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Calvin Klein's Euphoria for Men is likely the most boring and muddled fragrance I have ever given a neutral rating to, but it's such a period piece for the development of the house known for it's overuse if not flaunting of synthesis, that I can't hate it. Plus, there is literally nothing better to wear around friends with sensitive noses because it only comes in wisps no matter how much is used, making it extremely handy in what can be difficult situations for perfume lovers feeling naked without a scent. Euphoria for Men is like some of the 1970's and 1980's most charming B-grade exploitation and horror movies, it's the kind of thing you hate admitting you enjoy, but can't turn away from once it starts because it's just so compelling. If we liken Calvin Klein to an Italian giallo director of yore like Dario Argento, then Euphoria for Men is undoubtedly the "Suspiria" of the catalog, for it represents not only the height of the designer's obsession with certain aspects of his craft (synthetic accords in masculines for this instance), but also of said genre, being the "Age of Eternity" period for the house in question, where everything male had to be light and fresh after the release of Eternity for Men (1989), even to a fault as in this case. Wearing Euphoria is a rather fascinating experience of wearing a "barely there but detectable if looked for" fragrance, but obviously people liked the accords here enough that it became the first real blockbuster since Eternity, and an intense version would manifest two years later, which is literally like an old "haute concentration" of days gone by in that it's just a more potent version, and is more well-liked by perfumistos. A whopping four perfumers also worked on this, which is also something of a nadir point for CK as well, and it would seem like three was the magic number for multi-perfumer CK jambalaya going forward, which is good, since it very much does not feel like four perfumer's worth of work was poured into this fragrance.

Euphoria was graced by Anne Gottlieb and Jean-Marc Chaillan, both veterans of making frugal compositions for Avon, Loc Dong (a frequent CK collaborator), and Carlos Benaim (who gave us the original Eternity for Men). So many hands in one pot of stew typically destroys any creative direction just due to the sheer number of compromises made, unless 3 perfumers were given a tier in the pyramid to tackle then the fourth edited the mess together, I don't know. Euphoria in regular strength or the later intense version represents a rare "fresh gourmand" that pulls mainly from "edible" top and middle notes, with the implied woods and leathers at the bottom for an anchor. The opening of Euphoria for Men is the best part, with ginger, pepper, exotic Japanese sudachi fruit (a sour citrus and typical move for CK, but likely it's synthetic proxy here), the expected ozonic grapefruit accord used since Y2K, and the only nonsense "Kleinism" note found in the top, taking the form of "rain accord", which is probably a fancy way of saying "dilution ingredient" because it's absent from the intense version. The middle ground is clary sage, then two more "Kleinisms" in the form of "black" basil and cedar leaf (why the leaf?). Honestly I don't believe any of that exists in the middle outside the sage, and by this phase am reminded of Avon's Skin 2 Skin (2003), which is a presage of the nearly unisex masculine sweet/fresh style found here, and has a similar "makeup" smell in the middle but commits to a bolder finish with florals and heavier "Avon amber". In Euphoria for men, the Sci-Fi transition to the very faint base of amber, patchouli, suede and the "Kleinism" of Brazilian redwood (gosh, so much exotica in this one) is quick, but I have a feeling these notes are also all naught but chemical impressions.

The appeal here is with the morbid fascination in the sheer artifice and minimalism, even by Calvin Klein standards. It was either a whole new height of synthetic inoffensiveness to circumvent workplace fragrance bans (a nice thought), or a whole new low in duping the buying public into purchasing almost nothing but colored water and alcohol in an admittedly cool bottle (it's most redeeming feature). You'll have to just about drown yourself in Euphoria for Men just to get any projection unless you buy the intense version, but as mentioned, you'll always know it's there (unless you have anosmia). The intense version is almost a must-buy if you enjoy the asexual citrus, fruity spices, and "so bad it's good" synthetic weirdness that is this scent, but actually want to really feel it beyond the opening five minutes. Euphoria for Men flew off shelves enough to completely drown out sales of the following year's Calvin Klein Man (2007), which is technically a stronger and better scent even if it's less interesting from a technical stand point. Perhaps CK Man was an attempt at apology to longtime fans expecting more? Doesn't seem to matter now as Euphoria's success has granted CK license to spawn a new flanker army from the nameplate. Euphoria's total inability to be overwhelming makes it perfect for the office, which is where I'll say this fits best, but it's so almost frustratingly inoffensive by design that this "non-cologne" isn't really good for much else. Fans of Molecule 01 (2006) take note, because this one might be an early prototype of the same aesthetic. CK One (1994) seriously has more cojones than this and it wasn't even meant to, which makes Euphoria for Men even more entertaining. For the extreme generalist that finds even Acqua di Gio (1996) too aggressive, this is your lifelong brand, but for everyone besides the hardcore CK fan or lovers of futurism, this is a solid pass.
18th May, 2018
Spicy, synthetic, fruity-fresh opening. Not terrible but is terribly generic (pleasant). The drydown goes sweet and musky. Again, smelled this many times before in cheaper fragrances.

