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Negative Reviews of Dior Homme by Christian Dior

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Smells high quality and unique, but I don't find it that pleasant. Strong iris and not much else, maybe a little creamy vanilla. Masculine Purple. It is pretty linear, strong with good longevity. Does smell like lipstick in a woman's purse and becomes a tad cloying.
04th December, 2015
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
I am bewildered by the success of this scent. Lipstick, makeup and lipstick..... I cannot think why any man would want to smell like this. Drag queen in a bottle (a great looking bottle, by the way). I am SORT of on board with the gender blurring of certain florals and cross-ever frags like Jicky, Mitsouko, etc. (although I do not wear them) but why would a man want to smell like expensive foundation? Do women want men to smell like this? Or for that matter, do other men want men to smell like this? While I know that the current line of thinking is that no particular essence--particularly a floral one--is inherently either feminine or masculine, the fact is that the iris note is so closely associated with woman's makeup that it is really hard to imagine why this appeals. On a woman, it would smell like she spent a lot of time at the makeup counter and walked right past the fragrances. NOT deserving of having a place alongside the Eau Sauvages of the world.... What would Jules say to this?
25th February, 2015
Dior "Homme" - Marketing over Manliness
So I finally got my nose on the newer Dior line, L'Eau, Sport, Intense, and I don't think it's worth tackling all of them in reviews beyond saying they're astonishingly mediocre. So I'll stick to thir daddy, the acclaimed Dior "Home", "Homme" in quotation marks as this is perhaps the most feminine thing I've ever smelled on either side of the fragrance aisle, Miss Dior Cherie is a butch flannel-wearing trucker compared to this delicate flower.

Look I'm all for a little gender bending in perfumery as long as it's done within reason, but Dior Homme smells like something straight out of the venerable Britney Spears line. From the vaunted lipstick (iris) top note to what strikes me as a cocoa and orange blossom drydown, this smells like the cosmetic-encumbered hand bag of a 15 year old girl. I don't get sophistication, and there's certainly nothing "homme" about this fagrance.

Dior "Homme" is, however, a testament to what good marketing and brand image will do for you. Frankly, this smells like something that belongs in the Katie Perry or Rihanna range of Coty-made air fresheners, it's not at all distinct and frankly, but not for the "Dior" provenance the scent could easily lost among the sea of teeny-bopper gourmands. I'm told what I smelled has been reformulated, but unless they pulled out a giant gob of cedar or oud in the original incarnation I very much doubt my opinion would change.

Ladies that are looking for a soft floral gourmand might want to look at this, but then again, Rihanna Rebelle does something very similar at 1/4 the price, so I can't even recommend it for the ladies.

Dior Homme is a testament to marketing savvy, the actual product is a middle of the road feminine gourmand. Fortunately I didn't go for a blind buy, I got a couple samples, and will be giving away the second, yuck.
24th April, 2014
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On me this is a harsh leather, sharp and aldehydic. Reminiscent of Guerlain's Heritage, but without the refinement, the balance, the sophistication. Also reminiscent in its tobacco-ish dryness of Fracas For Men.

It's rather a one note scent that repels rather than attracts. More chemical than charismatic.

Another of the recent scents which fall far short of their seeming aim.
28th January, 2014
Odd, powdered cosmetics and hot cocoa scent that manages to be neither masculine nor interesting.
03rd October, 2012
I totally get the makeup which kicks in after a few minutes. Its waxy plastic irises in a vase. Not full bottle worthy IMO.
01st July, 2012
Yuck. I can't stand the smell of this. it's not hard to detect the lipstick/makeup smell. this does not smell anything close to masculine to me. dior homme: take a women's leather purse full of lipstick and cosmetics, leave it in the sun for 6 hours, and pour hot wax in it. thumbs down.
04th May, 2012
went to try this because of hype here.
hmmmm just one word to describe, 'lipstick'!
it is complex but still i found lipstick smell at the end.
i'm not going to smell like my mom's lipstick

still thumbs down
03rd March, 2012 (last edited: 11th March, 2012)
I really tried to like this, but the heavy leather on the base mixed with the floral notes, creates an offensive chemical-like smell. I also do not find this scent very unique... I will try again sometime later this year, but I just don't know...
09th January, 2012
I find this one far too feminine, very powdery, smells a bit like talcum powder, would be a good seller if it were a fragrance for women perhaps..
25th September, 2011
This review is based on the old formula, not the new one with less iris. (If you don't now which one you have, just look to the "straw" that hide the spray tube which is no longer silver, but black)

