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Positive Reviews of Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Definitely one of the best colognes ever made,great scent, lasts all day,sillage is very good,just an overall great cologne...
02nd July, 2015
I've never been so sure of how great a fragrance smells when i tested this one.. Sophisticated, creamy smell, absolutely amazing. Haven't tried the intense version yet, but could buy it instead since it lasts longer.. Again u can't go wrong with this.

Can't get over the dislikes i see here, but again "agree to disagree" personal preferences..

Smell 9/10
projection 7/10
Longevity 7/10
Versatility 9/10

Mark 8
27th June, 2015
Finally I received Dior Homme in the mail. It screams iris, iris, iris! one of my favorite notes. For some reason Iris smells like whiskey to me, oh well. I also smell cocoa and a bit of leather. It is very sweet but not as sweet as the Intense version. It dries down to a very elegant scent. I enjoy this fragrance very much and it is safe for the office. Just don't over do it.

22nd June, 2015
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Hands down the best male designer fragrance to come out in the past 10 years! This is my personal all time favorite fragrance and is also my signature scent. Dior always uses quality ingredients and maintains a classy and sophisticated vibe while still being current. Top notch from a highly respected fragrance house. The entire Dior Homme line is amazing and I recommend trying them all.
21st June, 2015
I love this fragrance and its intense flanker.

They are as advertised, to me. The intense version lasts longer, and has added sweetness in the development, so I like it even more.

The original Dior Homme maybe holds the iris just as long or longer, and then it wears as a fantastic skin scent.

It's an instant classic, but I'll pass on a bottle because it's so much like Dior Homme Intense.
11th June, 2015
I have a strange relationship with Dior Homme. I used to love it and, according to many people who smelled it on me, Dior Homme really loves me. I've only gotten more compliments on one other fragrance ever. To me, wearing Dior Homme is like wearing the olfactory equivalent of a nice chambray shirt and a well-tailored navy blazer---it suits my age and lifestyle and I can't seem to go wrong with it. But as I learn more about fragrance and try new things, it feels a little staid. And just like I get bored with my good navy blazer and wear it anyway, I 'm getting bored with DH despite how suitable it is for me.

To be fair, it smells good. I can smell the iris note, faintly, but it fades quickly. It's strongest scent component for me is of a just-opened packet of instant hot cocoa, the kind with the tiny dried marshmallows inside. There's a powder puff, cocoa and caramelized sugar sweetness thing that's pleasant. Many reviewers mentioned a leather note that I don't get but I agree with those reviewers who picked up a suede note---it reminds me of a suede shirt I own.

Just like I need to dress up my good navy blazer with a jaunty pocket square, I've started to accessorize Dior Homme by layering it with other fragrances. Pairing it with Bulgari Black creates a nice effect on me. I follow the advice of other Basenoters and put on the Bulgari first, wait ten minutes for the burnt rubber opening blast to calm down and then spray on DH.

But the DH layering combo that gets me guaranteed compliments comes from pairing it with the ridiculously cheap Axe/Lynx body spray Dark Temptation. When I spray that and DH on together some sort of alchemy takes place and I get lots of compliments. I asked my teenage daughter, why more women talk to me when I wear the Dior Homme/Dark Temptation combo than any other scent I wear. And she told me, "Because it makes you smell like a chocolate chip cookie." Yes, but a sexy chocolate-chip cookie in a suede shirt.
23rd April, 2015

You can not feel bad wearning this fragrance if you are a real Gentleman!DIOR HOMME is truly one of the best fragrances in the world and for ever.very complex fragrance and very surprising how many man wear this!

My father always wears this cologne and my opinion smelled like the perfect fragrance.Definitely very SPECIAL and CLASSY.a great night fragrance for the colder months of the year.

The top notes is a little fresh with bergamot.The middle notes make the composition seem so romantic and warm.The base notes is more masculine and woody on my skin and long lasting.anyway it is HIGH QUALITY.

Thank You CD.

