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Neutral Reviews of Hamptons by Bond No. 9

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Smells like somebody tried to synthesize Silver Mountain Water and failed. You can definitely smell the similarities, that is for sure. But SMW has a "dirty" smell (which I love) and Hamptons has a nose-blistering sharpness to it, I can't put my finger on it exactly, perhaps a sharper metallic note that just comes off too bold. I really wanted to like this one but it's just a real headache inducer.
08th December, 2014
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United Kingdom
A fresh, light, shiny, silvery bergamot with a floral undertone - that is the gist of the top notes and of the drydown, although further into the middle phase the character of the floral notes shift to jasmine. The base is a generic diappointment of a nondescript woodsy nature. Solace is adequate as is the projection, and I get three hours if longevity. Good for summer.
27th May, 2014
I don't know about Bond. It seems these fragrances artfully concoct the most synthetic, impersonal aspects of fragrances that are all supposed to conjure memories with their elaborate backstories. I almost try to ignore the descriptions of perfumes because they are all so hyped, but Bond's word artestry is sublime.

Hamptons is supposed to be unisex, but comes across as feminine only because it is so chipper. Beyond "fresh," it is hair product clean. I think it is a touch of synthetic rose, combined with a soapy accord, that does it, although rose isn't listed in the notes.

Someone said that Bond is great with topnotes but basenotes are crafted unsuccessfully. I would guess that the basenotes are purposefully lacking because Morganthaler is trying to keep the topnotes supersonically high without muddling them. If the topnotes were worthy of this treatment, I would approve.
03rd July, 2012
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To me this is neutral as it smells exactly like one of the types of L'oreal hair gel. Not a bit like it, but the exact same smell. That leads me to the point that its not a bad smell or one that I dislike. Just not really my style, I mean I'd maybe wear it if it didnt cost £150 a bottle.

P.S. It was L'oreals Radical Gel from the late 90's
10th June, 2009 (last edited: 16th September, 2009)
This scent somewhat reminded me of Kouros, but way, WAY more controlled. It's very soapy, clean, and invigorating. An aquatic type fragrance that stands out. Also, it's very masculine to my nose.
10th February, 2009
A "wetter" and sweeter Silver Mountain Water.
With a worse, more synthetic base, lacking smoothness on it's exit.
Less depth and spaciousness when compared to SMW.
Laurice does so well copying topnotes and making them younger and sweeter, even does pretty well with middle notes...
...but her basenotes, for the price, are un-acceptable.
Neutral vote because it's still better than the average designer stuff/
14th December, 2008
IMO, lighter and softer than SMW, though very similar for sure. Hamptons seems to be more aquatic (more of a salt note), maybe a tad drier, with a bit of grassiness and dry florals in the mix. Not as musky as SMW. Certainly a warm weather scent. I find it stays close to the skin and does not last as long as I'd like, not as long as SMW (a scent with which I thankfully don't have any longevity issues). Good, but as others have commented, probably not worth the price unless this type of scent is really your thing.
28th July, 2006
Although I think the Creed-plagiarism that Bond is often accused of is somewhat exxagerated, this one really confirms some of the conspiratoric thoughts. Hamptons is simply a blatant ripoff of Silver Mountain Water. It does have some own merits, BUT overall inferior and most of all I must question the pyramid since it doesn't even mention tea and blackcurrant which are obviously very present in the juice. Get the original instead, afterall the price difference isn't that big.
16th March, 2006
Of course, those who have tried this will undoubtedly make a snap decision that this smell very much like Creed Silver Mountain Water...and they'd be very correct. However, just like a couple of the more recent Creed launches I can think of, this fragrances needs time to distill itself on the skin. While the fresh, clean, lightly aquatic qualities of this and SMW are very much cousins there are differences that take time and careful "study" to uncover. Still...for the price...I think I'll pass.
16th September, 2005