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I refrained from reviewing this back when it came out because I couldn't wrap my understanding around what it was trying to achieve. It smelled like pencil shavings with fruity intentions to me at the time.

Now I like it, especially considering the disasters released over the past decade. originality has largely gone out the window (though slowly coming back) and I think this will set you apart in today's aroma scene.

It only took 12ish years, but I think Polo Black has a point.
19th January, 2018
I went to Macy's a while back and tried a variety of men's cologne on. Polo Black was the only thing that really stuck out to me. Had that sharp, fresh, slightly sweet opening ("iced mango"). I love that kind of opening. It dries down pretty linear, but the sharp freshness becomes creamy. Quality stuff in my opinion.

Subsequent samples didn't evoke the same magic. The opening now seems far too feminine to me, and the dry down overstays its welcome.

I still rate it a thumbs up because it's a great smelling, young fragrance, and smells of a relatively good quality. I probably will buy it down the road, but I'm looking for something just a little bit better.

Overall, I think this is a winner if you want something to wear on a first date, or just going out with friends.

IF YOU LIKE: CK Eternity, Curve, or Lucky You, I think you'll like this. Maybe even better.

BOTTLE DESIGN: Simple but beautiful.

LONGEVITY & SILLAGE: It lasts about 6 hours on me, more or less. I felt like it was projecting well enough for people to notice it, but it's far from a best.
28th November, 2017
I just got this perfume (15 ml sample in a gift set), and I was actually pleasantly surprised.

I was fearing an overly-sweet blast of synthetic mango in the top, but this is actually not a sweet scent at all. The iced mango is detectable, but it smells like actual mango and not that orange gunk that can be found in ice cream and cheap soap.

Other than the iced mango, the patchouli and sandalwood play very well together (this definitely comes to show after you've worn it for a little bit). In general tha combination of ingredients form a very pleasant and interesting fragrance. The first word that comes to mind when having to describe its smell is "dark", so they've definitely done something right!

It's not as dominant as many RL perfumes tend to be, which makes this the perfect perfume when the wearer doesn't want to stand out too much. I find this to be great when at school/work. Especially if your outfit is mostly black. It is a bit mysterious, so it's actually pretty good for a quiet guy (like myself). It's very pleasant yet subtle. I love that!

I think this perfume can be worn on any occation. I probably wouldn't wear it for family get togethers, but that's the only occation I can think of.

Both longevity and projection is great on me. Lasts all day, and projection is pretty strong (although the perfume itself is a subtle one). Yeah, I'm one of those lucky bastards.

01st February, 2017
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POLO BLACK?It is a symbol in RL young fragrances.Yes A nice young scent for any season of the year specially in SPRING/AUTUMN weather.quite Sweet and Casual.

This RL EDT is Fruity(mango) and Fresh at the begining.Soft and Romantic at the middle and upshot Warm in the fact Fruity notes mixes well with the other notes and creates a very Yummy and Cute scent.

In my opinion is a forever attraction in this and truly makes you feel young beautiful.PB is Good for teenagers of those colognes Everytime you wearning it,Some people stop you on the street and asking what this fragrance is?However i still prefer DOUBLE BLACK!


Longevity?Remarkabke on my skin.

15th May, 2015
Sickeningly sweet mango and spice dominant fragrance with poor longevity. I generally like Ralph Lauren and find most of their fragrances well balanced. Black however, is less than the Polo standard. The mango wears me out way before the fragrance can die, which was about two hours tops.

I can't imagine wearing this anywhere ever.
06th April, 2015 (last edited: 07th April, 2015)
I got this from my girlfriend (who in turn got it from polo as she is doing some work from them).

Yes it's a bit predictable, bland and generic. It also smells really good and fresh and won't offend anyone anywhere. You can be sure it will be gone by lunch time.

I quietly enjoy it the same way I enjoy burger king: With a smile. And there's nothing more to add.
22nd January, 2015
Super safe versatile scent that lasts less than two hours on my skin. It's a nice woody, mango scent that can be worn year round. Would have rated it higher had if it lasted longer.
24th September, 2014
I don't want to knock this too much, as I wore it a lot when it first came out. I like the scent and the projection, but found myself continually waiting for the dry-down that never seemed to happen--like being served a meal with a mango appetizer, mango entree, and for dessert...more
mango. Just felt it needed a bit more oomph. But all-in-all a safe fragrance for everyday wear.
31st March, 2014
Polo Black is an uninspiring yet dependable friend. It's woody aroma lends itself perfectly for use in the winter (in the summer I find it way too warm) but the hints of fruitiness keep it from being suffocating.