On my skin, Dior Homme is all about makeup smell. From top to base I only get this crayon vibe, sadly. I know it was a masterpiece, but what can I do? I just don't like lipstick smell... perhaps this new formula will attract me better.
21st August, 2011
chet31 Show all reviews
United States
The iris hits me hard and I don't like it. Fortunately, it fades fast. The scent evolves into something more tolerable, but the hint of iris remains that reminds of the initial unpleasant burst. I can't get past this, it's a no for me.
20th June, 2011
Lovely scent..... unfortunately it does not last!!! I sprayed 3 times on my hands and wiped on my neck and face and 2 more times on my hands about 5 minutes later, within 2 hours the scent was even gone from my hands!!!
09th April, 2011
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I'm sorry, I though "homme" was French for "man"? Why would they call a scent "Dior Homme" and then put what is clearly a womans scent in there? Mind boggling.
24th January, 2011
Hmm, tried this in Boots today, and didn't like it. Way too sweet, cloying, kind of fatty smelling, just too much. Smells like a dessert, an oversweet fruity yogurt or ice-cream, or marshmallows. Wanted to like it, but I find it just too sickly and for that reason too feminine. Heigh-ho, another one to strike off the list.
24th July, 2010
pcrisp Show all reviews
United States
Completely horrible! I got a sample based on quite a few suggestions that this might be a sexy masculine scent. WRONG. Disgustingness abounds with this one. I can't hardly remember getting a negative comment (without asking what they thought) on any cologne that I have worn. With this, the females literally curled up their nose and asked what I was wearing. It reminds me of a very cheap cologne worn by an old lady from a third world country. Yes, I have experienced what that smells like, and this cologne is a winner if that's what you are going for. Disgusting and offensive to yourself and anyone around you. I tried it three times but it is so unappealing, I won't be giving it any more chances.
25th May, 2010
For your money, Kenzo Power is a much more beautiful powdery iris with just a touch of creamy warmth. There is a garish bit in Dior Homme that forever makes it screechy on my skin, and the gourmand notes in this smell cheap. Not for me.
09th April, 2010
Men, you got be kidding. I´m testing right now, this thing and it smells really bad, even during dry down. It reminds me very cheap perfumes that I´ve smelled when I was 8 or 9.

By the way, this is bad stuff, even for girls.
05th November, 2009
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Dior Homme was quite a disappointment for me. It was built up as being a floral nearly feminine fragrance with powder and iris, but unfortunately to my nose, all it had was a violent floral and sage opening that smelled like a perfumed bubble gum. There are many better choices and I would not recommend this one. What has happened to Dior?
02nd November, 2009 (last edited: 10th November, 2009)
It smells like chocolate chip cookie dough, sugar and lipstick. It smells so sweet it actually makes my teeth hurt.

Also, it has the silage, power and longevity of skunk musk. I have actually smelled this scent from 50 feet away on a very windy day.

Trying this on was the single worst scent experience I have ever had and I do not understand why people like a scent like this which I can only easily describe as absurdly offensive.
23rd March, 2009
i dont understand why this is called a fragrance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i tried many times to figure out what does it smell like ... i found nothing ... this applies to the intense version too ........ i am really disappointed
14th February, 2009
It is a very lovely bottle and reminds me of a salt or pepper shaker and feels very nice to hold , that is my good news . I found the spray didnt work very well came out as a squirt and not a spray leaving a puddle on my forearm. When I sprayed onto the card I could only smell the card ! I could hardly smell anything else and then I went to another shop and tried the frag again and for me wasnt very good

10th February, 2009
It does indeed smell (partly and only momentarily) like lipstick, makeup, the bottom of a purse, crayons, pencils, and the many other amusing adjectives used below. I've actually been searching for such a fragrance--I know it's odd but I really like the smell of lipstick. Anyway, the problem with this frag is that once the initial lipstick quality is gone, the frag becomes evocative of licorice, which I know is not in the composition. Anyway, I can't stand the smell of licorice--if nausea (not vomit but nausea) had an odor, I think licorice would be it. Bottom line: It does smell like lipstick but only partly and for a few minutes; then it smells like licorice, which makes me think of nausea and an old woman. My search for a fantastic lipstick frag continues.
07th January, 2009
I am a little surprise to see so many praise from GUYS. This smells more feminine than most of female fragrance! It is extremely sweet, but not just that. It is the kind of sweetness that makes me doubt this is a male fragrance. It smells sooooo flowery, cloy sweet, feminine I can think of wearing it in public.

I bought a bottle blind. Two sprays. Thast's it! selling it now ...
02nd January, 2009 (last edited: 17th January, 2009)
It smells like old lady purse, I agree with most of the negative reviews, a wrong blind buy, the best are the head notes but after that i smell only make-up and lipstick. And the "homme"attribute is totally wrong, Dior homme is feminine and an ordinary feminine scent.
28th November, 2008
Gimpee Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Having read the other reviews and the notes in this fragrance, I am confused..... I just got a completely citrussy smell from this - tangerine dream... And it didnt settle into anything else, just very pungent tangerine peel. Not my cup of tea.... or piece of fruit. Maybe I got a dodgy tester?
15th September, 2008
Powdery, candied iris that decays into bubble-gum.

If you want a fragrance like this, then check out the far superior version: Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf.
26th August, 2008
Just like Ferré for Him, this comes off as lipstick to me. I'm not very fond of that smell. Definitely not a fan of iris. Smelling past the iris I detect a nice lavender and leather but the iris turns me away. Sorry, gentlemen, I don't want to smell like my mother's purse.
03rd July, 2008
Hank! Show all reviews
United States
I bought this blind, and was dissapointed. The opening was interesting, but not my cup of tea. I waited and waited for the dry down the whole time thinking I smelled play-doh: and powdery sweetness. In the end if gave me a headache, so I gave it to a coworker who also gives me a headache.
15th December, 2007
It is not a bad fragrance, but just like some other reviewers have told: it smells like lipstick or a makeup bag. It smells more like the lipsticks of past what my mom used to use. When I was a small kid, time to time I had tried to put lipstick on my lips. I can still remember the smell of the lipstick and the makeup bag. Because of that I find it feminine and not an interesting fragrance.
09th June, 2007