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A good mix of light flowers. Very useless, clean, airy, usual. Moderate sillage and longevity.
05th March, 2018
Burberry London is decently mediocre. Rose welcomes us with a tad of hesperidic earthiness but in a while the main notes (jasmine-peony under my nose) jump on the stage quite angular, leafy, tart-medicinal, vaguely lemony and pungent (supported by dry synth patch, green honeysuckle and musk). Really nothing special (yet nothing horrific) but something finally waving presencefully in the air around the wearer (fresh, tart, cologney-rosey and vaguely acid). There is indeed a rosey-honeyed (but not in to an oriental classic sense) vaguely acid-cologney feel (slightly fat/old-school/stuffy chypre in style) which is substantially the main fearure of the scent. This scent is extremely floral (powerful on jasmine), finally gracious, slightly "british artisanal soaps-shop in style" and ideally conjuring the redolent smell of floral pistil's pollen.
19th June, 2016
It's a very cheerful scent, although not at all elegant or sophisticated. On my skin it smells like bubble gum throughout. Can be heady.
16th December, 2015
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United Kingdom
A slightly sweetish routine rose with an overly synthetic honeysuckle - this is no Creed Chevrefeuille- with a mandarin underpinning constitute the opening. The white floral drydown is heavily jasmine-oriented And leads to the usual standard white musky woodsy base.

On my skin the sillage is moderate, the projection good and I get five hours of longevity. Overall not unpleasant but nothing special. 2/5
16th June, 2015
I think ClassicFan's review sums it up for me, though his was meant for London for Men. But I feel the same way about London for Women - not bad at all for a department store fragrance. It's vaguely synthetic and airy in the way many department store fragrances are, especially the opening. But it doesn't tip over into hairspray and the fragrance suits this style. Light, everyday, every place, pleasant, inoffensive. The floral notes are airy and pretty, but not girly. There is a casual elegance to it actually, that seems to span several age groups. As it dries off, the fragrance concentrates more, reveals its bones, exactly as did Brit. That one revealed sugary fruit, which made me like it less. This one reveals pretty florals, which makes me like it more.
It has a pleasant floral soap in its drydown, and gets warmer as it ages, more sweetly floral. In about 4 hours it starts dissipating, and the floral seems to just suddenly go away, though the soap lingers, clean and pleasant. Much better than most white musks achieve at the end. I like the drydown better than the opening. London may be the Burberry fragrance I like best. It's an inoffensive, pleasant, daytime floral that really isn't trite, and works.
04th May, 2015 (last edited: 16th December, 2015)
Off the top you get a little bergamot but much more mimosa fruit flower. Also leather and tobacco make their appearance quickly and last. This is not a bad department store scent and the longevity is very good. To me this is mainly a fall and especially winter scent. The tobacco leaves seem really realistic and mimosa last awhile. The port wine adds sweetness to the mimosa and on the drydown you end up smelling like an old wooden chest or humidor. It'll be too synthetic for experienced connoisseurs but most people will find it pleasant.
22nd November, 2014
This is one case where Luca Turin and I must agree to disagree. Is Burberry London sophisticated and elegant? Absolutely not. It never claims to be. It's a happy blend of citrus and white flowers, with a barely perceptible woods-and-musk base. Unlike other perfumes of this class, every note is perfectly legible and it doesn't get murky in the middle. Not a scent I'd wear out on date night (except to a brightly lit, crowded bar), but it's a great everyday fragrance. Let's face it, I'm not going to bust out the Malle, Dior, or TF Private Blend for school drop off in jeans and a t-shirt. For cheap, cheerful, and utterly inoffensive, London can't be beat.
20th December, 2012
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United States
Burberry's London is such a nice, relaxing scent. I absolutely love the jasmine notes, and the bottle fits the smell perfectly--a classic. The longevity of the scent is great--usually a little on your pressure points is enough. It's a very traditional scent, I suppose, but I absolutely love the design and scent of London. I got this perfume among others Burberry, Dior, and Chanel scents last Christmas, but this probably is a favorite.
04th November, 2012
Very rarely do I test a fragrance and feel the sudden urge to buy it right then and there without letting it develop fully on my skin. However, London was almost an exception.

London is such a delicate and pretty floral scent. Not only is the fragrance beautiful when you first apply, but it continues its heavenly scent right until the very end. There is nothing to dislike about this fragrance.

It has a classic-like smell, possibly because of the rose and jasmine notes, however this is in no way an 'old lady' perfume. The scent is soft, feminine, youthful and elegant.

