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Negative Reviews of Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

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A forgettable gourmand evoking stained khaki and uninspired facsimile.
22nd August, 2017
Another mediocre release for Calvin Klein with the house signature of sweet, syrupy and nauseating.

Calvin Klein fragrances deserve a lifetime achievement award for keeping discount bins full across the world.
01st March, 2016
My overriding sensation when experiencing Euphoria is of a fragrance that feels both slick and cynical. I know all formulations are man-made, but rarely is it as obvious as it is here.

A rather acrid and contrived opening employs a villainous combination of ginger and pepper notes, and It is no small mercy that this episode of ersatz piquancy is short-lived. Beyond this excessively chemical opening, Euphoria does jettison much of the ugliness and enters a calmer and more balanced phase. The problem here is that it has virtually no presence on my skin. I could probably extract as much potency from a sample printed in a magazine. The relatively brief lifespan is largely spent between two states, namely bad and bland. Sadly, Euphoria is yet another entrant in the long list of Calvin Klein failures. Avoid.
26th January, 2013
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To me, means anything. Not wood, not spicy, not oriental.... Banal fragrance
22nd June, 2012
mikesc Show all reviews
United States
Euphoria is the perfect cologne for those occasions where you want to smell good for about an hour. Then it fades to nothing. If you hold your nose right up to where you sprayed it you might catch a very faint reminder that you have it on. I really like the scent, but Euphoria totally fails in all other categories. No projection and no longevity.
02nd January, 2012
Bland, innofensive & vanishes in minutes. Bought as a gift. Wont be spending my own money on it.
19th December, 2010
This is the epitome of the safe, innocuous, middle-of-the-road, marketing-driven, committee-crafted contemporary scent. Not that such a process wouldn't create a pleasant, even well-crafted fragrance, which Euphoria for Men is (kind of). It's just that who can tell this apart from 20 other brands at the mall? Or even remember it 10 minutes after the scent fades, which it does rather quickly on my skin.

But therein lies the brilliance of mainstream fragrance marketing. There are many men who go in search for a cologne, or are told to go or are dragged down to the department store by their girlfriend, and they don't have time for the unique or refined or interesting. They just want something that smells pleasant and not too girly and will buy the first bottle of that, especially if it comes stamped with a safe and well-known fashion brand. They're only out $40 and their shopping trip is done. It's kind of like buying jeans, where you can't tell the difference between one pair or another, so you go for one that seems passably well-made and has a trademark seal of approval.

On a recent smelling trip to Macy's, a saleswoman, in a last ditch effort to interest me in something, held up Euphoria, saying, in essence, "nobody doesn't like this." So there you have it - the fragrance equivalent of a frozen cheesecake, which serves its purpose, though some of us would much prefer an Italian ricotta torta with a glass of vin santo.
04th August, 2010
I tried this one out but I cannot wear it. Smells too much like curve crush and I used to like curve crush but I not anymore. Too sweet tart powdery for me these days.
17th March, 2010

My nose is not trained enough to pick every little scent in a cologne but I'm going to say what I think of it nonetheless. I don't want to smell like a lollipop not matter what it might evoke in a women. I cannot stand it. It's way too sweet and in a unpleasant way.
27th September, 2009
I generally distrust euphoria in everyday life, preferring actual happiness. Because "Fake Happiness" would never sell, CK found another name for it product. But fake by any other name would still smell (somewhat pleasantly?) fake. No need to spend (only test it if you will) this unclever knock off of irreality. Japanese desert, carbonated rain, sandalwood let down. The opposite of a solid scent: soggy.
23rd July, 2009
A bit of apple, spice, sandalwood, berries, tea, - it's sweet and overtly synthetic. It is unassuming and unexceptional. Very simple, not bad, not cloying unless you apply enough to actually smell it... a lighter application lasts for half an hour, a heavier application, 45 minutes. I try to be objective when assigning a rating, and it is not a BAD fragrance. Some would like the medium sweetness, but the longevity is just poor. For my own subjective assessment, it's too sweet and seems to dissipate in the bat of an eyelash. The sweetness, lack of longevity, and pedestrian, synthetic note would make it a negative. You might really enjoy this if you were a Calvin Klein fan... making the commonplace special (expensive) because it appears in black & white advertisements.
31st May, 2009
I didn't like the last time and I still don't like it now. A rather reticent sweet scent that fails to entice and seduce. For everything good that is missing in this scent, just jump straight to Euphoria Intense and save yourself the disappointment.
13th May, 2009
Bore-ia, snore-ia.
I'll concede that it does have some mildly interesting pepper notes. Nothing remotely resembling ginger is here. The light patchouli gives a sweaty-sour tang in the drydown. Synthetic and quite uninteresting.
04th April, 2009
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This fragrance might as well be a glass full of water. It's so light that it comes and goes like a player. It's like dripping a drop of water on a blazing hot skillet.

An old friend of mine raved about this scent, but none of us could ever smell it on him. It's a shame CK released this one without fixing it's lifespan. It lacks serious horsepower.

