want to smell good and b) don't want to knock people over when walking into a room and c) am somewhat scent-shy. As long as my lady can smell it a few hours after application, I'm fine. I don't mind reapplying in the evening.

Try it: you'll like it...

EDIT: October 2014 - Married in May, my wife loves this on me. I've grown to like it as well, very much. It doesn't knock anyone down upon entering a room, yet I can still smell it at the end of the day, though faintly. Yes, I must admit, as do others, that I wish it was tiny bit more robust, but this is a keeper...
14th November, 2013 (last edited: 22nd October, 2014)
nice spicy fall scent

very light and very average. While not groundbreaking it is a solid player that is easy on the nose and while not unique it is a safe smell to wear and is ok...not great..not terrible..just ok.

25th July, 2013
Calvin Klein has created a first class fragrance - I wish it lasted longer...

I am a huge fan of Calvin Klein fragrances - I have several of them in my collection and will add more... I was tremendously excited to try Euphoria - even while there are many nay-sayers out there criticizing the longevity. My assessment of Euphoria is that it is a great scent and the nay-sayers are correct - the longevity is weak to poor.

Out of the bottle, Euphoria is a successful blend of ginger pepper and suede notes that is a great scent. Soon after the initial application, the fragrance settles close to the skin. The projection, sillage, and longevity are weak with the longevity at 3 hours at best. While no compliments have been received to date - the fragrance is quite pleasant and I am certain that with time and continued wear - they will come.

The bottle and packaging are traditional Calvin Klein - first class. This is another bottle that I am very fond - you folks know the drill - I prefer the clear bottles that show the clarity of the fragrance. Euphoria is a scent that offers great flexibility in that can be worn during any season and for any event. Lastly, the price/value is good - the going rate is less than $30 for the smaller bottle. Not too shabby...

My final tally for Calvin Klein's Euphoria is 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. I really like the scent, but due to weak longevity, I can not evaluate higher or strongly endorse. If you are a fan of CK's fragrance - add it to your collection. Play like a champion every play and every game - it may make a difference...
13th May, 2013
My overriding sensation when experiencing Euphoria is of a fragrance that feels both slick and cynical. I know all formulations are man-made, but rarely is it as obvious as it is here.

A rather acrid and contrived opening employs a villainous combination of ginger and pepper notes, and It is no small mercy that this episode of ersatz piquancy is short-lived. Beyond this excessively chemical opening, Euphoria does jettison much of the ugliness and enters a calmer and more balanced phase. The problem here is that it has virtually no presence on my skin. I could probably extract as much potency from a sample printed in a magazine. The relatively brief lifespan is largely spent between two states, namely bad and bland. Sadly, Euphoria is yet another entrant in the long list of Calvin Klein failures. Avoid.
26th January, 2013
Perhaps of no consequence to the seasoned fumehound. But Euphoria's strengths are it's versatility and longevity. It wears in much the same way Issey Miyake's blockbuster Pour Homme does. A mass market cologne with a surprising amount of notes that starts out bright, settles down quick, but lingers for a long while. However it does not project as much as the aforementioned competitor. It is very approachable and lasts longer on the skin than many other comparable colognes. You could anytime or as a back up.
29th November, 2012 (last edited: 04th December, 2012)
Euphoria men is a mediocre after shower with its generic sparkling approach made of citrus, synthetic airy floral notes, sweet spices, fruits and ginger. It's energizing, clean and masculine with the following woodsy patchouli and some green note. It's rather balanced but a bit too unispired and faint. The juice is rather common in its aroma and, as well as other underlined, stands in a range crowded by better appointed fragrances. At the end of its trip it seems to be dealing with a sort of fat Lanvin For Man with "suedish" nuances. Not a disaster anyway.
23rd October, 2012 (last edited: 27th January, 2015)
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To me, means anything. Not wood, not spicy, not oriental.... Banal fragrance
22nd June, 2012
Interesting spicy fragrance. I bought this a few years ago when I was just looking to own a fragrance for going out to bars and had no interest in fragrance nuances. It's great for younger girls who are still in their yummy phase, but it lacks longevity. Not bad, but for it's purpose in my wardrobe (something for temperatures around 60-70­­­°F (15-20°C), I prefer AOS Sandalwood and for colder temps, I prefer Old Spice or Intense Euphoria. I'm not much into going to clubs anymore, so it's lost it's purpose for me.
24th February, 2012 (last edited: 14th April, 2012)
Olive94 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
It is a very average scent. The smell for the first 2 hours is a typical male scent - suede/woods/aquatic spice. After 2 hours it fades into nothing unless you press your nose and take an unhealthily deep inhale from the point of where you sprayed it. It's a nice scent but it seems a little pointless.
04th February, 2012
Very good, considering how bad some of the other Calvin Klein scents.

It is spicy and aquatic/fresh at the same time.
04th February, 2012
I am not too much of a fan on this one. It has a unique smell but longetivity and projection are really bad.
15th January, 2012
My wife bought me this. It has a nice fresh scent, but does not project and does not last.
06th January, 2012 (last edited: 25th September, 2012)
mikesc Show all reviews
United States
Euphoria is the perfect cologne for those occasions where you want to smell good for about an hour. Then it fades to nothing. If you hold your nose right up to where you sprayed it you might catch a very faint reminder that you have it on. I really like the scent, but Euphoria totally fails in all other categories. No projection and no longevity.
02nd January, 2012
First I liked it, then I disliked it. But by returning to it from time to time I now know that the first impression remained stick. It is bland, short lived and looks like a diluated scent, peppery just to give a mild sensation that has some pepper. I don't know how to explain but allthough many say this scent has a sexy aura, what I figure out is something instrospective but elegant, discrete but suggestive, all in a formal place with good clothes. I know, that's another very subjective review. Thumbs up also considering that subjective thing.
29th November, 2011
I tried both Eternity Aqua and Euphoria on my hands during lunch and went back to office to work. After 2 hrs, i decided Euphoria is the one to buy!

