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Positive Reviews of Serpentine by Roberto Cavalli

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Everything about SERPENTINE speaks of seduction:the name like sorceress’s spell who she has hypnotic eyes like a serpentine to seduce you.the yellow,tactile bottle,shaped a serpentine who squirm on you. this scent is beyond description as the floral overtones and the earthy undertones make it positively mystifying. Captivating,Sensual,Warm,Floral,Charming and Absolutey Feminine.

It has a strong smell at the top notes of unusual combination like tahitian gardenia,mango blossom and artemisia.the heart grows a little more intense with a soothing bouquet of exotic flowers and pepper,while the bottom note is warm,soft and sensual at the same time of sandalwood and amber.this composition makes a Magic elixir for a bewitching woman who she invite to seduce.

SERPENTINE is a modern yet classic perfume tempered with a sensual,mystic heart.without being over-powering.Light enough for day wear and sexy and deep enough for evening.I recommend it to a modern lady(25/35 years old).It is suitable to wear any season but it is great for Autumn and Winter weather.a nice choice but nothing masterpiece.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

17th December, 2014
I do like Serpentine. It´s an oriental-floral, quite soft, not loud, not specially sweet, good for day-wear and at work. Got it on a holliday-trip to Malta, and it was the frag I liked the most in the perfumestore, who had some brands I can´t buy at home. Very beautiful bottle! - By the way: I am not fond of Armani Sensi, it´s too rough for me :-) !
26th August, 2006