I wouldn't describe London as being outrageously sexual or provocative, because it definitely is none of those. Burberry scents are what I refer to as 'comfort scents', fragrances that you can feel comfortable wearing during the daytime, around the house, on a picnic or simply relaxing. I love that laid-back approach they have when creating their scents.

Although I have never been to London, I believe this fragrance has captured the beauty and history that makes London so special. The fragrance is also suited to England's cold climate with its ability to create warmth and uplift your spirits on a cold winter's day.

Although I resisted the urge to purchase this fragrance the other day, it will definitely stayed fixed in my wishlist until I buy it, which will probably be very soon.

27th April, 2011

Very sweet and overpowering fragrance, this should only be applied in moderation.

For me this is not a floral scent, because it's to sweet like a candy.

Anyways is very longlasting.
26th January, 2011
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United Kingdom
My wife owns this and I have to say it smells wonderful on her. She wore it all last winter which really is the perfect time to use it.
To my nose it seems both fresh and floral, and then woody and musky a little later on. There is something very cosy and relaxed about it. But at other times it also comes across as rather playful and dare I say it a little sexy.
It is certainly a fairly loud fragrance and can be a real stinger if over applied (which is quite easy - I had to ask the wife to go easy on the trigger).
AA Gill described another Burberry fragrance as 'chav spit' and I've seen this misquoted and attributed to London as well. Well, its not Shalimar thats for sure but it's not trying to be. Its not in the realms of greatness but it is very pleasant with a slightly seductive edge. Thumbs up.
29th August, 2010
A beautiful elegant floral of rose, jasmine and sweet musky sandalwoods. Just... beautiful.
07th November, 2009
I despised this fragrance for the first few times that I tested it.
Now I would say that both London (for women) and Brit are the two fragrance(s) that I automatically reach for everyday use. This is a most curious turn of events as my initial reaction to London was that an 1980's fragrances had hit me on the head. I couldn't make out the various notes,possibly as others have noted blackberries for the top notes,but I am definitely appreciative of the base notes such as sandalwood and musk. I was a child of the '70's and have to tread carefully but not wearing a perfume too young for me or even worse,a sophisicated fragrance such as Shalimar which does not suit my chemistry.
Without sounding like an advert for Burberry (believe me, I am last person to follow a particular house I hope to continue to derive pleasure from Burberry for some time. Marks wAAAAAAAy Up.
23rd August, 2009
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I would define this mostly by its middle, which is a nice serving of jasmine-tiare -- emphasis on the jasmine. I'd swear there's also a tea note in this, but maybe I'm just making that up.

It's a nice floral fragrance for people who aren't necessarily into florals, like myself. I think it works because it keeps things fairly simple and renders its edited bouquet of flowers fairly realistically for a fragrance at its price point.

