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I miss this fragrance

My partner and I were on a European trip when I picked this up at the factory in France. It was "Love at First Sniff". This is the only fragrance I have ever found that was a perfect match to my body chemistry.

Sadly, the original purchase is almost exhausted and nothing available in the US has the same appeal to me. I was disappointed to see it has been reformulated, but will purchase a bottle to see if it is close enough.

This was an excellent product and I will miss it.

The "con" I listed was that both of us noticed that the metal containers leaked in transit. I loved the fragrance but did not appreciate having it spill in the suitcase.

Pros: clean fragrance on my body
Cons: not well packaged."

27th September, 2013
BE CAREFUL. As from 2011, the new VETYVER is a totally different creation from the original.

The former Vetyver was very close to TSAR (Van Cleef) if you see what I mean, whereas the latter version has nothing to do with it. It is now a fresher, more modern composition, that I have tried, but quicly did not like on me (too acid, too aggressive).

I am sorry the first version of Vetyver has disappeared since it was a real classic. I recently bought a genuine bottle of Tsar by Van Cleef, which is very close but the price is not the same.

It is the same with SANTAL, so be careful when you comment upon a scent that you are actually all talking about the same product.

09th February, 2012
MY SIGNATURE SCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a 200ml bottle but I fear to finish it soon.. excellent, superb, the combination fo pine and cedar is well balanced and the vetiver aftertaste give elegance.simple but not simplicistic. a first sight love. I highly reccomend it. sometimes it has been defined as dark but no, better to say green
27th May, 2010
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The first time I tried this one,I pretty much disliked it, but I had a strong feeling that it would turn out to be the kind of fragrance I would enjoy. And learn to enjoy it, I did. Fragonard Vetyver is primarily a ”direct” vetiver. I was at first tempted to call it “raw,” but it isn’t raw… it just doesn’t have those gut wrenching vibrations that are the signature of the original Route du Vetiver and a few others. This vetiver fragrance is natural and somewhat strong initially… It is a bit rustic and a lot masculine. It took me a while to get used to it, but once I was used to it, I love it. Vetyver is a masculine take on vetiver complete with definite woody elements of pine and cedar. It also features a lemon note that freshens it enough to give it a fresh / green ambiance. Fragonard Vetyver is classic, but it freshness keeps it in fashion.

10th May, 2010 (last edited: 20th January, 2011)
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United Kingdom
Very clean smell opine and cut grass
27th May, 2009
The opening stinks but it stinks in an old fashioned, aristocratic Gallic manner. People might come to the conclusion that scores of your ancestors were guillotined by Robespierre during the revolution!

Do you care for Route du Vetiver? The Third Man? Fourme' d'Ambert on crackers? About a 9+ on the machometer. Interesting and unusual take on Vetiver.
11th March, 2009 (last edited: 23rd December, 2011)
Pine and lemon gives it an old, well known style. It is nice and wearable.
31st July, 2008
Didn't like the way it began, but then, after about 45 minutes, it settled down into a very comfortable scent. Of the Fragonards, it is not my favorite. The person who said "austere" was correct. It sure is, and it is also dry and fairly warm-smelling. This is a borderline power scent and it is very pleasant (after a while) but I don't think it's for me.
19th July, 2007
I want to like this, but it's a little old school for me. It's by no means bad, but it's a heavier and darker take on vetiver than I'm used to, and I can't see wearing it often.
15th July, 2007
I have long admired and used Guerlain's vetiver, and still regard it a masterpiece.
But this one, a very different, more austere, take, doing away with the spices and the tobacco of the Guerlain, and substituting them with pine, is a superb rendition too.
It is elegant, refreshing, crisp and soothing, and has become a favourite summer scent.
The Fragonard deserves a place in every Vetiver lover's wardrobe.
24th May, 2007
Revised my earlier review, which had been more positive.
This is a dry, crisp, rather simple scent. Non-offensive, safe choice for the office.
I can't really say that it smells of anything in particular. I don't get vetiver as a distinct note. Perhaps there are pine needles, but frankly the scent is mostly a somewhat synthetic, "fresh" sort. It is not problematic... just not particularly exciting. I have the pre-2011 version. Yes, it bears some resemblance to Tsar.
03rd April, 2007 (last edited: 01st August, 2014)
This wonderful fragrance is a masterpiece of the Fragonard house. Its just brilliant in the summer. Mostly for feel-good casual occasions. Its green - citrusy smell with woods and spices yet still elegant and light is a great natural / refreshing experience.
01st September, 2006
Fragonard Vetyver EDT is a very different vetiver, and is a smoother, woodsy vetiver scent, not unlike Carlo Corinto Vetyver, but without ever reaching the powerful soapy stage that the CC does. There is a potent lemon note that runs through the top and middle of the Fragonard, and then the pine needles pick up the slack and propel the fragrance forward both powerfully and smoothly. On direct comparison with the CC Vetyver, the Fragonard is surprisingly similar, with slightly less woods than the CC and, as noted, without the surprisingly strong soapy phase that the CC evolves through. Overall, very nice.

04th November, 2005
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I cannot understate this fragrance. I have been a long-time wearer of Guerlain vetiver and have occasionally worn Creed veriver, which I no longer care for. I have sampled many others by purchasing samples online and testing at counters.
When I received a sample packet of Fragonard Vetyver from Charles and Jean Roberts' shop 'Enchante' in Austin, TX, I knew I needed to wear this fragrance.
The interplay between the vetiver, pine needles and lemon is curious AND fantastic with the cedar foundation contributing to a long-lasting, classic fragrance. This is a fragrance I will forever own and wear.
11th August, 2005 (last edited: 24th August, 2005)
Like Santal VERTYVER is a classic and all houses do leave a "mark" within the style.
I do believe that this is a classic vetyver and would call it YOUNG CLASSIC.
Powerfull but not harsh, very masculin.
It has the right balance of pine and lemon this is probably it's identity.
A great classic that will stay fresh and young at heart.
Superbe and elegant.
27th July, 2005