22nd April, 2015
To be honest I had so much confidence in this masterpiece as I tested the reformulation instead but got the vintage bottle due to overwhelming response to a thread I posted but to be brutally honest I think I enjoyed the reformulation more and I think it performed way better than the vintage. It was more spicy and edgy to say the least but I can't go without saying that the vintage DH feels more refined and richer. Vintage DH is without a doubt a masterpiece in its own right but compared to the reformulation, I think I'd have to say the reformulation sails my boat.
15th April, 2015
Books. This smells exactly like a bunch of books. Specifically, a library built in the 1960s. Every time I wear it, I'm controlling a microfiche machine. I am the only person on the Internet who thinks Dior Homme smells like books (I checked). Maybe it's because my childhood library also sold lipstick and powder and was adjacent to an iris farm.

I don't know if I like it, so in my confusion I am giving it a thumbs up. I need to return an overdue book.
28th May, 2014
I originally bought this in 07 and gave it to a girlfriend of mine because I didn't feel it was a scent for a man. I tried it again at sephora while waiting on my brother and this time it seemed a little drier, less sweet. One thing is still the same, it's the perfect night scent. I wouldn't recommend wearing this when the sun is out. This was created for nightclubs and bars, if you're looking for trouble ;)
22nd May, 2014
I'm in love!

What a gorgeous fragrance this one is! The bottle, the juice... just gorgeous!

Dior has always tried to go in a different direction and really set a trend for men's fragrances, ever since Fahrenheit in 1988 when they decided to turn the male fragrance world on it's head, they did it again almost 20 years later with Dior Homme in 2005. Dior takes what it is to be a man and turns it upside down, turns the angle, shifts the perspective, so that you come to appreciate it even more.

To put it simply, Dior Homme does NOT smell like a typical men's fragrance, yet it IS masculine. Iris is a flower not used in male perfumery, it is used extensively in female fragrances (notably the butch/androgynous Chanel No.19), but here it is used in a way which, coupled with leather, Vetiver and Patchouli, gives off a very dry earthy vibe which still smells smooth and elegant. Now this isn't for every man, and many may say it's feminine. But to me, this just smells GOOD, in fact it smells really special.

This was the fragrance which started my interest in perfumery, without Dior Homme, I wouldn't even be here. The first time I smelt this, I fell in love.

In fact, first time I tried this, I really didn't associate the smell itself with any particular gender or sexual orientation... instead I thought to myself: "Wow! This is the best damn smell I've ever come across! Pure class & sex all in one gorgeous bottle..."

Listen, I don't expect everyone to like this, but for me, it just does it. Iris lightly dusted in cocoa powder, smooth creamy leather throughout, dry vetiver and earthy patchouli at the base, to me this smells like you are the richest man, the smoothest talker, both the familiar lover, and the dark stranger, the ultimate magician, the boss. All these personas rolled into one. I don't give a damn what you say... what you think... what you presume... or how you judge it. This. Stuff. Is. Beauty.

Dior, Mr. Slimane, Bravo, sir... I salute you!
30th April, 2014 (last edited: 12th December, 2014)
I really love this, no need to write a detailed review as it is much common and pretty much any perfume fan knows it. Luckily I still own a pre-reformulation bottle. Still getting chills each time I spray this on. I admit there is more interesting, deep, complex stuff around, but still... my guilty pleasure.

26th December, 2013 (last edited: 27th April, 2014)
Fantastic, fantastic scent.

Dior Homme has positioned itself solidly as my signature scent.

I have the reformulated version, which to some is a tragedy. However, I have smelled both and I prefer this version over the original. Just my personal preference. I think the reformulated Dior Homme line, though missing certain aspects that some people raved about, is now a solid and consistent lineup with not much to really complain about.

Anyway, when I first sprayed this I got a huge blast of iris and leather. It turned me off since I'm not used to this kind of fragrance. Something kept pulling me in, and once the iris and cacao combo set in, I was hooked. I get something new every time I wear it, which is something i deeply appreciate about any form of art (writing, film, music). Sometimes, I get bright florals and earthy, rooty vetiver...other times I've gotten almost a tea-like note (I may be the only one who's gotten that, haha), but always that smooth, buttery iris and cacao drydown.

