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Just received my dior pretty excited because all the hype about this fragrance and this is my second blindbuy (1st is encre noir by lalique).

What can i say,my honest opinion, this fragrance is just a average smell for me.after the first spray all you can smell is iris(lipstick smell)then after 15 minutes you can smell the cacao,vetiver and leather.nothing special about this doesn't make me wow!!

Im expected more from this.i think dior sauvage is more better for me.

Ysl la nuit is much better,masculine,sharp,and sexy for me.

Sillage : average
Longevity : average
Smell : average
18th May, 2016
Sweet and comforting, great scent. Impressive performance, this one lasts at least 8 hours on me. I do get the lipstick note but it's not cloying or offensive. I'd say it's better for office or formal wearings.
29th March, 2016
Timeless masterpiece. Get ready for the compliments.
17th February, 2016
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As a former hardcore wearer of the original 2005 formula, i have to say that all newer formulations, while still good, are a lesser comparison.

The original 2005 formula packed those intense "dramatic" transitions between top/middle/base. The way it greets you with that carrot seed paralyzing intense iris opening, then completely morphing into this dark enveloping dusty woody cacao veil in the drydown is just mesmerizing. And it does it in such a dramatic in-your-face fashion.

The newer versions lack this intensity and drama i'm talking about. They blur those lines between top/middle/base, taming the entire composition down, making it smoother (not in a good way), less avant-garde, more predictable and almost linear. I still get the iris opening but it seems to be more behaved and fused in what to follow next in the scent's development.
In other words: PREDICTABLE.

So if you want to experience the true glory of this composition, grab a 2005 bottle if you can.
13th January, 2016
I decided to get a sample of this and try it since it's listed as one of the top ten sexiest masculine fragrances on a woman in the "A-Z Guide to Perfume!" I have to admit that I almost didn't want to try this one on, after I smelled it sprayed on a card from a tester bottle in a store! First of all, this one has a lot of sillage! (Although, in all fairness, I find many masculine fragrances do!) And secondly, on the card, and to my nose, it smelled like an Axe body spray! :D I love Axe body sprays, but I won't wear them because their advertising is so oriented toward very young males that it would just make me feel weird!
Today, I finally tried Dior "Homme" on from a small sample that I got. I only applied a very small amount dabbed on with the stick in the sample tube, and it still has big time sillage and projection. A bit too much for my taste actually, so I really don't think I would ever wear this one. That said, on me, and to my nose, it does actually smell like a high quality fragrance, not really like Axe, like I first thought! I think this is one I might consider buying as a gift for a man, since I think it would probably be really sexy and classy on a guy! But, on myself, I would definitely rather wear "Gris Clair" by Serge Lutens, which has very similar notes (as Dior "Homme") but, to me, "Gris Clair" just smells better! I am definitely giving Dior "Homme" a thumbs up and four stars, and recommending it to all the guys though! If you haven't tried it yet, you definitely should! I just don't necessarily think it should be listed as a great choice for a woman!
24th December, 2015
One of the best male fragrances ever. A beautiful, dark, elegant concoction of iris, cardamom and something that resembles raw cocoa.

Timeless classic and approved by ladies and gentlemen alike.
23rd December, 2015
This is a MASTERPIECE. This fragrance has been covered by DHI but this one is the true art piece. The combination of flowers and powder is wonderful. This fragrance is so fresh yet so elegant, so powerful yet so delicate and so inviting yet so mysterious. 10/10. It also has great longevity on my skin, actually better longevity than DHI for me.
21st December, 2015
Bought DH recently. Interestingly its the vintage version and I bought it for less than 40USD. The currency in my country has depreciated by over 40 percent but the stores that sell fragrances haven't increased there prices. And people here don't wear fragrances as much so shops have inventory from years ago which is stored really well. Long story short I love DH, better still I got it for a new signature scent...cheers
09th December, 2015
Smells high quality and unique, but I don't find it that pleasant. Strong iris and not much else, maybe a little creamy vanilla. Masculine Purple. It is pretty linear, strong with good longevity. Does smell like lipstick in a woman's purse and becomes a tad cloying.
04th December, 2015
What can I say? I mistreated this beauty for so long, and used to wear it without any occasion in mind. Later on, i came to realization that my bottle is the vintage juice and had to pull the hand-break. I wear it on very special occasions and still I have an alternative, Dior Homme Intense (in which, I still prefer Dior Homme).

