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I *super-love* this fragrance, but rarely wear it. It's very strong and a co-worker said it smells JUST like Earl Grey tea. That same co-worker picked it out EVERY time I wore it. It's full-bottle worthy if you like fragrances like this.
15th December, 2017
Smells like some sort of floral cleaner.Not my style.
23rd October, 2015
Smells like somebody tried to synthesize Silver Mountain Water and failed. You can definitely smell the similarities, that is for sure. But SMW has a "dirty" smell (which I love) and Hamptons has a nose-blistering sharpness to it, I can't put my finger on it exactly, perhaps a sharper metallic note that just comes off too bold. I really wanted to like this one but it's just a real headache inducer.
08th December, 2014
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Genre: Aquatic

Hamptons doesn’t smell as if much thought went in to it. The vinegary top note smells like a miscalculation, but doesn’t last too long. Once it clears what remains is a very simple citrus and musk composition with a harsh chemical edge that only accentuates the tendency of such accords to smell like shampoo. The musk and the chemical note persist much longer on the skin than any trace of citrus, so the drydown isn’t very interesting or pleasant. This kind of idea is carried off with much more success (and at about half the price,) in Maître Parfumeur et Gantier’s Fraîcheur Muskissime.
15th June, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A fresh, light, shiny, silvery bergamot with a floral undertone - that is the gist of the top notes and of the drydown, although further into the middle phase the character of the floral notes shift to jasmine. The base is a generic diappointment of a nondescript woodsy nature. Solace is adequate as is the projection, and I get three hours if longevity. Good for summer.
27th May, 2014
radiant opening , citrusy and floral with aquatic and musk of the best outings from this house, longevity and sillage are intense!

13th April, 2014
Soft and floral top notes. A very ozone- like citrus note. Mostly soft white flowers. I am not digging this so much. I get a bit of rose, very light, air freshener like. Now read the notes, and I do get the ice tea note. I don't want to smell like ice tea, or at least not this ice tea. Pass.
22nd December, 2013
dany06 Show all reviews
United States
This smells like a cosmeceutical or body cleansing product. Its linear and has decent projection. It reminds me of a fragrance that should be faint and in the background but it inst. The scent has a familiar quality but I don't really find people walking around smelling like it. So I'd say to a person wearing this that he smells good versus asking what is he wearing? It smells refined and well groomed. Don't assume i'm talking about prep school old money well groomed. Its pretty boy damn i look good in the mirror metrosexual well groomed.

Its a very clean scent. Like a barely masculine soapy scent although not soapy. I guess its more of an aquatic clean scent. I could imagine smelling this on a well groomed guy right after primping and getting dressed for the day. Its not shower fresh. Its after you finish grooming fresh with hair styled and clothes on.

I think it could work as a unisex fragrance but it veers more towards the masculine side. I've never smelled creed's smw but this smells like a way way way better version of clean shower fresh for men after the dry down or a cologned up bottle of the blue shower to shower body powder.

Overall I give the fragrance thumbs up.
22nd March, 2013
I do get some of Silver Mountain Water here, but the tea notes are way overpronounced. With the citrus, it truly smells like like 1/2 SMW, 1/2 Iced Tea.

These are not the smooth tea notes that you will find in fragrances like Gucci Pour Homme II, Bulgari Black, Midnight in Paris, and Silver Mountain Water, but rather the kind that is likenable to a bottle of Snapple.

This a good fragrance, but for the same exact price, just get yourself a bottle of Silver Mountain Water, rather than this cheap knockoff (whether the similarities were intentional or unintentional).

This is one of the many Bonds that are way overpriced, compared to the quality that you get. This could easily compete with a lot of $50 fragrances out there, but not in the $200+ price range that it is selling for.
07th September, 2012 (last edited: 06th November, 2012)
I don't know about Bond. It seems these fragrances artfully concoct the most synthetic, impersonal aspects of fragrances that are all supposed to conjure memories with their elaborate backstories. I almost try to ignore the descriptions of perfumes because they are all so hyped, but Bond's word artestry is sublime.