This is definitely not a scent for a guy who wants something cartoonishly masculine. This has depth and sensitivity, it's softer and subdued, smart and innovative.

On my skin, I get 6-8 hours. It projects just fine with 3 sprays, and in my opinion just isn't meant to be a loud scent that trumpets your arrival. It's meant to be discreet and toned down, yet attractive and inviting. Trust me, for what it is, it works just fine.

It's gonna take a heavy, heavy hitter to knock this from it's spot in my collection.

Pros: Well blended, great combination of notes, good performance.
Cons: Some may find the opening to be a turn-off."

10th August, 2013
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Perhaps the best perfume I've smelled so far

When I first sprayed this, I instantly thought of a private library, cozy, with a fireplace happily burning away in the corner. I was sitting in the middle, wearing a suit, on a plush armchair, about to start reading a book. It was one of the classiest scents I've ever smelled, and up there for one of the best. However, after I went on basenotes, and I saw the lipstick vibe comments, I couldn't get it out of my mind. The lipstick was obviously there, although I didn't pick it up the first time. To be honest, I just rock the lipstick vibe, and go with it. Aint no shame in my game.

Pros: Invigorating, pleasent, classy
Cons: Slightly feminine"

04th August, 2013
Pleasant and Entirely Unisex

On a girl, smart and elegant. On a man, bold and provocative. Dior Homme is thoroughly modern and intended for the cosmopolitan. Concerning the difference between the vintage and current offerings, the former is dominated more so by the iris while the latter's focus is on cocoa much like in Dior Homme Intense. Both, however, are beautiful and deserving of a try.

31st July, 2013

I was very excited to give Dior Homme a shot after reading so much great stuff on it. I got a sample from Sephora, and wore it a couple times. I have to say, I'm very disappointed. The only thing I get from it is ladies makeup, lipstick, etc, and it just doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. I don't think it smells bad, but then again I don't want to be smelling lipstick all day long.

15th June, 2013
Elegant, refined, sophisticated, discrete, excellent. An outstanding summer scent 5 stars.
10th May, 2013
I didn't think this fragrance could possibly live up to the hype surrounding it, but, damn... This stuff is downright wondrous.

Professional enough to wear to work, casual enough to wear to family events, seductive enough to wear on an intimate occasion, and so inoffensive and utterly likable as to fit everyday useage.

This is simply a must have... Blind buy!
10th May, 2013
My first designer fragrance and probably my first big love.

Dior Homme is probably one of the classiest and most elegant fragrances that there are out there. It embraces you with its soft wooden notes and puts a heavy armour of elegance around you. Like an expensive 3-piece-suit, it belongs (in my opinion) to everyone's wardrobe.

One of the kind. To the people who haven't tried it yet, I can only recommend it.
20th April, 2013
Luckly i have this version which is a piece of art. Elegant and classy, this fragrance is very unique and has a great lasting power, sillage and projection. The latest version of DH is good, but not as good as this. This is amplified and the other version is muted. Lots of powdery thats very comforting to wear. Big thumbs up!
10th January, 2013
Having heard a lot about this fragrance I finally got a chance to test it in it's vintage form. All the feminine and makeup bag stories always kept me away and I almost completely avoided the vintage formulation because of all the people complaining. Well I do get a huge iris note, but mixed with the cocoa it's 100% gorgeous. Feminine? Not on me it's not. I wore this for Christmas and as soon as my mother in law got within smelling distance she looked at me and said "Oh my goodness that cologne your wearing smells incredible!" Having your mother in law wanting to set next to you all night isn't the effect I wanted and sure wasn't what I expected. Note to self: Never wear this around her again!" Lol...anyways Dior Homme is a masterpiece and don't for a minute think this is too feminine for a guy's guy or a man's man to wear.
04th January, 2013
A great masterpiece for me! Both this version as intense version (first formulation). Many complain of the smell of makeup or lipstick, I do not smell it, I smell is elegance, simple as that. DH is a classic from birth and a real gem!
20th December, 2012
Was my 'go-to' work scent for about a year, so classy and elegant I just couldn't go past it.