It is a beauty in a bottle, a class and a fantastic sent.

31st October, 2015
Not an ordinary perfume. Has the "make up lipstick smell". Did not smell any top note (which was a nice surprise).Fragrance took time to manifest. Heart and dry down has eau sauvage-ness combined with make up smell.
Interesting and not bad. Grows on you - hence so popular. But not me. I will pass.
29th October, 2015
Much has been said and wrote about this fragrance, so I'll try not to get into too much detail.

This fragrance is all about iris, leather, and a hint of cocoa. There are other notes that play a part in the composition, but these are the easiest to detect.

As many have mentioned, the blend of those major notes conjures the image of a high quality makeup bag perhaps holding a good amount of lipstick. This gives off a metrosexual vibe, but it also makes this fragrance feel quite luxurious and sophisticated.

While this isn't the most masculine fragrance, it doesn't come off as a woman's fragrance. As some reviewers have mentioned, the lipstick note in here comes off very playful like it's there because of some intimate interaction with a woman.

The scent itself is very versatile. It's light enough for warm weather, and it's heavy enough for cool weather (just not the extremes of each). Dressed up occasions are the best use for this, but you can get away with wearing it in almost any situation.

Lastly, the performance is excellent for an EDT. It projects conservatively well for 3-4 hours, and then the cocoa dry down lingers around a little closer to the skin for a good while after.

Dior Homme is a modern classic. If you're a contemporary man looking for a scent that is daring, luxurious, and sexy at the same time, I can't think of many fragrances that do it better than this.

Star Rating: 5/5
Bottom Line: Groundbreaking designer composition made for contemporary men with a daring, sexy edge
21st October, 2015
Very good quality ingredients in this remarquable fragrance. We can't expect less from Dior House who always tries to propose high standing products.

A sofisticated and well balanced fragrance from start to base notes.

I'm not really into powdery scent but Dior Homme is the exception. A gourmand and sweet but very masculine fragrance which attracts the fair sex.

Great job 8,5/10
15th August, 2015
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Definitely one of the best colognes ever made,great scent, lasts all day,sillage is very good,just an overall great cologne...
02nd July, 2015
I've never been so sure of how great a fragrance smells when i tested this one.. Sophisticated, creamy smell, absolutely amazing. Haven't tried the intense version yet, but could buy it instead since it lasts longer.. Again u can't go wrong with this.

Can't get over the dislikes i see here, but again "agree to disagree" personal preferences..

Smell 9/10
projection 7/10
Longevity 7/10
Versatility 9/10

Mark 8
27th June, 2015
Finally I received Dior Homme in the mail. It screams iris, iris, iris! one of my favorite notes. For some reason Iris smells like whiskey to me, oh well. I also smell cocoa and a bit of leather. It is very sweet but not as sweet as the Intense version. It dries down to a very elegant scent. I enjoy this fragrance very much and it is safe for the office. Just don't over do it.

22nd June, 2015
Hands down the best male designer fragrance to come out in the past 10 years! This is my personal all time favorite fragrance and is also my signature scent. Dior always uses quality ingredients and maintains a classy and sophisticated vibe while still being current. Top notch from a highly respected fragrance house. The entire Dior Homme line is amazing and I recommend trying them all.
21st June, 2015 (last edited: 17th February, 2016)
I love this fragrance and its intense flanker.

They are as advertised, to me. The intense version lasts longer, and has added sweetness in the development, so I like it even more.

The original Dior Homme maybe holds the iris just as long or longer, and then it wears as a fantastic skin scent.

