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Neutral Reviews of Dior Homme by Christian Dior

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United States
Tried this after Intense, and I think Intense is the better scent, but this is ok and I could respect either choice. If you have Intense, I wouldn't see the point in getting this. Will stay a sample.
10th August, 2018
Just received my dior pretty excited because all the hype about this fragrance and this is my second blindbuy (1st is encre noir by lalique).

What can i say,my honest opinion, this fragrance is just a average smell for me.after the first spray all you can smell is iris(lipstick smell)then after 15 minutes you can smell the cacao,vetiver and leather.nothing special about this doesn't make me wow!!

Im expected more from this.i think dior sauvage is more better for me.

Ysl la nuit is much better,masculine,sharp,and sexy for me.

Sillage : average
Longevity : average
Smell : average
18th May, 2016
Not an ordinary perfume. Has the "make up lipstick smell". Did not smell any top note (which was a nice surprise).Fragrance took time to manifest. Heart and dry down has eau sauvage-ness combined with make up smell.
Interesting and not bad. Grows on you - hence so popular. But not me. I will pass.
29th October, 2015
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I know everyone loves this one, but I really struggle with Iris notes. They always seem to be too feminine for a men's fragrance. Dior Homme is no exception. Great quality, great house, just not to my liking.
16th March, 2015
I tried a sample of this. I like it but it's not very strong on my skin. The iris and leather at the beginning makes it seem like black licorice. After a few minutes the vetiver, lavender and leather come out at the same time with neither overpowering the other. This could be used by a man or woman. The result is nice when I don't drink deeply of the scent but waft my wrist next to my nose. I would love to spray a ton of this on me and go on a date or to a movie.
24th November, 2014 (last edited: 05th December, 2014)
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United States
This scent disappoints me on a very deep level. It is an olfactory manifestation of ambivalence, indecision, denial and self-judgment. If it was a person, it would be that cute guy that wants to connect so badly, but runs away once you make it clear that you are up for it. It exists due to the same insecurity that inspire men call another "man", not by name, but by the "you are anybody to me" referents of "man", "bro" or "buddy". It is a scent that is tantamount to that kind of guy that yearns for your eyes to meet his, but then once they do, he looks and walks away. It is for the kind of guy that will go to his grave without more than a moment of insight into the fleeting nature of life and the value of the moment and the connection from which he mindlessly runs away, time and time again. It is a weak scent, not because of any perceived "effeminate" powderiness or lack of resonance, but, due to its clinging to a heteronormativity and system of social construction that serves to bind it to the title of HOMME. It contains a beautiful, human, humble, sweet, needy, kind and open iris powder base that is suffocated by the likes of a Creed-like (banal) citrus/synthetic "clean-scented" cloak of shame and ignorance. The gravely square bottle and sobersided title are also part of this costume. A costume that serves to convince its wearer that the exact reason why he wants to wear it is the antithesis of the reason why he is wearing it.

PS- I give this a neutral, rather than negative, rating because I remain hopeful that the beautiful little iris base that yearns for acknowledgment and connection will have the guts to actually seek out the light of day, some day.
26th October, 2014
Just purchased a bottle of what must be the reformulated version. Whilst the old version was a dynamic powerhouse, the new stuff is flat and weak, lasting 1-2 hours at most on my skin. Very disappointing.
22nd July, 2014
Genre: Floral

I'd better find a piece of furniture to duck behind before I get going here...

Dior Homme has a very conventional sweet citrus opening, with a blend of abundant white flowers welling up underneath. A very strong, soapy lavender soon takes center stage, while the persistent citrus note grows so tart as to become discordant. The much-vaunted iris starts out very deeply buried under all the heaps of lavender.

It takes at least a half an hour for the ugly citrus top note to fade and the lavender to loosen its grip enough to release any of the other notes. Only then does the iris come into full focus, surrounded by a white floral bouquet and resting on some rather anemic woods and just a touch of powder. Quite a bit of sweet fruit lingers through the development, and this leaves Dior Homme smelling a little ordinary to me, given the number of saccharine fruity designer scents on today's market. By the time it's reached its powdery, soapy dry down, I've lost all interest in this fragrance.