This smells casual and unrefined. Could be worn day or night and seems okay for most seasons except colder months.

Average projection but it is noticeable.
21st January, 2018

A Nice Inoffensive scent but it doesn't have a Great Characterestic I was expecting So i am not very impressed with it.Not Overbearing and certainly this is Adorable part of this EDT for me! Aromatic,Mild,Clean,Modern, Masculine and Pleasent but Nothing Special.

Smells Lovely at the begining by Ginger and Pepper as Elevates Your mood Instantly but fades away Gradually to a pretty Ordinary and Faint Soapy base notes.This composition is Light and Youthful and Not Too Romantic for me.

EUPHORIA is Good for Rainy days and It's light enough to wear During the SUMMER.Perfect for EVERYDAY use and In my Opinion Appropriate for a young,Calm Man that confident of Himself.Anyway If you are a fan of CK fragrances you will enjoy it.


Longevity?My complain as i dont find it Noticeable on my skin.

13th May, 2015
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It's like a sweet suede. This could have been great if the suede was stronger. There's more Patchouli than Suede. The ginger just gives it a little sweetness. It's not something I would buy because I would tire of it. 2.5/5
07th December, 2014
nice spicy fall scent

very light and very average. While not groundbreaking it is a solid player that is easy on the nose and while not unique it is a safe smell to wear and is ok...not great..not terrible..just ok.

25th July, 2013
Euphoria men is a mediocre after shower with its generic sparkling approach made of citrus, synthetic airy floral notes, sweet spices, fruits and ginger. It's energizing, clean and masculine with the following woodsy patchouli and some green note. It's rather balanced but a bit too unispired and faint. The juice is rather common in its aroma and, as well as other underlined, stands in a range crowded by better appointed fragrances. At the end of its trip it seems to be dealing with a sort of fat Lanvin For Man with "suedish" nuances. Not a disaster anyway.
23rd October, 2012 (last edited: 27th January, 2015)
Interesting spicy fragrance. I bought this a few years ago when I was just looking to own a fragrance for going out to bars and had no interest in fragrance nuances. It's great for younger girls who are still in their yummy phase, but it lacks longevity. Not bad, but for it's purpose in my wardrobe (something for temperatures around 60-70­­­°F (15-20°C), I prefer AOS Sandalwood and for colder temps, I prefer Old Spice or Intense Euphoria. I'm not much into going to clubs anymore, so it's lost it's purpose for me.
24th February, 2012 (last edited: 14th April, 2012)
Olive94 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
It is a very average scent. The smell for the first 2 hours is a typical male scent - suede/woods/aquatic spice. After 2 hours it fades into nothing unless you press your nose and take an unhealthily deep inhale from the point of where you sprayed it. It's a nice scent but it seems a little pointless.
04th February, 2012
I am not too much of a fan on this one. It has a unique smell but longetivity and projection are really bad.
15th January, 2012
My wife bought me this. It has a nice fresh scent, but does not project and does not last.
06th January, 2012 (last edited: 25th September, 2012)
i was cheated by the short good smell from the start. It doesn't last at all..
it doesnt projects...its a self loving perfume...I dont like a fragrance that doenst flow out to tell people...

