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This is my dad's signature scent. It smells of saltwater and mangoes, but isn't overly sweet. Actually it's very salty and not sweet as a fruity fragrance would be expected to be. Sillage is very good as is longevity. It also leans very masculine. It's not really my style but it's a very nice fragrance for the money, especially as mango is a rare note in fragrances.

03rd May, 2018
The opening on this is very clean, fresh (iced mango indeed), and nice. I was in love with it, right away. A little too "pretty" of a scent, but I like it.
Then the dry down comes into play.
It still has that mango-like scent, but instead of being sharp and watery, it gets creamy. Creamy, but for some reason, not in a good way. I don't if it's because it smells too common, but that dry down just doesn't do it for me. More recently, I tried it again, and the dry down smelled like some bad buttered popcorn.

SIMILAR TO: Marshall's Artisan Woods/TJ Maxx's Imperial Woods. The Marshall's version has a faux metal looking cylinder cap, the TJ Maxx one has a faux wooden rectangle cap.
That fragrance opens up very sharp and synthetic but immediately dries down into what the opening of Polo Black is like. It doesn't last that long, maybe 4 hours, but it's pretty much Polo Black done right. That queasy creamy dry down is not here, but instead, a smoother version of Polo Black's top notes.

CONCLUSION: Aside from my most recent experience with it (maybe THAT tester bottle went bad), it's pretty safe, but the dry down is nothing great, just generic.
28th November, 2017 (last edited: 12th April, 2018)
I got this from my girlfriend (who in turn got it from polo as she is doing some work from them).

Yes it's a bit predictable, bland and generic. It also smells really good and fresh and won't offend anyone anywhere. You can be sure it will be gone by lunch time.

I quietly enjoy it the same way I enjoy burger king: With a smile. And there's nothing more to add.
22nd January, 2015
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Super safe versatile scent that lasts less than two hours on my skin. It's a nice woody, mango scent that can be worn year round. Would have rated it higher had if it lasted longer.
24th September, 2014
I don't want to knock this too much, as I wore it a lot when it first came out. I like the scent and the projection, but found myself continually waiting for the dry-down that never seemed to happen--like being served a meal with a mango appetizer, mango entree, and for dessert...more
mango. Just felt it needed a bit more oomph. But all-in-all a safe fragrance for everyday wear.
31st March, 2014
Polo Black is an uninspiring yet dependable friend. It's woody aroma lends itself perfectly for use in the winter (in the summer I find it way too warm) but the hints of fruitiness keep it from being suffocating.

During the fall/winter, I'll usually choose Polo Black when I'm at a loss for what to wear or need something "safe", but I never start my day reaching for it.

Like I said, the best word to describe it is dependable. I'll always have it in my collection, but I'll never brag about it.
29th November, 2013
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United Kingdom
Another horse

The mango top note is quite pleasant, but benzoin with a very synthetic side note seem to overwhelm it at stages. The drydown has generic wood and a rather bland patchouli included, resulting in an overall not totally characterless product, but not a very exciting one either. Projection and silage all all right, and it lasts two hours on my skin. Soon the nth flanker will be released....

28th October, 2013

Smells good, but too synthetic.

12th September, 2013
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United States
Opens with an almost overwhelming benzoin/medicinal smell. This lingers for 20 minutes before I moderate fruity note can be noted. Long after application (an hour or more), there is a vanilla-tobacco-patchouli quality that is pleasant if somewhat predictable. Lasts about 4-6 hours on skin/clothes and occassionally re-introduces that benzoin note...I'm ambivalent...othe "black" fragrances like Kenneth Cole and 1881 are far preferable!
14th March, 2013
I don’t agree at all with all the negative reviews this fragrance has received.
Ok probably it’s not a top one , it’s quite generic, a little bit synthetic and very sweet;
but it’s also very spicy, modern and fresh with a decent sandalwood and patchouli dry down and i can assure you’ll get lots of compliments, if you decide to wear Polo Black, as women just love it.
24th November, 2012
Never truly tested it, only smelled the cap. Cold in character, bitter-sweet and quite synthetic, however also appealing. Under different circumstances I cannot ascertain wether my review would be positive or negative, so I'm rating it neutral.
18th October, 2012
Watery melons with a touch of leather. Plus the boozy "frat guy accord" that seems to be present in all of Ralph Lauren's stuff. Not unpleasant per se, but that accord just about screams "one of those American colognes!" I need something with a little more personality.
14th October, 2012
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Polo Black isn't all that bad. It's certainly better than Double Black, which smells like an air freshener for cars.

What I smell is mainly patchouli and an aquatic note. I love patchouli, hate Calone, so I guess they cancel each other out to end up with a neutral rating. The accord smells heavily synthetic, sort of like hair conditioner for hippies, and has a kind of watery herbal smell.