I don't recommend this one for people who spray frags on a card and then buys. You need to spray this on your skin and see if its for you. Don't be surprised if its gone in like an hour...
20th January, 2009
tanto Show all reviews
United States
Very synthetic. Common and ordinary. I purchased it and regreted doing so afterwards.
This is a typical "here today, gone tomorrow" scent.
13th November, 2008

I like to call it Euphoria Euphoria… Euphoria smells okay at first sniff – I didn’t expect much and I wasn’t disappointed. The opening is a sort of artificial ginger, synthetic citrus accord that smells okay (but generic) on the paper tester. On my skin, however, it becomes quite ultrasynthetic, screechy, and cloying. It’s a very chemical fragrance – even much more so than Mr. Klein’s other more recent offerings. After the opening, I can’t cut through the extraneous chemical vibrations to find out what the rest of the fragrance is supposed to be like, and I have to scrub it off, because it is causing a headache. But I have a feeling that it isn’t important to have missed the rest of the fragrance: I stuck with it long enough to determine its generally “downhill” direction. There are dozens and dozens of better, more interesting fragrances out there – many at half the price... and a person doesn’t have to work very hard to find them.

10th October, 2008
Sorry, but considering the great expectations I had before trying it, this fragrance sucks!! I compare it to those cheap mass-market avon fragrances... Put a boat of ginger and some uninspired woods and you got Euphoria...
Well, I loved the feminine version and bought a bottle to my wife, so i expected something nice, remarking in their men's lauching... It was a complete let down!
It's far from something original and the longevity isn't that great. It's also pretty expensive...
13th June, 2008
Smell nice enough, i like it but it last 30 minutes, and it is ALL gone. I guess why CK euphoria Intense is out, to phase out Euphoria. Honestly speaking, not worth the money, unless you want to use the whole bottle for 1 outing, re-applying every 30 minutes through out the day.
Scent wise, nice, longevity wise, worth 2 sorry i have to have a thumbs down for this.
05th April, 2008
I love this fragrance! Its amazing smelling... very fresh! Its quite distinctive.. BUT..the fact that it lasts a WHOLE 30 minutes on my skin... deserves thumbs way down!!! Knock-offs last longer than this...
28th May, 2007
How disappointing this was. It seems to me that the Calvin Klein fragrance department has run out of ideas, not that it ever seemed to be going in a great direction anyway. Euphoria starts out very nice and almost seems to promise a great lasting product. In my experience however there was no such thing it faded into a very subtle "typical mens woody scent"

The only euphoric thing about Euphoria was the bottle.
28th March, 2007
After reading all these reviews I couldn't believe that a fragrance could really be THAT bland. Well, it is. One of the things that makes a fragrance great (or at least good) is its ability to make you think. When I finally had the chance to put this on, I put everything I'd heard about it out of my head and prepared to appreciate it for what it is. And I thought nothing. There it was...a fragrance. On your wrist. A benign smell. Not really citrus, not woody, not ambery, not barbershop. Impossible to hate, impossible to love. And saddest of all, I think that was CK's goal.
14th March, 2007
Booooooooooring! I bought this because i needed something for an interview. God knows why I chose this, it's just so dull and unoriginal. The ladies Euphoria is a dark, sexy and musky fragrance, but the mens is just a boring, citrus mess. Nothing Euphoric about this one.
11th February, 2007
i prefer the womens version with a tad bit more of masculine tones...
not as smooth...too dense and dark
23rd December, 2006
To me, its has some marginal reminiscences of Polo Black mixed with tons of Crave.. First impressions smelled like woody. Once dried down it´s becomes Crave citric typical notes. So this is an improved Crave edition to be true. Calvin Klein has no actual inspirational direction in its fragrances but tons of advertising do the rest.. There´s the same direction of opinion in some circles, Eternity here.. Euphoria there.. and it´s seems like if Calvin Klein would be the best parfum maker..
19th December, 2006
zztopp Show all reviews
United States

Notes: Chilled Sudachi, Ginger Pepper Cocktail, Raindrop Accord, Cedar Leaves, Black Basil, Sage, Brazilian Redwood, Patchouli, Suede Note, Amber.

With Euphoria Men, Calvin Klein continues its slide deeper into the trenches of fragrance house has-beens. While not a "bad" fragrance, its nothing special and smells like a thousand other generic fragrances out there.

The opening is citrusy and fresh - the Chilled Sudachi, despite having a fancy unheard of name, is a citrus fruit common in Japan. Its the raindrop accord which piqued my interest - apparently it creates a slight watery smell. Eitherways, the fancy use of sudachi and the rain drop accord dont differentiate the all too typical fresh opening from the other generic citrus scents out there one bit. Basil and sage afford a herbal accord to the fragrance, while the all-too-typical basenotes of patchoulli and amber complete the "been there done that experience".

So there you have it. Another unoriginal CK fragrance. It could easily have been a special edition of Truth or the horrid Crave. Its not bad, but theres not an iota of uniqueness in its composition. Its just a safe, generic, casual offering. And in todays hypercompetitive fragrance industry, that not good enough.
25th October, 2006
It's smell means that Calvin Klein was rushed to produce ANYTHING! If I was blind, and were told this cologne was a dollar, I'd buy wonder it's pennies on EBAY. If you haven't smelled this, don't bother. It won't instill any positive emotion in your head...
20th October, 2006
Like many others -this fragrance smells rushed and thrown together. Not a bad scent, but it never really develops into anything interesting. Quite a shame really. CK has released some great fragrances in my opinion. Sadly, Euphoria isn's one of them.
17th October, 2006
I like the idea of synthetic, there´s interesting examples like CDG but this one, nop.
The openig is great,really great: green fresh and sharp, but then dry down in a nasty fake kind of citric note that ain´t.
Remind me like cheap 80´s fragance and like Hugo Boss men fragances, sorry for HB fans!. Revolting.
21st September, 2006
Not the thing to love or hate. Just a cologne to try or not. Doesn't matter. You loose nothing, you acquire nothing.
14th September, 2006