Did I say "ordinary" somewhere? Thought so. I'll take Iris Silver Mist, Iris Bleu Gris, Bois d'Iris, or Iris Poudre over Dior Homme any day.
12th June, 2014
I bought the reformulation bottle several months ago.
This is a classy fragrance. great for special occasions like wedding day, a date, work meetings and ...
But you can also wear it casually!
Start with huge dose of iris and some sweetness and also some coco. only hint of coco!
After that, in the dry down, the sweet and powdery iris comes in and this is the best part of this fragrance in my opinion! and also it's the worst part of this fragrance for so many guys out there!
Because this part is feminine for them and they get lipstick vibe!
But I don't have any problem with this scent and I think it's a great scent!
In the base, the iris is still there with some sweetness and only hint of spicy and woodsy notes.
Great smell but average projection and above average longevity with this guy.
10th May, 2014
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United States
I want to like this more... I sampled this on numerous occassions and thought it was a nice scent. Not an "incredible fragrance", but nice. It's expensive so that had kept me from purchasing it for more sustained wearing. About a month ago I found it at a reduced price in a discount store and picked up a bottle. Opens with a sweet spicy floral quality. Has a distinctly waxy accord that invokes thoughts of low-end cosmetics. However, I get compliments on this and actually enjoy it some hours after applying when it breaks down and develops a more predominently spicy note and a pure iris accord. I like iris notes, I think it is the best masculine floral. So Dior Homme is nice. I would not pay full price for it and probably won't wear it frequently or certainly not on any special occassions...
27th February, 2014
Was once a great fragrance; Not anymore though

Several years ago, Dior Homme was one of the best fragrances on the market. I gave it 5 out of 5. However, now, the reformulation changed this fragrance from a masterpeice to one that is decent and not bad at all, but not nearly as remarkable as the original. I rarely ever complain about reformulations because many times (most of the time) they are just minor and insignificant. This is not one of those times. This reformulation weakened this fragrance, though it's not nearly as much of a trainwreck as what happened with Fahrenheit.

What does the reformulation change? It still smells similar but it completely lacks the virility, power, energy, and uniqueness of the original. Now it's just a light spray of make-up powder and lipstick. This reformulation is much lighter and diluted. Even with several sprays the fragrance was weak and after 2 hours, it was really difficult to smell. The projection and longevity leave a lot to be desired.

Get the vintage if you can because this one just doesn't do justice to the original. As for the current one, don't make it a priority to sample this one, but if you feel you have to, keep your expectations low. It's all in all decent, but your money is better spent elsewhere.

28th July, 2013

The true precursor to Dior Homme is likely Hanae Mori's HM, a monstrous, hissy cassis and vanilla. DH, while retaining HM's fruity core, thankfully scales everything down to a tolerable level and adds a touch of iris up top and cake batter below. The result? Another delicious, slightly boring gourmand that will appease generations of clubbers to come, and maybe even draw in a few parents.
19th February, 2013 (last edited: 11th March, 2013)
The first time you wear this your SO will think you have been cheating with a dominatrix.
Lipstick and leather. I don't get good projection or sillage on this one, but I have only tried it this fall. Not offensive, not masculine, not interesting.
31st October, 2012
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So for 2 years now I've continually tried this to see if I will ever like this scent. The answer finally came out to be a NO!But I have a neutral rating because the scent isn't bad, per se, where I find it offensive or cheap. I just find it too feminine on me. The issue I have is the iris..aka the lipstick note. It is one thing to have that in the opening and then dry down into something else but DH doesn't. The iris is ever present and that is sad because I like what I smell under the iris if it would ever go away. I liken it to the caption of the earth's crust in those old school science textbooks. There is the top layers and all of these exciting layers underneath with different stones, etc..except the top layer is always covering it. Its like a light blanket over something and you keep dipping and diving to see whats underneath and can barely get a look. Every time I smell the leather or something else I found pleasant it was quickly snuffed by that iris. Just a shame.
22nd October, 2012
Beautifully turned out sweet iris against a backdrop of tastefully, subdued woods – but what's with all the plastic? And why is it chewing on a cardamom pod?
08th May, 2012
I like it a lot and I want to love this. However, the drydown is too powdery and the fragance has some florals which isn't my cup of tea. I Love the scent, but I don't like it on me. It sexy though.
13th March, 2012 (last edited: 28th May, 2012)
Certainly it's a very interesting creation. But it is too feminine too floral it could be the perfect scent for a ''modern women'' whatever it means.