Hamptons is supposed to be unisex, but comes across as feminine only because it is so chipper. Beyond "fresh," it is hair product clean. I think it is a touch of synthetic rose, combined with a soapy accord, that does it, although rose isn't listed in the notes.

Someone said that Bond is great with topnotes but basenotes are crafted unsuccessfully. I would guess that the basenotes are purposefully lacking because Morganthaler is trying to keep the topnotes supersonically high without muddling them. If the topnotes were worthy of this treatment, I would approve.
03rd July, 2012
surge Show all reviews
United States
Alright, so after spending a month with both this and Cree'd Silver Mountain Water, I have to say that I prefer Bond. They are *extremely* similar, and yeah SMW came out 10 years before Hamptons did and Bond totally ripped off Creed, but Hamptons has this really metallic true silver note at the top, where as SMW does not have this. They both have the "hairspray" notes, but I think combined with the metallic note at the top, Bond wins.

Longevity for both is not good considering they are both EDPs...I get around 4 hours max.
Cold weather? Fuh-get-abow-tit. 2 hours!

Projection is about the same.

I'll go with Hamptons every time.
17th February, 2012
This smells too similar to Creed's Silver Mountain Water for me to ever consider buying as it would not make sense to have both in my wardrobe.

It's a pleasant fragrance but has more to it through the opening and mid stages of it. The dry down is extremely light and is feminine compared to what SMW leaves, which is one of the few reasons I love SMW.

If you want a lighter alternative to SMW, this fits the bill. While not a bad frag at all, I would purchase SMW over Hamptons every time.
26th December, 2011
This one opens up with a light citric bergamot aroma combined with a delicate combo of floral notes dominated by lime blossom, which trough time develops into a jasmine dominant fragrance and so, it stays like that for the rest of the fragrance. Not bad at all, but nothing outstanding as well, in my opinion. Thumbs down just because it is not worth the price tag.
13th November, 2011
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I honestly would have enjoyed this if it were a pure clone of SMW. However, it's a poor clone that seems to last longer.

I honestly thought this smelled like bug spray -- call me a tyro -- that's how it came across.
07th July, 2011
Another Bond No. 9 rip-off of Creed: Hamptons has been sanitized and made woodier and less sweet, but it is pretty much a blatant copy of Silver Mountain Water. I can understand why some might like this better than SMW—it is cleaner, more technologically precise, and it forms a more predictable pattern in its development than does Silver Mountain Water; I don’t know for certain but I would guess that Hamptons would be less variable on different skin types, too. My main problem with Hamptons is that it just doesn’t smell as good SMW—it is not as strong (not that SMW is strong) and it doesn’t seem to project the higher vibrational notes that I find so attractive in SMW. Also, it is probably just my subconscious, but I think Hamptons is lacking in the creative character that is so prevalent in Creeds (and other maker’s fragrances that Bond copies), and that seems to me to be so missing in the Bonds. But then, as in all preferences in the fragrance universe, it all comes down to skin, nose, personal preferences, and personal prejudices. Hamptons is a very good fragrance, of course, it’s copied from one of the best, and Bond uses excellent ingredients and quality production. But I’ll continue to buy SMW.
05th December, 2010
This fragrance I've been going back and forth on this one. Initially I liked it, then i felt it was a bit too chemical-esque. After sampling on skin more it loses that and is quite nice and loses that chemical edge. It feels like a better Silver Mountain Water. SMW loses it's top notes and it's base is rather dull and flat. Hamptons is extremely long lasting and projects very well which isn't common for this type of scent. On paper it's not very pleasing but on your skin is where it shines. It isn't highly original but it smells great on skin and one I like.
04th December, 2010 (last edited: 15th August, 2011)
I think this smells like a blast of Himalaya with the addition of peppery Silver Mountain Water notes in the drydown. Overall it doesn't seem to change much, like a longer lasting, little-changing hybrid Creed that is very, very strong. So strong, in fact, that it can be quite cloying; literally one spray was all I needed to feel over-saturated by this stuff. Think Bleecker Street strong; it lasts for days. The scent doesn't evolve much, almost uncannily so, but a peppery note definitely does appear, bringing the hint of SMW. Overall the drydown makes me think of Bond No.9 in general, if that makes sense.
This is a classy scent, but far less inventive than some of Bond's other fragrances (really not inventive at all). Creed definitely reigns supreme in the upper echelon of classic, classy scents, but Bond is up there too; with scents like this, it adds some classic parfume to its avant-garde offerings, making it a very distinct House itself.
Alas, I think of Andy Warhol Silver Factory, my favorite scent at this time, and wish this was a bit more creative. As a scent of New York, though, this is fittingly called Hamptons.
21st May, 2010
While Silver Mountain Water smells decent, but doesn't last,
This smells like bung, yet lasts into the next day.
That's all I've got.
21st March, 2010
To me this is neutral as it smells exactly like one of the types of L'oreal hair gel. Not a bit like it, but the exact same smell. That leads me to the point that its not a bad smell or one that I dislike. Just not really my style, I mean I'd maybe wear it if it didnt cost £150 a bottle.

