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Neutral Reviews of L'Art et la Matière : Cuir Beluga by Guerlain

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The initial impression I get is that of a dark, smoky vanilla, as if frankincense was being blended with coumarin. It’s pretty much linear for me, no development. With the heliotrope note I expected something close to L’Heure Bleue, Apres L’Ondee or the house of Etro’s Heliotrope. What I don’t get is any leather at all, not even suede, which at least a hint of orris would have provided. Cuir Ottoman does come to mind but the musks in that powerhouse were brutally magnificent and here they are much softer. It’s almost impossible to include immortelle in a fragrance without it taking center stage with its burn sugar caramel note, but here it is quite shy, just perking up the corners of the dark musks used.

While not blown away by this, it is certainly quite good. Certainly lovers of vanilla/musk scents should give it a try.
21st June, 2017
I'm unsure about this one. I love it most of the time for the powdery leather and vanilla. Then I get some animalistic notes in whiffs I find hard to go through. I always find some weird notes in this line. It's like the fragrance is saying: "you've got to deserve me". "Stay with me and I'll put a veil around you for many hours." "You'll love me, you'll hate me." It could easily be worn by men as well.

Edit: I actually bought it. I love the mandarine in the leather. I love how feminine it is, without getting too feminine. So good.

Edit bis: I’m a bit disappointed now that I noticed the dry down (once the leather is gone, after 10 minutes) is like a very cheap vanilla fragrance I bought in a French supermarket. I won’t buy it again.
24th April, 2017 (last edited: 27th February, 2018)
too mild for a leather hints. All I can get is sweet-vanilic tone. Yes, It is a round of creamy warm syrup covered with slight leather. I found vanilla overpowering the real character burden somewhere in the heart notes.

Cuir Beluga in adj:
Level 1: purse
Level 2: puppies
Level 3: barking vanilla
23rd February, 2009
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Starts out as a creamy vanilla/mandarin scent, very edible and softly lovely. I get no leather at all until the end, then it's so subtle that you almost can't call this a leather scent. Very nice, but on some days all I get is sweet vanilla, front to end, so the expense is not merited.
12th October, 2008
Boy, do I hate to rain on this parade, but at least I can say that leather is not for me, because I've tried the very best and it does nothing for me.
14th May, 2006