Also it does have that wooden pencil smell that you find almost in all Dior’s. (I'm not a big fan of it but it reminds me the old days in school)

I give to it a neutral rate simply because I don’t think it’s a good fragrance for men but if you want to cultivate your feminine side go ahead. Overall it’s very elegant and refined but it’s too polite to be a good men’s fragrance .But it surely beats(by miles away) Bleu of Chanel since they compete together in the same class.
09th February, 2012
I can see why many of the reviews on this fragrance are so polarized--my own opinions on Dior Homme are equally polarized. I do own a bottle, and half of the times that I wear it, I completely detect the unpleasant 'lipstick' accord (which I attribute to the cocoa note). The other half of the times, I am absolutely in love with its uniqueness. The powdery iris juxtaposed with velvety cocoa over a leathery base is quite novel for a men's fragrance. To be sure, I cannot recall any other mass-marketed men's fragrance that had such a soft, delicate, refined and yet still masculine aura to it. Some have said that Dior Homme is a hallmark of a fragrance, in that it paves the way for a new era of men's fragrances. It is bold by virtue of its unusual qualities. That being said, I cannot give it a thumbs up, primarily because of the times when the feminine 'lipstick' smell overrides my experience of the fragrance.
24th April, 2011
Floral, powdery, plus I'm getting a sweet sawdust note, like from a woodworkshop.

Personally I wouldn't wear it. It's too much like those shopping mall scents they use to entice passer's by.
04th September, 2010
Positives: inoffensive very fresh scent. I can't see how someone would not enjoy smelling this.

Possible Drawbacks: Longevity is a big concern. If you are looking for a day time scent for the warm weather or signature scent this may not be for you. It seems to last 5 or 6 hours and doesn't have great projection. So if you don't want to reapply at some point during the day, then I would avoid this fragrance.

Overall: great for a lunch date in the summer or spring. Otherwise, it would be tough to find a time to wear the scent without reapplying.
12th July, 2010
It's a well made fragrance although the lipstick note is just far too prominent for me to really like it. I really want to try the intense version but this original is too "feminine" for my tastes. It's not feminine per say but smelling like lipstick is just not something I'd wear.
It's a well crafted leathery iris scent with undertones of amber, very light cocoa(which I get later on) all the while being powdery. I'm not really a big fan of powdery fragrances overall yet, I think this would be exquisite on a woman. It's enjoyable although, is not my style of scents which I'd like to wear.
28th January, 2010 (last edited: 23rd February, 2011)
I find this frag inviting to a cool breeze yet..pretentiously synthetic. A dissapointment, just lacks character for me :(. Not chameleon enough in my opinion, though would make a great summer frag!

A Neutral Verdict for me!

14th January, 2010
I received a sample of Dior Homme in the mail recently, and have had a couple of opportunities to try it. I'm a novice, but this smells very strongly similar, immediately and for hours, to Mr. Pibb soda in a glass bottle. That may sound odd, but it's not an entirely bad thing. I'm not certain when or where I would wish to exude this aura, but I'm certain there has to be an appropriate usage. I just don't know that it'd be worth my time to wear it in an attempt to conceive of such an elusive scene.
21st December, 2009
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United States
I agree with Joe_Frances, if I were to buy another Dior, it would not be this one, it would probably be Bois d'Argent. As others have said, this smells like my mother's purse. A bit too feminine for me I am afraid.
07th September, 2009
Hm . . .too powdery and sweet though I'm unsure whether the aforementioned "lipstick" or "make-up bag" is the better adjective. Some women will undoubtedly find this romantic on a man they love, though I suspect most would probably enjoy it more on themselves. Class act if you like Iris.
I think this should have been a signature scent for Lauren Bacall back in the 40's
02nd August, 2009
Uhm, wow, wat an insipid little flower. Tried this on skin (I'm a girl) because it sounded so great. Now, ok, just did two little spritzes on my hand... and poof, where'd it go!? Couldn't stand up to the tiny bit of L'Instant pour Homme I had on my other hand. This can't be too distinctive, or I'd have smelled something. I just got some soft, genderless... vague niceness. Eh.
30th July, 2009
Too leathery-powdery for me. It should have had a hint of smoothness in it. I know it's good, its original- if you like Iris blossom and leather.
30th March, 2009
It smells like a sweet, powdery, doughy confection to me. It feels elegant and a bit feminine. Not to my personal liking.
21st March, 2009
An example of modern day creative poverty from Christian Dior. Lacking in originality, it aspires only to co-exist with its host, never once daring to harmonize or become engaging in anyway. From its application to expiry, I found this to be meek and timorous in a way that baffled and irritated me. Too bland to even warrant a thumbs down.
26th February, 2009
Great material, great bottle, but the iris note is a little overwhelming in my opinion. I prefer the 'Cologne" version which is more citrus and the iris is more subdued.
26th February, 2009