Polo Black smells good for about a half hour, during which time I find the patchouli note blends well with a dark fruity note. However, the Calone ultimately becomes too prominent and sort of ruins the accord, and Polo Black becomes dull and tiresome to wear. This could have been so much better if higher quality ingredients were used, and simply more fragrance notes were added to this very bare accord.

21st April, 2011
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Decent woody aromatic fragrance with a good longevity and a sufficient level of distinction and freshness necessary for its aims. Polo Black is balanced in its admeasurement between warm and fresh notes and is a bit edible with its fruity ingredient of mango which is (shared) in common with the horrible following brother Double black. The latter and Polo Blue are a total olfactory flop in my opinion despite the marketing success of the Blue one. Polo Black is a better concoction instead, even if not unique, groundbreaking or easily recognizable. It is not anyway a cloying or overly synthetic one. There is not a stressed transition between the levels and the beginning is simply citrusy, green and aromatic with sage, silver armoise and the bit creamy/fleshy addition of mango, before the sliding of the scent towards a more ordinary woody base with dark patchouli and smoky mild tonka. Synthetic hedione infuses a touch of mild smoothness to the final outcome in order to level the corners. Polo Black man is a dynamic and self confident person with the full awareness of his qualities.
24th February, 2011 (last edited: 12th January, 2014)
A very fresh, tropical, enjoyable, unique and pleasant opening that makes good use of citric fruit over spice and greens to capture a wide range of moods, making it rather universal and best suited for a mass audience. A Ralph Lauren mantra since the manufacturing of Polo Blue that has suited them financially quite well, to say the least. Imbues a bit of Caribbean flair with a rather synthetic but fairly well blended mango and tangerine accords that press nicely against the sage and greener qualities. These elements are then layered over a prominently spicy patchouli presence that within 10-15 minutes starts to get creamier as the tonka bean becomes more prominent.
The first 20-30 minutes are when Polo Black really shines, with the citrus taking full control and not allowing the patchouli and rather stale sandalwood note to reach center stage. A great seller in this respect, as the top and middle are very nicely done and find just the right balance between citric, herbal, and spicy, the perfect amount of time to sample, purchase and exit before realizing that Polo Black may not be all its cracked up to be.
The problem unfortunately lies with the rather uninspired and bland basenote formulation, which lacks a dark and brooding presence to give it depth and muscle. The patchouli is far too prominent and cloying during the drydown and the tonka bean just doesn´t seem to hold as well as it should, struggling to emancipate itself from the restraint of the overemphasized patchouli and highly synthetic sandalwood. One can only imagine what a little tobacco or leather accord or a more prominent and improved organic tonka bean accord could have done for Polo Black to make it truly exceptional.
This is nice, department store fodder but doesn´t have the same elegance and charm of Armani Code, which does a far finer job of finding a balance between cream, spice and citrus. Leans more in the direction of a skin scent and does seem to imbue the wearer with a sweet and creamy synthetic charm that does give this a certain versatility perfect for fall, spring or winter; day or night; casual or formal.
Projection may be a bit below average on most skin but longevity seems to tremendously vary based on individual chemistry and environmental circumstances. I have gotten as little as 3-5 hours and as much as 10-12 hours, with colder weather climates generally inducing a longer stay of the patchouli and sandalwood residue.
Certainly nothing to turn away from initially, Polo Black is very enchanting in its initial applications but after a few wearings quickly becomes tiresome to even the most loyal Ralph Lauren patrons. Blame it on the patchouli and sandalwood?
19th January, 2011 (last edited: 11th February, 2012)
I was given this scent about a year ago, there really isn't much to say about it.

Want to smell professional? Check.

Want to smell just "good"? Check.

Want an innofensive, yet somewhat sexy fragrance? Check.

Want great longevity? Not happening with this one.

Want to project across the room? Too bad, this cologne won't do it.

Want to smell different? Sorry.

I guess this is just 100% in what YOU want. If your going for a safe, good fragrance. Hit this one up. Not too sure on what to say for the smell. I guess I'd describe it as a very masculine scent, peppery and woodsy.
11th December, 2010
It's to bad about the longevity becouse I love this scent (only got around 5 hours top out of it). I really do. A lovely opening that stays pretty much all the way. This was my signature scent for a few years and I've had many compliments on it. After I found better fragrances I just did'nt buy any more of it.