It's an instant classic, but I'll pass on a bottle because it's so much like Dior Homme Intense.
11th June, 2015
I have a strange relationship with Dior Homme. I used to love it and, according to many people who smelled it on me, Dior Homme really loves me. I've only gotten more compliments on one other fragrance ever. To me, wearing Dior Homme is like wearing the olfactory equivalent of a nice chambray shirt and a well-tailored navy blazer---it suits my age and lifestyle and I can't seem to go wrong with it. But as I learn more about fragrance and try new things, it feels a little staid. And just like I get bored with my good navy blazer and wear it anyway, I 'm getting bored with DH despite how suitable it is for me.

To be fair, it smells good. I can smell the iris note, faintly, but it fades quickly. It's strongest scent component for me is of a just-opened packet of instant hot cocoa, the kind with the tiny dried marshmallows inside. There's a powder puff, cocoa and caramelized sugar sweetness thing that's pleasant. Many reviewers mentioned a leather note that I don't get but I agree with those reviewers who picked up a suede note---it reminds me of a suede shirt I own.

Just like I need to dress up my good navy blazer with a jaunty pocket square, I've started to accessorize Dior Homme by layering it with other fragrances. Pairing it with Bulgari Black creates a nice effect on me. I follow the advice of other Basenoters and put on the Bulgari first, wait ten minutes for the burnt rubber opening blast to calm down and then spray on DH.

But the DH layering combo that gets me guaranteed compliments comes from pairing it with the ridiculously cheap Axe/Lynx body spray Dark Temptation. When I spray that and DH on together some sort of alchemy takes place and I get lots of compliments. I asked my teenage daughter, why more women talk to me when I wear the Dior Homme/Dark Temptation combo than any other scent I wear. And she told me, "Because it makes you smell like a chocolate chip cookie." Yes, but a sexy chocolate-chip cookie in a suede shirt.
23rd April, 2015

You can not feel bad wearning this fragrance if you are a real Gentleman!DIOR HOMME is truly one of the best fragrances in the world and for ever.very complex fragrance and very surprising how many man wear this!

My father always wears this cologne and my opinion smelled like the perfect fragrance.Definitely very SPECIAL and CLASSY.a great night fragrance for the colder months of the year.

The top notes is a little fresh with bergamot.The middle notes make the composition seem so romantic and warm.The base notes is more masculine and woody on my skin and long lasting.anyway it is HIGH QUALITY.

Thank You CD.

22nd April, 2015
To be honest I had so much confidence in this masterpiece as I tested the reformulation instead but got the vintage bottle due to overwhelming response to a thread I posted but to be brutally honest I think I enjoyed the reformulation more and I think it performed way better than the vintage. It was more spicy and edgy to say the least but I can't go without saying that the vintage DH feels more refined and richer. Vintage DH is without a doubt a masterpiece in its own right but compared to the reformulation, I think I'd have to say the reformulation sails my boat.
15th April, 2015
I know everyone loves this one, but I really struggle with Iris notes. They always seem to be too feminine for a men's fragrance. Dior Homme is no exception. Great quality, great house, just not to my liking.
16th March, 2015
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United States
I am bewildered by the success of this scent. Lipstick, makeup and lipstick..... I cannot think why any man would want to smell like this. Drag queen in a bottle (a great looking bottle, by the way). I am SORT of on board with the gender blurring of certain florals and cross-ever frags like Jicky, Mitsouko, etc. (although I do not wear them) but why would a man want to smell like expensive foundation? Do women want men to smell like this? Or for that matter, do other men want men to smell like this? While I know that the current line of thinking is that no particular essence--particularly a floral one--is inherently either feminine or masculine, the fact is that the iris note is so closely associated with woman's makeup that it is really hard to imagine why this appeals. On a woman, it would smell like she spent a lot of time at the makeup counter and walked right past the fragrances. NOT deserving of having a place alongside the Eau Sauvages of the world.... What would Jules say to this?
25th February, 2015
I tried a sample of this. I like it but it's not very strong on my skin. The iris and leather at the beginning makes it seem like black licorice. After a few minutes the vetiver, lavender and leather come out at the same time with neither overpowering the other. This could be used by a man or woman. The result is nice when I don't drink deeply of the scent but waft my wrist next to my nose. I would love to spray a ton of this on me and go on a date or to a movie.
24th November, 2014 (last edited: 05th December, 2014)
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United States
This scent disappoints me on a very deep level. It is an olfactory manifestation of ambivalence, indecision, denial and self-judgment. If it was a person, it would be that cute guy that wants to connect so badly, but runs away once you make it clear that you are up for it. It exists due to the same insecurity that inspire men call another "man", not by name, but by the "you are anybody to me" referents of "man", "bro" or "buddy". It is a scent that is tantamount to that kind of guy that yearns for your eyes to meet his, but then once they do, he looks and walks away. It is for the kind of guy that will go to his grave without more than a moment of insight into the fleeting nature of life and the value of the moment and the connection from which he mindlessly runs away, time and time again. It is a weak scent, not because of any perceived "effeminate" powderiness or lack of resonance, but, due to its clinging to a heteronormativity and system of social construction that serves to bind it to the title of HOMME. It contains a beautiful, human, humble, sweet, needy, kind and open iris powder base that is suffocated by the likes of a Creed-like (banal) citrus/synthetic "clean-scented" cloak of shame and ignorance. The gravely square bottle and sobersided title are also part of this costume. A costume that serves to convince its wearer that the exact reason why he wants to wear it is the antithesis of the reason why he is wearing it.