During the fall/winter, I'll usually choose Polo Black when I'm at a loss for what to wear or need something "safe", but I never start my day reaching for it.

Like I said, the best word to describe it is dependable. I'll always have it in my collection, but I'll never brag about it.
29th November, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Another horse

The mango top note is quite pleasant, but benzoin with a very synthetic side note seem to overwhelm it at stages. The drydown has generic wood and a rather bland patchouli included, resulting in an overall not totally characterless product, but not a very exciting one either. Projection and silage all all right, and it lasts two hours on my skin. Soon the nth flanker will be released....

28th October, 2013

Smells good, but too synthetic.

12th September, 2013
Synthetic generic fragrance - at best as liquorish room spray, AT BEST. Smells like every other man out there. Is it awful? No. Is it special? DEFINITELY not.
25th April, 2013
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Opens with an almost overwhelming benzoin/medicinal smell. This lingers for 20 minutes before I moderate fruity note can be noted. Long after application (an hour or more), there is a vanilla-tobacco-patchouli quality that is pleasant if somewhat predictable. Lasts about 4-6 hours on skin/clothes and occassionally re-introduces that benzoin note...I'm ambivalent...othe "black" fragrances like Kenneth Cole and 1881 are far preferable!
14th March, 2013
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The mango and Mellon notes make it stand above most generic department store fragrances. The spices add a nice touch. I think ti's is every bit as good as some of the Creeds I have smelled.
02nd March, 2013
Ralph Lauren has created another fragrance that will maintain popularity for years...

In my opinion, Polo Black provides a fragrance that is clean and fresh with mild fruity undertones. It is comparable to Diesel (Only the Brave), Versace Pour Homme, and can best be described as a mix between Light Blue (Dolce) and CK Free.

My reviews generally consider the following areas: price/value, appeal/smell, "wow factor" (compliments), longevity, uniqueness, best time of year worn or occasion, and easy on the nose (and bottle on the eyes).

Polo Black scores high in the "wow factor", as I have received numerous compliments from the opposite sex. It also scores well with longevity. I am especially fond of applying a moderate amount of any fragrance in the morning prior to work and it lasting the day without reapplying. Polo Black receives high marks in this area.

Polo Black smells great and while comparable to other fragrances, it does offer it's own unique essence. It is definitely a fragrance that can be worn any time of year and for any occasion without being overbearing.

My only criticism is the value of the larger bottles. Obviously, the large bottles are expensive and a strain on the wallet, Ralph Lauren has introduced smaller, more economical sizes, for those of us perceiving we are getting a deal (i.e. something under $30-$35 per bottle). Additionally, the smaller sizes are the perfect size for "sampling" and for the seasoned traveler.

All things considered, I would rate Polo Black as 4.75 stars (on a 5-star scale) and recommend adding it to your collection.

24th January, 2013
Polo Black is a very handsome, masculine fragrance that is perfect for the office or nights out. The mango opening is fresh and sweet and stays on throughout as the deeper spicy notes come in, meshed with a dash "Polo" signature muskiness. This is a solid choice and a good-buy because it is very dependable and non-offensive. I get great longevity 7-9 hours on average with 4 sprays. (8.5 out of 10)
12th January, 2013
I don’t agree at all with all the negative reviews this fragrance has received.
Ok probably it’s not a top one , it’s quite generic, a little bit synthetic and very sweet;
but it’s also very spicy, modern and fresh with a decent sandalwood and patchouli dry down and i can assure you’ll get lots of compliments, if you decide to wear Polo Black, as women just love it.
24th November, 2012
This is worse than Double Black. Surprisingly, this is the first frag that smelled like a house cleaner to me. I've seen a lot of reviews on basenotes that describe frags in that manner, but I thought they were over-exagerating.