It's a nice jasmine fragrance for the price and a good representation of the brand.
14th July, 2009
i like sweet parfumes like smells a litle like blackberries.i tried that parfume at the shop and i've heard people saying:wow it smells so good this perfume
17th January, 2009
I love this fragrance. It smells very expensive and makes me feel like a million bucks. It is long lasting but not overpowering, and it is very light and feminine. This scent is fresh, subtle, and tasteful. The top notes contain rose and honeysuckle. There middle notes have peony and jasmine and the base notes have hints of sandalwood and musk. (I may have left a few notes out, but thoes are the notes I smell). When I first spray Burberry London (fabric edition), for some reason I sometimes smell traces of fruit (blackberry and grapes) but after the drydown (2-3 minutes) the combination of notes together is NOT fruity at all. It is definately a fabulous warm floral that is soft enough to wear to work, and sexy enough to wear out. This is not as sweet as other burberry fragrances and it is very elegant and sophisticated.
11th December, 2008
Something about this scent reminds me of expensive new clothes, I am always complimented on it, but am rather suprised that more people don't recognize it. Definitely Bergamot in there somewhere. To me it is elegant, educated, successful and sharp. It also slightly changes depending which type of material you are wearing it with. Of which my favorite is cashmere, then it smells richer. . I SWEAR!
16th September, 2008
I would like to love the Burberry fraganses, but most of them are too heavy and too sweet for my skin. The exception is Burberry London. I wear this one very well. It has a freshness who makes it work for me. Thumbs up, and perhaps a full bottle in the future.
20th April, 2008
I think it’s a shape shifter — and it is obviously a fragrance that performs differently on different skins. It is a shape shifter because I get somewhat different reactions every time I test it. It begins with an accord that I have difficulty categorizing. I get a soft creamy lavender / bergamot accord and definitely some mint, but I don’t get an herbal effect from the mint or the thyme that is supposed to be there. At first I didn’t smell any fruit in the mix, but each time I tested it, the fruit note became more apparent. But even after several testings, the opening accord has not become excessively sweet. It’s an excellent opening that I’ve come to appreciate. It gives a neutral warm feeling without emphasizing any particular note. I find it abstract, quite modern, and casual. The heart of the fragrance IS identifiable — it is woody and creamy. To my nose, the cedar and sandalwood stand out with the strong assistance of the geranium and the jasmine. I love this middle accord — the cedar is beautifully presented because it is used with such discretion. It has a warmth to it that I usually don’t get from cedar, and the middle accords are long lasting and entirely sniffable. The dry down turns somewhat recessive, though. The amber simply doesn’t come through for me, although the sweetness of the tonka and vanilla does. Without the amber, the dry down strikes me as rather thin. In spite of the dry down, Burberry London is a good fragrance: It’s probably not going to be a classic, but it’s a pretty fragrance that will hold its own as a trustworthy casual that’s a touch adventurous. The top levels are enjoyable and competently done. The drydown could be fuller and broader, but all things considered, it’s a thumbs up.
10th March, 2008 (last edited: 17th August, 2009)
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United States
Very long lasting, warm, soft and sensual! Slightly more-than-casual to straight to evening wear. My go to scent for the winter!
15th December, 2007
To me Prada smells just like the "fake jasmine" common in Sweden, where it's mostly too cold to grow true jasmine. A soft and pleasant white floral, somehow warm and cuddly like florals seldom are. Like the rest of the Burberry line, it has a "generic perfumey" feel, but perhaps a little less so because it's so true to an existing flower. I would wear it if it was this or nothing.
17th June, 2007
Smells like the fabric softener "Lenor", it's OK, somewhat boring, too "polite".
13th May, 2007
Burberry London is prettiness in a bottle.

Burberry London is a composition of Tiare Flower, Clementine, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Peony, Musks, Indian Sandalwood and Patchouli. It opens up like a bouquet of well orchestrated white florals. It seems like a loud recipe but it was very pleasing to the nose once the alcohol from the beginning wears off. I could picture the scenery of Tahiti when I apply this. The scent of jasmine is intense but I must say that the rest of the flowers are weaved tightly and I could not make a distinction of them. It stays well on my skin for only 3 hours.

I must comment on the design of the bottle. It is very nice and thoughtful. A typical Burberry inspired tartan fabric wrapped around the bottle is a very unique creation.

The advertising and the branding is good about this scent but I am not sure if I would go for a full bottle of this as it is not all that intriguing and lacks a soul.
26th February, 2007
Sirena Show all reviews
Trinidad and Tobago
I really wanted to like this but all I got was overwhelming vanilla. Bland and boring on me.
04th February, 2007
Tink Show all reviews
United States
I really hated this smell at first. It smelled like grape medicine. But after recomending it to so many people (i work on commission and its high price) i started to LOVE it. For me it's the perfect smell when i let my hair air dry. My friend said it smells to "old" for me, but none the less of the mature smell, it's a good jean fragrances
22nd December, 2006
Can you say honeysuckle? I bought this as a Christmas gift for my wife because we both love honeysuckle. I think there may be some jasmine thrown in for good measure. It is a very feminine, somewhat sweet, and alluring floral. I can't speak for the longevity yet, but I LOVED IT when my wife sampled it. It reminded me a bit of Beautiful, but much more toned down.
02nd December, 2006
I love this fragrance! The honeysuckle really stands out on me. If you love honeysuckle you will adore this fragrance!
23rd October, 2006
WHY WHY WHY? What was wrong with the old Burberry? This one smells medicinal on me.
14th October, 2006
Smelled it from my best female friend (who also asked me to write a review about it), it has similar notes with Givenchy's Very Irrésistible (the rose and peonia maybe) and although I felt initially both ones were a bit generic, Burberrys London is a lot more sensual and sophisticate. When smelled it was in its middle notes, didn't get the clementine nor the sandalwood, maybe get the jasmine and the musk, but roses was the main note (without falling in the "two-centuries-ago-granny-rose-water" vein). Unlike other fragrances on my personal top ten list, like Allure, I can't remember the scent, but enjoyed the moments when I smelled it. For daytime wear, office or romantic events, I believe it's suited for women in the range 25-40 (ok... maybe under 50, but forget the sensual notes at older cases).
28th May, 2006
Wow! I like it!! Super!!!
19th May, 2006