Fantastic longevity on my skin (8-10 hours), but projection is not over the top so it's great for office use.

I have the re-formulated version and wasn't lucky enough to smell the original formulation but apparently they aren't too different.

That sweet lipstick vibe is what puts some people off, and it's definitely there, but it's overally what makes the scent what it is and I absolutely love it.

Could probably be used as a unisex fragrance, certainly not the manliest of fragrances so that may also be off putting for some.

Probably the closest thing to a 10/10 overall scent I have ever smelled.
27th November, 2012
This stuff is pretty good. A little sweet, but good. I think this could be a unisex scent. There is a fragrance named Thallium (Thallium is MUCH cheaper), which smells just like Dior Homme. If you get the opportunity, compare these two.
16th October, 2012
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United States
I absolutely adore this fragrance, and truely believe it is class in a bottle - for anyone's use.

The velvet touch of iris powder used to softly blanket the usual masculine lavender, soft spice and leather - genious. This is pale silk in a bottle. The blend surrounds you in an aura of calm, it is just that beautiful. I rather believe it is better to just let the fragrance shift and blend, no need to dissect the notes. There is no lipstick - only silky powder over lavender, spice and leather. Just enjoy it!

This is a 5 star fragrance to me, and a tribute to perfumery even if it does not suit you personally. A must sniff for everyone.
14th September, 2012
Best designer EDT of 2000s. While I prefer Dior Homme Intense to this, this is undeniable great. The lipstick smell is second to none, and once the cacao starts working its magic, this becomes the embodiment of class. Very sexy, very classy, but also very metrosexual and modern. Perfect for the younger man who has a sense of style and knows how to show it.
09th September, 2012
This is beautiful. I get the lipstick/makeup note, but it's not a negative to me. It just adds to the complexity of the scent.

To me, this smells like... the perfect date at a fancy restaurant. It's a romantic, comforting, classy scent. Not something I would recommend for daily wear, it's too special for it.

There's something about it that reminds me of a smooth whiskey.

Absolutely gorgeous scent, a unisex as far as I'm concerned but to the guys out there you shouldn't let that intimidate you. It's gorgeous on a man, and doesn't in any way make you smell "like a girl". Same goes for the ladies, it won't make you smell like a man. It's the kind of scent that will work with your personality and your style. It's a scent you wear, not one that "wears you".
17th July, 2012
Dior Homme greets me with a restrained floral and fruity impression that is based on lavender and a subsequently increasing iris note. Later vanilla joins in with a touch of sweet leather, a bit like a fresher version of the Chanel EdT Cuir de Russie in some aspects. After the first hour I get mild cocoa-chocolate impressions.
This fragrance is creamy, smooth without any edges, with the soapy lipstick base that has been mention many times previously. It has a formal touch and is a great evening scent.

A very soft, floral and gentle fragrance that is quite unique and very well composed. I can understand why the term “metrosexual” might be used in connection with Dior Homme. Longevity is a bit over two hours, which is not great.
12th July, 2012
I have always been into the so called "Macho" fragrances since the 80's. I would not categorize Dior Homme as a "Macho" scent. But Damn!!! This juice is fantastic. I absolutely adore the pronounced iris note and the dry down. It is wonderfully unique and works so well with my body chemistry. Christian Dior hit the nail on the head with this one. It breaks with common tradition as far as men's fragrances goes, but at the same time DH created a new level of sophistication and grandeur with this one. Men should not be afraid of trying it out. Yes, it's a tad on the feminine side, but I assure you that when you go out, compliments will be showered upon you. Give it a try.
08th July, 2012 (last edited: 19th July, 2012)
I love this fragrance, love it. It took a few tries for me to fall for it, like a few other of my favorites. I think of smooth, light brown spices and soft leather, and other stuff, maybe a whisper of lavender. Very elegant, and sticks to my skin for hours. Once applied there is no turning back. There are some subtle facets in the scent, unlike the Intense which I find more linear and less interesting (but not bad). I believe I have the pre-reformulated Dior Homme, if that matters.
20th May, 2012