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I *super-love* this fragrance, but rarely wear it. It's very strong and a co-worker said it smells JUST like Earl Grey tea. That same co-worker picked it out EVERY time I wore it. It's full-bottle worthy if you like fragrances like this.
15th December, 2017
radiant opening , citrusy and floral with aquatic and musk of the best outings from this house, longevity and sillage are intense!

13th April, 2014
dany06 Show all reviews
United States
This smells like a cosmeceutical or body cleansing product. Its linear and has decent projection. It reminds me of a fragrance that should be faint and in the background but it inst. The scent has a familiar quality but I don't really find people walking around smelling like it. So I'd say to a person wearing this that he smells good versus asking what is he wearing? It smells refined and well groomed. Don't assume i'm talking about prep school old money well groomed. Its pretty boy damn i look good in the mirror metrosexual well groomed.

Its a very clean scent. Like a barely masculine soapy scent although not soapy. I guess its more of an aquatic clean scent. I could imagine smelling this on a well groomed guy right after primping and getting dressed for the day. Its not shower fresh. Its after you finish grooming fresh with hair styled and clothes on.

I think it could work as a unisex fragrance but it veers more towards the masculine side. I've never smelled creed's smw but this smells like a way way way better version of clean shower fresh for men after the dry down or a cologned up bottle of the blue shower to shower body powder.

Overall I give the fragrance thumbs up.
22nd March, 2013
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surge Show all reviews
United States
Alright, so after spending a month with both this and Cree'd Silver Mountain Water, I have to say that I prefer Bond. They are *extremely* similar, and yeah SMW came out 10 years before Hamptons did and Bond totally ripped off Creed, but Hamptons has this really metallic true silver note at the top, where as SMW does not have this. They both have the "hairspray" notes, but I think combined with the metallic note at the top, Bond wins.

Longevity for both is not good considering they are both EDPs...I get around 4 hours max.
Cold weather? Fuh-get-abow-tit. 2 hours!

Projection is about the same.

I'll go with Hamptons every time.
17th February, 2012
This smells too similar to Creed's Silver Mountain Water for me to ever consider buying as it would not make sense to have both in my wardrobe.

It's a pleasant fragrance but has more to it through the opening and mid stages of it. The dry down is extremely light and is feminine compared to what SMW leaves, which is one of the few reasons I love SMW.

If you want a lighter alternative to SMW, this fits the bill. While not a bad frag at all, I would purchase SMW over Hamptons every time.
26th December, 2011
This fragrance I've been going back and forth on this one. Initially I liked it, then i felt it was a bit too chemical-esque. After sampling on skin more it loses that and is quite nice and loses that chemical edge. It feels like a better Silver Mountain Water. SMW loses it's top notes and it's base is rather dull and flat. Hamptons is extremely long lasting and projects very well which isn't common for this type of scent. On paper it's not very pleasing but on your skin is where it shines. It isn't highly original but it smells great on skin and one I like.
04th December, 2010 (last edited: 15th August, 2011)
I think this smells like a blast of Himalaya with the addition of peppery Silver Mountain Water notes in the drydown. Overall it doesn't seem to change much, like a longer lasting, little-changing hybrid Creed that is very, very strong. So strong, in fact, that it can be quite cloying; literally one spray was all I needed to feel over-saturated by this stuff. Think Bleecker Street strong; it lasts for days. The scent doesn't evolve much, almost uncannily so, but a peppery note definitely does appear, bringing the hint of SMW. Overall the drydown makes me think of Bond No.9 in general, if that makes sense.
This is a classy scent, but far less inventive than some of Bond's other fragrances (really not inventive at all). Creed definitely reigns supreme in the upper echelon of classic, classy scents, but Bond is up there too; with scents like this, it adds some classic parfume to its avant-garde offerings, making it a very distinct House itself.
Alas, I think of Andy Warhol Silver Factory, my favorite scent at this time, and wish this was a bit more creative. As a scent of New York, though, this is fittingly called Hamptons.
21st May, 2010
Wow! This smells so good on me! It smells EVEN BETTER after about 30-40 minutes. Very crisp at first and then mellows wonderfully. I am really falling in love with more and more Bond no. 9 scents, this could be terrible for my bank account...
19th March, 2009 (last edited: 24th May, 2009)
jrd4t Show all reviews
United States
I actually quite like this. I find it to be a refreshing, close scent that is the type of "clean" scent I can get into. It's bright, simple, and even somewhat dusty. The light floral top notes transform perfectly into a close skin scent that is unique in its own. Thumbs up from me.
29th September, 2008
I have to concur with most of the reviews herein and say that this Bond is a pale reflection of both Silver Mountain Water and (to a lesser extent, granted) Erolfa.