PS- I give this a neutral, rather than negative, rating because I remain hopeful that the beautiful little iris base that yearns for acknowledgment and connection will have the guts to actually seek out the light of day, some day.
26th October, 2014
Just purchased a bottle of what must be the reformulated version. Whilst the old version was a dynamic powerhouse, the new stuff is flat and weak, lasting 1-2 hours at most on my skin. Very disappointing.
22nd July, 2014
Genre: Floral

I'd better find a piece of furniture to duck behind before I get going here...

Dior Homme has a very conventional sweet citrus opening, with a blend of abundant white flowers welling up underneath. A very strong, soapy lavender soon takes center stage, while the persistent citrus note grows so tart as to become discordant. The much-vaunted iris starts out very deeply buried under all the heaps of lavender.

It takes at least a half an hour for the ugly citrus top note to fade and the lavender to loosen its grip enough to release any of the other notes. Only then does the iris come into full focus, surrounded by a white floral bouquet and resting on some rather anemic woods and just a touch of powder. Quite a bit of sweet fruit lingers through the development, and this leaves Dior Homme smelling a little ordinary to me, given the number of saccharine fruity designer scents on today's market. By the time it's reached its powdery, soapy dry down, I've lost all interest in this fragrance.

Did I say "ordinary" somewhere? Thought so. I'll take Iris Silver Mist, Iris Bleu Gris, Bois d'Iris, or Iris Poudre over Dior Homme any day.
12th June, 2014
Books. This smells exactly like a bunch of books. Specifically, a library built in the 1960s. Every time I wear it, I'm controlling a microfiche machine. I am the only person on the Internet who thinks Dior Homme smells like books (I checked). Maybe it's because my childhood library also sold lipstick and powder and was adjacent to an iris farm.

I don't know if I like it, so in my confusion I am giving it a thumbs up. I need to return an overdue book.
28th May, 2014
I originally bought this in 07 and gave it to a girlfriend of mine because I didn't feel it was a scent for a man. I tried it again at sephora while waiting on my brother and this time it seemed a little drier, less sweet. One thing is still the same, it's the perfect night scent. I wouldn't recommend wearing this when the sun is out. This was created for nightclubs and bars, if you're looking for trouble ;)
22nd May, 2014
I bought the reformulation bottle several months ago.
This is a classy fragrance. great for special occasions like wedding day, a date, work meetings and ...
But you can also wear it casually!
Start with huge dose of iris and some sweetness and also some coco. only hint of coco!
After that, in the dry down, the sweet and powdery iris comes in and this is the best part of this fragrance in my opinion! and also it's the worst part of this fragrance for so many guys out there!
Because this part is feminine for them and they get lipstick vibe!
But I don't have any problem with this scent and I think it's a great scent!
In the base, the iris is still there with some sweetness and only hint of spicy and woodsy notes.
Great smell but average projection and above average longevity with this guy.
10th May, 2014