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Neutral Reviews of Burberry London by Burberry

Total Reviews: 9
Burberry London is decently mediocre. Rose welcomes us with a tad of hesperidic earthiness but in a while the main notes (jasmine-peony under my nose) jump on the stage quite angular, leafy, tart-medicinal, vaguely lemony and pungent (supported by dry synth patch, green honeysuckle and musk). Really nothing special (yet nothing horrific) but something finally waving presencefully in the air around the wearer (fresh, tart, cologney-rosey and vaguely acid). There is indeed a rosey-honeyed (but not in to an oriental classic sense) vaguely acid-cologney feel (slightly fat/old-school/stuffy chypre in style) which is substantially the main fearure of the scent. This scent is extremely floral (powerful on jasmine), finally gracious, slightly "british artisanal soaps-shop in style" and ideally conjuring the redolent smell of floral pistil's pollen.
19th June, 2016
It's a very cheerful scent, although not at all elegant or sophisticated. On my skin it smells like bubble gum throughout. Can be heady.
16th December, 2015
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United Kingdom
A slightly sweetish routine rose with an overly synthetic honeysuckle - this is no Creed Chevrefeuille- with a mandarin underpinning constitute the opening. The white floral drydown is heavily jasmine-oriented And leads to the usual standard white musky woodsy base.

On my skin the sillage is moderate, the projection good and I get five hours of longevity. Overall not unpleasant but nothing special. 2/5
16th June, 2015
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Off the top you get a little bergamot but much more mimosa fruit flower. Also leather and tobacco make their appearance quickly and last. This is not a bad department store scent and the longevity is very good. To me this is mainly a fall and especially winter scent. The tobacco leaves seem really realistic and mimosa last awhile. The port wine adds sweetness to the mimosa and on the drydown you end up smelling like an old wooden chest or humidor. It'll be too synthetic for experienced connoisseurs but most people will find it pleasant.
22nd November, 2014

Very sweet and overpowering fragrance, this should only be applied in moderation.

For me this is not a floral scent, because it's to sweet like a candy.

Anyways is very longlasting.
26th January, 2011
To me Prada smells just like the "fake jasmine" common in Sweden, where it's mostly too cold to grow true jasmine. A soft and pleasant white floral, somehow warm and cuddly like florals seldom are. Like the rest of the Burberry line, it has a "generic perfumey" feel, but perhaps a little less so because it's so true to an existing flower. I would wear it if it was this or nothing.
17th June, 2007
Smells like the fabric softener "Lenor", it's OK, somewhat boring, too "polite".
13th May, 2007
Burberry London is prettiness in a bottle.

Burberry London is a composition of Tiare Flower, Clementine, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Peony, Musks, Indian Sandalwood and Patchouli. It opens up like a bouquet of well orchestrated white florals. It seems like a loud recipe but it was very pleasing to the nose once the alcohol from the beginning wears off. I could picture the scenery of Tahiti when I apply this. The scent of jasmine is intense but I must say that the rest of the flowers are weaved tightly and I could not make a distinction of them. It stays well on my skin for only 3 hours.

I must comment on the design of the bottle. It is very nice and thoughtful. A typical Burberry inspired tartan fabric wrapped around the bottle is a very unique creation.

The advertising and the branding is good about this scent but I am not sure if I would go for a full bottle of this as it is not all that intriguing and lacks a soul.
26th February, 2007
top notes: rose, clementine and honeysuckle.

Rose? Honeysuckle? I didn't sense them anywhere. However the clementine note was beautiful, although by the time the alcohol had dried it was virtually gone.

heart notes: tiare flower, jasmine and peony.

To me, this is what dominates the fragrance. And of this part, the Jasmine is the most dominant of the dominant. Reminds me very much of the teased-up, breathy florals of the 80's...all three flowers so equally overwhelming that it's hard to separate them from the general, muddied fog of "FLOWERS RIGHT HERE!". It is right on the verge of being headache-inducing for me, and I kept catching whiffs of this aspect that reminded me strongly of the floral heart of the famous yellow Giorgio signature perfume.

dry down notes: sandalwood, veil of musk and patchouli.

Again, never found them. The floral heart comes on within minutes and stays for many, many hours - at the end of the day it was still quite strong, but I never got a hint of any sort of wood, musk or earthiness from patchouli. All day long, impressions of Giorgio played hide-and-seek with moments of Estee Lauder's original Beautiful, back and forth. Overblended, overwhelming flower overload, for me.
28th April, 2006