it doesnt kill a matter of fact..its so subtle and inoffensive kinda fragrance..they should make the opening smell more strong,projects two meters and last till tomorrow then ill buy this again..
08th April, 2011
Calvin Klein knows how to package a fragrance, and Euphoria is the epitome of their mastery of the minimalist 1930's German Bauhaus movement in a metal and glass box. Genius in its simplicity, smart in its classy modern yet retro appearance, the only thing ultimately lacking is the longevity and projection in the actual juice inside this one.
Euphoria is a beautiful scent as far as fruity, sandalwood and spice go, to the point that I find it one of their best in years. Classy in its freshness and coolness, Euphoria is subtle enough to suit the work-place perfectly and seductive enough to hold its own on an intimate night out, but make sure you bring more ammunition, as this one tends to dry-down very quickly and ultimately wears very close to the skin with minuscule projection.
Some have mentioned a synthetic core, but on my skin this doesn't really show itself, all i get is a very faint but persistent apple, berries and sandalwood vibe that tends to last around 5-6 hours but without any real personality beyond a few inches from the skin.
I love the scent, I think it's one of the few out there that combines fruit in a subtle but still creative way, but its lack of muscle certainly detracts from too loud of praise and even though Mr. Klein strikes again with genius packaging, ultimately the product itself doesn't offer enough of a new thing to justify this being essential in any way. There are far too many more interesting things out there, but, this certainly holds its own as a nice, complimentary, inoffensive everyday cologne for work and play. Above average, nothing more.
15th March, 2011
This is the epitome of a modern, inoffensive scent - perfect for someone who just wants to smell fresh and nothing more. For those of us that appreciate a rich and distinctive fragrance (Tom ford Tuscan Leather),
Euphoria will be a huge disappointment. I personally find this boring and unoriginal. Intense Euphoria, however, has a nice flavorful opening and a decent drydown. It's hard for me to take Calvin Klein seriously these days, just mainstream pedestrian scents that are too afraid to make a statement. Ho Hum.
Very close to giving this a thumbs down because it's just so bland.
22nd December, 2010
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Tja is a word right between "yes" and "no" in my mother tongue. And "tja" is what every one of the persons that have smelled a sample of Euphoria Men on my wrist have said. And the reviews here, 26 - 22 - 23 (at the moment), certainly points to a ... definite ... "tja".

I don't even bother to count how many times I have smelled openings resembling this one. The notes? To me Euphoria Men has three stages; citrus - floral - gone. It's not a bad or cloying smell, but I would rather wear Acqua Di Gio and take the risk of smelling like 50 other people at the shopping mall.

Calvin Klein, give us exitement next time! ..... Was that a "tja" ?
04th November, 2010
Very fresh and enjoyable but a bit too limited. I honestly enjoy this one, but not as much as when I first purchased it. It would have fared better with a tad less pepper and better projection. I am very glad they made an Intense.
This is a fine hot weather fragrance when one wants to smell good but not worry about others' noses, as it stays pretty close.
24th March, 2010
it's okay nice n fresh actually more of a citrus blast with a cool feel to it but nothing special

definately a more office wear type of scent
24th March, 2010
First blast is overwhelmingly fine, the smell and flavor are almost top notch....

No lasting power, although it has some staying scent, theres no reason to believe that the scent has a long lasting effect.
12th November, 2009
With an exciting burst of energy, EUPHORIA comes off the starting blocks, only to fall behind the Usain Bolts and show itself for what it is: an also-ran. But is it really? Or was that the right race to be in at all? I'd consider olfactory fatigue if I start to think a fragrance is lacking in longevity for I can assure you, others especially women can detect a scent long after you think it's gone. But in this case, sillage is definitely suspect.

Euphoria needs no apologies for being what it is - a member of the generic, fresh scent brigade. It smells good enough to wear but let's face it - competition will be stiff; it is unlikely to win against the better constructed Acqua di Gio and Cool Water. So I can understand why some Basenoters would give this a thumbs down.
18th August, 2009 (last edited: 19th October, 2009)
I find myself wondering what kind of person experiences "euphoria" when wearing this cologne.

If I were to assign it the name of a feeling based on its aroma, I'd be more inclined to opt for something like....oh...."Euthanasia", or "Catatonia", or "WTF!"....