P.S. It was L'oreals Radical Gel from the late 90's
10th June, 2009 (last edited: 16th September, 2009)
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This makes the new Brooklyn fragrance from Bond seem positively brimming with invention and style. Boring and graceless.
30th March, 2009 (last edited: 03rd June, 2009)
Wow! This smells so good on me! It smells EVEN BETTER after about 30-40 minutes. Very crisp at first and then mellows wonderfully. I am really falling in love with more and more Bond no. 9 scents, this could be terrible for my bank account...
19th March, 2009 (last edited: 24th May, 2009)
This is awful. I completely agree that this smells like something straight out of the Creed stable (and SMW in particular). I don't have much time for many Creed scents. I certainly don't have much time for SMW. I gave this a lot of opportunities to do something for me. I tried it over and over again, followed its "development" (in this case, more of a disappearance after 20 minutes). I then tried it again a couple of days later with the same results. It smells clean and fresh but there is a dischord about the whole apparatus.
17th March, 2009
This scent somewhat reminded me of Kouros, but way, WAY more controlled. It's very soapy, clean, and invigorating. An aquatic type fragrance that stands out. Also, it's very masculine to my nose.
10th February, 2009
This is a less musky and refined version of Creed's Silver Mountain Water (SMW). The oddity, however, is that in addition to smelling a bit like SMW, Hamptons has undercurrents (pun intended) of tire/rubber and hairspray. Unlike the bottle design, this is not a star, but then again, none of the Bond fragrances are. Still, they're all interesting to smell even if many of them seem to mimic Creed frags.
08th February, 2009 (last edited: 08th March, 2009)
A "wetter" and sweeter Silver Mountain Water.
With a worse, more synthetic base, lacking smoothness on it's exit.
Less depth and spaciousness when compared to SMW.
Laurice does so well copying topnotes and making them younger and sweeter, even does pretty well with middle notes...
...but her basenotes, for the price, are un-acceptable.
Neutral vote because it's still better than the average designer stuff/
14th December, 2008
jrd4t Show all reviews
United States
I actually quite like this. I find it to be a refreshing, close scent that is the type of "clean" scent I can get into. It's bright, simple, and even somewhat dusty. The light floral top notes transform perfectly into a close skin scent that is unique in its own. Thumbs up from me.
29th September, 2008
Unfortunately after sampling this for part of a day I'm going to have to agree with Merbert. There is something very "dirty comb" about this. Like bad hair gel mixed with scalp and dead hair and plastic. Just not good at all.
02nd September, 2008
Strikes me as an inferior imitation of Creed’s Silver Mountain Water (which I enjoy). I notice a glue-like note in the opening. Bond no. 9 has better offerings than this.
20th July, 2008
I think Hamptons should be renamed "Eau de Dirty Comb". This vile juice is a dead ringer for a dirty comb or a dandruff-ridden scalp coated with cheap shampoo residue. It is completely dissimilar to Creed Silver Mountain Water save for the rapidity of its fade.

Fortunately this vile concoction washes off easily.
10th July, 2008
This doesn't smell like Silver Mountain Water to me at all. More like a mix of Erolfa and Zeste Mandarine Pampelmousse. Unfortunately, it ends just like ZMP; within an hour... poof gone.
03rd July, 2008