Loved it but to bad about the longevity.
17th October, 2010
Hm. I got this one as a gift, and I'm pretty happy with it. I might have bought it myself. It's an extravagant opening, as is typical for CK scents. It then goes to the middle notes, and then the ba-WAIT. No, I NEVER got ANY base notes for this. I wore this and got a longevity of about 7 hours - average, before it began to fade away. Never in there did I get ANY of the listed base notes, which I was a bit sad about. I liked the listed woodsy base, but as it dried down I got the herbal, citrusy middle as listed... and it just kept at it for maybe 5 1/2 - 6 hours. It's an average scent, nothing eye-opening... and a small tear of disappointment for the lack of the base.
20th June, 2010
sooooo average...can't handle it...soooo average...!
12th September, 2009
Ever since I tried the original Polo, I've been a fan of Ralph Lauren. I even finished two bottles of Polo Sport! So it was with high hopes that I sampled Polo Black, yet another best seller from this great house. Like many other 'unenlightened' customer I was hooked by the 'amazing' top notes and promptly made my full bottle purchase within 5 minutes of smelling it. How bad can it be? It's a Polo from Ralph Lauren! As I discovered later the development to the drydown leaves much to be desired; I can't even remember the last time I felt like wearing Polo Black. Now whenever I open the drawer to pick a scent, the still-heavy 4.2oz bottle serves me yet another reminder of those 'dark' days before joining Basenotes.
20th August, 2009 (last edited: 08th September, 2009)
Smells like a watery, synthetic, mixed-berry Pixy Stix. It has
some of that watermelon fron KC Reaction and some Paco Rabanne 1 Million feel to it as well. The drydown has some woodsy (ie: dark, teak) elements to it, but very little though. Like a Boss (or Bod) spray or Kool Aid, dries down to a more plasticy and rubbery smell (ie: rubbery woody). Has that Ralph Lauren signature note to it. Meh. Not bad, but so what?
22nd June, 2009
I'm a little confused by all the reviews saying this has no sillage or staying power. The first time I wore it to work, two girls walking in at the opposite side of a fairly large room commented that "someone remembered their perfume today" - This was with only 2 sprays. About 6 hours later I was wishing it would disappear. I think it's actually overpowering and a little headache inducing. Not a bad smell but something about it feels quite old and it certainly lacks any sort of sophistication you might be hoping for based on the name and packaging. I get a peppery spice almost immediately which dies down after a while but as others have said, it seems fairly generic and certainly there is nothing "special" about it. I'll give it a thumbs in the middle just because it is quite nice, just not what I look for in a fragrance.
11th June, 2009
Jack Show all reviews
United States
This could be the pefect day scent for a person that doesn't like to much aqua or citrus. Also ok for evening as well. A good all around scent. But, for me I get big patchouli at the end. I still rotate this in, but won't buy again.
05th June, 2009
The bottle gives me an image of something smokey, deep and maybe a little boozy. The actual juice is disappointingly nothing like what I had assumed. The opening is rather exotic, with the mango and what not, but once those notes blow away, we are left with a thin ho-hum blend.
23rd May, 2009 (last edited: 29th October, 2009)
Athough fun of Ralph Laren perfumes, I find this perfume very avarage. It has something good but if you leave it on you for some hours, the scent is somehow boring and you will get tired. The mango is too much for me and I realize that I don't like mangos in the perfumes although I like to eat them. The journie of this perfume in other words, leads nowhere good of a price. I judge a perfume not from their top notes but from the base notes as these lasts longer.
22nd March, 2009
I was nearly fooled by a quite relaxing, easygoing and unspectacular introduction- with many "sweet", aquatic- ozonic undertones. But once this first impression has passed, a blast of spice and truly "dark", edgy notes take over. Seems like two very different perfumes in one, as the styles, the intensity and the suitability for formal or informal use are extremely different between the first impression the final drydown.
12th January, 2009
My opening guess with the top note was that it might be oranges, but iced mango was a new one for me. It is the dominant note in the opening aria, and once it dies, so does the whole fragrance, The middle notes are muted and unobtrusive, but this seems like a scent with a lack of identity. This is nothing new and does not represent value for money.
30th December, 2008
I respect very much Ralph Laure. He is a great designer, awesome clothes, classy style.

First of all? Why Black? I dont understand!
This fragance isnt maybe orange, mandarine, mango, or whatever, but black? mmmmmm, I dont think so.
Is hard for me to speak about the concept of this fragance, because is very weird......

Check other reviews,

PS:I will give a neutral because I love Ralph Lauren products. Everybody did mistakes.
25th October, 2008
Polo Black is an inoffensive and well composed "fresh" scent that is is a little on the generic side but more likable than many of its competitors. The refreshing fruity top notes soon fade away, leaving a lightly herbaceous and "watery" heart underpinned by a base of patchouli and sandalwood that is rounded out and softened a little by the tonka bean.

Polo Black has nowhere near the power, sillage or longevity of other fragrances in the Polo line, it lasts maybe 4 hours before it needs refreshing. This is a nice enough fragrance but there is nothing that makes it (or the wearer )stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for something unique or sexy then this is not what you are looking for ; if you are looking for something fresh, understated and suitable for the office or class room then this may be worth a try.
20th September, 2008
Ralph Lauren changed this fragrance

year 2005, smells like synthetic sweet mangoes, bright and strong, then a green dried down, not black, but I like it,

rating, Thumbs up

year 2008, smells less sweet, less mangoes, less bright, but still strong but more alcoholish, its darker than the previous,

RL made it darker, and all notes overpower each other,

rating, Neutral at best,

I like the 2005 version,
10th September, 2008