It has this sweet slightly powdery musky smell to it and it doesnt choke you like powder in your face. The dry down is wonderful, a hint of sweetness.

I read that ppl feedback about its longetivity and strength. This frag certainly do not smell strong for others to notice but you can smell it emitting from your body though. its a nice frag to wear everyday.

Somehow, its smells like Silver Shadow Altitude except that it has a light sweet spicy drydown.
22nd November, 2011
I absolutely love this scent on a man. It's really sexy yet mild, (it's not one of those colognes that a man will feel shy wearing).

Euphoria is soapy, clean and fresh with that little something to drive the women crazy. It's crispness is exactly how a man should smell just when he steps out of the shower.

The pepper, ginger and suede notes make such a sexy and unique fragrance, something that would only smell sexy on a man. I just love snuggling up to a man wearing Euphoria, it's just so comforting and cozy.

I love this scent so much that I buy this for every boy I know.

26th April, 2011
i was cheated by the short good smell from the start. It doesn't last at all..
it doesnt projects...its a self loving perfume...I dont like a fragrance that doenst flow out to tell people...

it doesnt kill a matter of fact..its so subtle and inoffensive kinda fragrance..they should make the opening smell more strong,projects two meters and last till tomorrow then ill buy this again..
08th April, 2011
Calvin Klein knows how to package a fragrance, and Euphoria is the epitome of their mastery of the minimalist 1930's German Bauhaus movement in a metal and glass box. Genius in its simplicity, smart in its classy modern yet retro appearance, the only thing ultimately lacking is the longevity and projection in the actual juice inside this one.
Euphoria is a beautiful scent as far as fruity, sandalwood and spice go, to the point that I find it one of their best in years. Classy in its freshness and coolness, Euphoria is subtle enough to suit the work-place perfectly and seductive enough to hold its own on an intimate night out, but make sure you bring more ammunition, as this one tends to dry-down very quickly and ultimately wears very close to the skin with minuscule projection.
Some have mentioned a synthetic core, but on my skin this doesn't really show itself, all i get is a very faint but persistent apple, berries and sandalwood vibe that tends to last around 5-6 hours but without any real personality beyond a few inches from the skin.
I love the scent, I think it's one of the few out there that combines fruit in a subtle but still creative way, but its lack of muscle certainly detracts from too loud of praise and even though Mr. Klein strikes again with genius packaging, ultimately the product itself doesn't offer enough of a new thing to justify this being essential in any way. There are far too many more interesting things out there, but, this certainly holds its own as a nice, complimentary, inoffensive everyday cologne for work and play. Above average, nothing more.
15th March, 2011
This is the epitome of a modern, inoffensive scent - perfect for someone who just wants to smell fresh and nothing more. For those of us that appreciate a rich and distinctive fragrance (Tom ford Tuscan Leather),
Euphoria will be a huge disappointment. I personally find this boring and unoriginal. Intense Euphoria, however, has a nice flavorful opening and a decent drydown. It's hard for me to take Calvin Klein seriously these days, just mainstream pedestrian scents that are too afraid to make a statement. Ho Hum.
Very close to giving this a thumbs down because it's just so bland.
22nd December, 2010
Bland, innofensive & vanishes in minutes. Bought as a gift. Wont be spending my own money on it.
19th December, 2010
Tja is a word right between "yes" and "no" in my mother tongue. And "tja" is what every one of the persons that have smelled a sample of Euphoria Men on my wrist have said. And the reviews here, 26 - 22 - 23 (at the moment), certainly points to a ... definite ... "tja".

I don't even bother to count how many times I have smelled openings resembling this one. The notes? To me Euphoria Men has three stages; citrus - floral - gone. It's not a bad or cloying smell, but I would rather wear Acqua Di Gio and take the risk of smelling like 50 other people at the shopping mall.

Calvin Klein, give us exitement next time! ..... Was that a "tja" ?
04th November, 2010
This is the epitome of the safe, innocuous, middle-of-the-road, marketing-driven, committee-crafted contemporary scent. Not that such a process wouldn't create a pleasant, even well-crafted fragrance, which Euphoria for Men is (kind of). It's just that who can tell this apart from 20 other brands at the mall? Or even remember it 10 minutes after the scent fades, which it does rather quickly on my skin.

But therein lies the brilliance of mainstream fragrance marketing. There are many men who go in search for a cologne, or are told to go or are dragged down to the department store by their girlfriend, and they don't have time for the unique or refined or interesting. They just want something that smells pleasant and not too girly and will buy the first bottle of that, especially if it comes stamped with a safe and well-known fashion brand. They're only out $40 and their shopping trip is done. It's kind of like buying jeans, where you can't tell the difference between one pair or another, so you go for one that seems passably well-made and has a trademark seal of approval.

On a recent smelling trip to Macy's, a saleswoman, in a last ditch effort to interest me in something, held up Euphoria, saying, in essence, "nobody doesn't like this." So there you have it - the fragrance equivalent of a frozen cheesecake, which serves its purpose, though some of us would much prefer an Italian ricotta torta with a glass of vin santo.
04th August, 2010
I love this one. I prefer this to the Creeds that I own. This is my favorite fragrance that I own at this time. Completely inoffensive, and the only reason this would get negative reviews is because it is by Calvin Klien. I've noticed that the more expensive a frag is on BN, the better reviews it gets.
03rd May, 2010