Smelling this, makes me a true believer of a frag smelling like something you would clean your pots and pans with!..... I'm serious!
21st November, 2012 (last edited: 22nd November, 2012)
Never truly tested it, only smelled the cap. Cold in character, bitter-sweet and quite synthetic, however also appealing. Under different circumstances I cannot ascertain wether my review would be positive or negative, so I'm rating it neutral.
18th October, 2012
Watery melons with a touch of leather. Plus the boozy "frat guy accord" that seems to be present in all of Ralph Lauren's stuff. Not unpleasant per se, but that accord just about screams "one of those American colognes!" I need something with a little more personality.
14th October, 2012
For me this was almost a neutral; let me explain. One of my coworkers wears this almost exclusively, and on him its smells great. On him the top and mid notes last the whole shift. A bit one-dimensional but all the women seem to love it and and I can't say it isn't pleasant (yes double negative but that is how people talk.)
On me, this thing dries down in 15 minutes and is barely detectable as a skin cologne after an hour. Maybe his secret is 6 pumps but if that's the case then it isn't worth the price, even as it is.
12th October, 2012
The first cologne I ever bought, before I really knew what I was doing (not that I'm much better now) maybe I'm a bit biased. I really like the way it sits on me--it smells the way I think a man in his lower 20s-upper 30s (when I bought it) should. Classy. It makes people say, "You smell nice," without being overpowering. This is my fall/winter date night scent.
13th August, 2012
a blind buy, totally disappointing, citrusy and on the verge of sounding feminine, I will never buy this again, of course!
01st June, 2012
Polo Black....OUI!!

Have you ever been to Canada? If not, that's too bad. If so, then hopefully you had the opportunity to meet our handsome French-Canadian men. Strong, sexy, intelligent and really really confident. That is what this fragrance embodies for me. The opening note is so juicy and bold, it screams "pay attention to me!!" So you do...and then you are trapped in his nets. The fragrance morphs into masculine woodsy notes and the patchouli leaves me begging!! Mon Dieu! This stuff is hot!!!

Really....truly...the scent is pure confidence (bordering on cocky...)!
Oh la la...les beaux hommes canadiens-français!!!
03rd May, 2012
Fantastic opening of fresh mango's with some creme behind it. But, as it dries down, so do the mango's, as they turn more synthetic smelling. They blend into the sandalwood note, which is done poorly in this fragrance IMO. Longevity is usually around the 4 hour mark for me, and projection is below average.

The flanker to this, Double Black, is quite excellent, although it lacks in the longevity and projection departments as well. I certainly see a correlation between the two. But, as far as this one goes, it gets a thumbs up by me. I find that it's okay to have a few designer scents with poor longevity and projection, hell, sometimes, I don't want my fragrance to last all day. Black is a great quick little "pick me up" fragrance. And what it lacks, it makes up for with its uniqueness, and versatility. If you're fortunate enough to have this one on while it's still projecting, you will definitely get compliments. My ex co-worker loved this so much on me, that she bought a bottle for herself. I can see it being unisex as well.
09th September, 2011
I purchased a bottle of Polo Black a few years ago. The fragrance smelled good on the card, but when it was applied on my skin was a different story. This cologne smells just like plastic with a hint of lemon.

I actually swapped it for another fragrance.

I would not purchase again or recommend Polo Black to anyone.
06th September, 2011
Had tried this many times when i was in town and friend off mind bought a bottle for himself from duty free 125ml for under £40

Polo black is now what its seems, u would believe due to the colour choice of black that this aftershave would be woody heavy and smell slightly like a biker.

But ever time i spray i can smell strawberry not to same extent as paco black xs but it is there and you can smell the lemon and other fruits overall polo black is a woody fragrance but thankfully the fruit notes gives this a little bit of a identity and different than pretty much any other woody fragrance

i would say this can be worn by any age and i would wear this at night or clubbing i get 6 hours when i spray this on. So buy this if you like it :D
25th July, 2011
The first time that I tried this perfume was back in 2006 and I remember I liked it. Today I've tried it again and did not like anything on it. Bad sillage, low longevity. As soon as I put it on the store I liked it a lot but after one hour and some, it smells not so good. I can tell you, I won't buy it.
28th June, 2011
My lover wears this and I think it is insanely sexy
11th June, 2011
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Polo Black isn't all that bad. It's certainly better than Double Black, which smells like an air freshener for cars.

What I smell is mainly patchouli and an aquatic note. I love patchouli, hate Calone, so I guess they cancel each other out to end up with a neutral rating. The accord smells heavily synthetic, sort of like hair conditioner for hippies, and has a kind of watery herbal smell.

Polo Black smells good for about a half hour, during which time I find the patchouli note blends well with a dark fruity note. However, the Calone ultimately becomes too prominent and sort of ruins the accord, and Polo Black becomes dull and tiresome to wear. This could have been so much better if higher quality ingredients were used, and simply more fragrance notes were added to this very bare accord.

21st April, 2011