For the price tag, one can almost get two Creed testers of the originals for the price of one Bond No. 9 Hamptons.

I think I'll stick with the Creeds, thanks.
26th December, 2007
I like this fragrance. Smells very fresh and clean. If you like complements from people stick with bond 9 unisex and men's fragrances they always give me very positive attention. I've owned over 60 or 70 different men's scents. I love to look good and smell good and all the bond scents I have invested in have been right on the money.
25th December, 2007
Tovah Show all reviews
United States
Hamptons is great on my husband and very good on me. I want to buy a Bond for my husband's upcoming birthday and I'm torn between Hamptons, Bleecker Street, and Wall Street. Of the three, I think he likes Hamptons the best because it's so clean and outdoorsy. It's perfect for wearing while playing golf or relaxing by the pool. I catch a whiff of Hamptons and can't stop myself from slinking toward that sexy smell...wearers - don't say I didn't warn you!
29th March, 2007
This stuff is truly intoxicating. I've always been a big fan of Silver Mountain Water and while I do notice the similarities, Hamptons seems to be stronger and more masculine. SMW seems a little soft for some reason. I love it but had had comments that I smelled like a girl with it. lol. To me Hamptons is a bit more standout-ish. You can definitely notice it's actual parfum as's strong. It seems to me to a be a more updated, crisper, and dry fragrance that has many notes of SMW. I know Bond No. 9 has been compared to Creed, but hey, why not start with them and make changes/improvements from there...Creed's one of the best.
19th March, 2007
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Can you say identical to SMW? its good but creed is much cheaper for the same fragrance.
26th July, 2006
Paul G Show all reviews
United States
the Silver Mountain Water comparisons are valid. However, it has a much woodier base that comes out in the drydown. Has similar lasting power and fairly nice. If you own SMW though there's really not a big reason to get this. Not worth the high price and one of the reasons they catch the grief they do about lack of originality.
15th April, 2006
Sort of Avant guarde as far as marine scents go...crisp, citrusy, and very a black and white photo of a bouquet of flowers and a crisp white capitan's hat sprawled out on the teaque wood deck of a yacht...enchanting, but, not posessing the same complexity as other Bond scents, although still a masterpeice in it's own right...
30th December, 2005
Dennis Show all reviews
United States
Hamptons has quickly become one of my favorite scents ever. It takes everything I like about Creed's Silver Mountain Water, improves on it, and removes everything I always felt SMW could do without. In other words, a better SMW than SMW. Hamptons has a sharp yet light aquatic note that perfectly compliments the SMW opening. It has good longevity and projects well, yet is not overbearing in any way. A beautiful fragrance for a man.
23rd October, 2005
I recently acquired Hamptons. It was actually the last summer fragrance I purchased. It’s great; it’s like a crispier, tarter version of Creed SMW. Removing that currant note from SMW takes a lot of the weight away, and makes it easier to wear. Hamptons worked amazingly well in the hot and humid summers in the south. I have found no other fragrance that can cut through the humidity so well. Hamptons is sour and oceanic with a cucumber note that makes it really amazing and deep.
19th September, 2005
I am a huge fan of this scent. I have tried other marine scents, but they have turned slightly sour on my acidic skin. This cologne has a softer hand and a longer lasting quality, which is enhanced by the base notes.
Top notes: Lime blossom, bigarade oil (from the bitter-orange flower), bergamot, and bracing armoise oil, with overtones of cedar and sage.
Heart notes: magnolia, white jasmine and Turkish rose.
Base notes: amber, sandalwood and cashmere musk.
03rd September, 2005