I guess by now you've figured out that this one did not make much of an impression either way on me. My reasoning is that there's no point in spending money on something that leaves you wondering what exactly it is that you gained from the expenditure.

Innocuous and unobjectionable...if that's enough to put you into a state of euphoria, take the leap...
02nd June, 2009
To be honest I liked the sample alot better than the fragrance itself. I received the fragrance as a gift from my girlfriend. It's a good fragrance but I think the Euphoria Intense is ten times better. I've received a couple of compliments from the scent. The longevity is ok and the sillage is decent. Not the best scent but noth the worst either. Hence the neutral rating!!
11th May, 2009
There are some of us basenoters who believe a new-kid-on-the-block like Calvin Klein will never be accepted into the by-invitation only club of great perfumiers. A bit like Californian wine was shunned all those years ago; the Americans shrugged their shoulders and said 'Ignore us at your own will.' I believe we all know now who is producing the most oustanding wine in the world.
Whilst these 2 industries bear little comparison, the attitudes towards them remain the same. I don't believe Euphoria is a classic and it lacks strength yet sooner or later CK will produce a true gem as he has nearly done in the past.The question will be whether we will have the cojones to vote it a thumbs up based on its fragrance, or whether we give it a thumbs down because it is made by CK.
24th March, 2009
Phenomenally average, staggeringly mediocre, and shockingly blasé. A grand adventure in the doldrums of contemporary popular fragrance. A true, bonafide Danielle Steele novella in the library of scent.
09th February, 2009 (last edited: 02nd February, 2011)
Absurd terms such as "raindrop accord" aside, this is a synthetic mess which really wants to work -- yet fails. I like the fresh ginger opening, but the pallid melon notes and "blah" sandalwood dry-down really lack the oomph I look for in a frag. Also, sillage and longevity here leave a great deal to be desired.

Euphoria Intense is the far better fragrance, even in spite of its opening "melon blast." Do yourself a favor and pass over Euphoria. While not terrible, it's certainly not great, either. Get the Euphoria Intense -- it's by far the superior juice.
20th December, 2008
Its a smooth soft and gentle to my nose scent that will not offend anyone,
it's not very long lasting but it's acceptable.I think its a good smelling scent
and the intense version is much different not so gentle and"apathetic"
I like intense more but this is a nice scent too.
29th September, 2008
I guess CK has been doing this for some time now in recent years - concocting very safe scents. Euphoria is yet another testament of that. A little bit of citrus, light florals, some woods - we have heard it all before! OK, so there is a little bit of suede towards the end, but it isn't the saving grace, sadly.
09th September, 2008 (last edited: 13th November, 2009)
Euphoria Men opens with a citrusy note which quickly moves into an herbaceous and slightly floral heart. This drys down to a woody basenotes with a hint of suede. This lasts maybe 5-6 hrs and has a decent sillage. This is a pleasant, unobtrusive fragrance that seems to wear better in cooler weather.
07th July, 2008
The intense version has a much better drydown..
05th July, 2008
There is a burst of bright florals at the start, then it settles into a fresh, vaguely herbal stage. It is pleasant enough, but not particularly interesting. It isn't a deep scent, so I would say it is geared towards younger men. Teenagers could wear it - would be a great prom fragrance.

If you want something pleasant, modern, and clean smelling, this is a good scent. If you are looking for depth or personality, keep looking.
27th November, 2007
DJOlde Show all reviews
United States
This is a middle of the road fragrance. It’s not bad, but there are so many fragrances out there that are better than CK E. The moment I put it on, I could smell food cooking. What kind of food? Something strangely familiar….BarBQ, maybe? It stays close to the skin and dries down quickly, then, after a few hours, it’s gone. In any case, this is not a bad frag, but, if someone were to give me a bottle, I would happily re-gift it.
25th October, 2007
There is one single note within this scent that I really like... suede. Yep, that smooth suede is the redemer for me! Softens and blurs some of the potentially sharper notes. Other than that, I'm with ZZTOPP's opinion completely. My overall impression of Euphoria is "Eh, no big deal." The only reason for my neutral rating is that yummy suede.
01st August, 2007