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Wearing it right now and here is what I think of Costes. First of all, the rose in this scent has made me less wary of rose going forward. Given that I am usually baulk at the mere mention of rose and denounce it as feminine and not for my tastes. Perhaps they refined the rose note and surrounded it with lavander and incense to make it more wearable and less flowery. The result is puzzling as it is at once lithe, fresh and confident while still holding an air of affluent modern decadence. I imagine chic trendy hotel corridors with successful assertive hipsters of all ages as the clientele. As for the fragrance, sleek and urbane and what Nicole Kidman and her hubby might share. Do I like it ?..... not for everyday but it has a place in my collection. i am surprised the cinnamon resemblence has not turned me off as of yet. More of a fragrance of novelty value rather than something that will reach for when the need for a safe scent choice arises.

I have to downgrade my previous rating of Costes to neutral based on wearability issues in the long run. Somebody else remarked of its value as more of a home fragrance . Now I agree.
04th November, 2011 (last edited: 02nd December, 2011)
I love the smooth and delicate wood/incense background of this scent. However, I do not like rose scents. This smells like rose potpourri. Once I smell that, the fragrance becomes rose, rose, rose, and I cannot get past it...Also, for me rose is not a masculine scent and if I wore this in public, I would be looking over my shoulder all the time to see is anybody was staring at me - "what's with that guy and the roses?" Silly but true. Too bad, it is a nice scent, thumbs up for women and guys less insecure than me.
10th October, 2011
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United States
This is a scent I can imagine dancers putting on before they go out and do the paso doble. It is fun, festive, spicy and electrifying. It's just too bad the festivities only last for a couple hours, at best. This is one of the best woody spices I've sampled, but I can't justify the price tag for something that is so fleeting. Note to industry: Please give Giacobetti a bigger budget, her intuition is impeccable but the quality and staying power of the final result is not doing her justice
27th February, 2010
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At first it smelled like sweat. I thought there was cumin in this but that didn't seem right then it hit me: cloves! Smells like my mother's spice drawer. Interesting scent for an entire hotel to smell like a kitchen. Maybe it's to "feel at home" or something. I wouldn't mind this being sprayed in the air but to wear as a perfume, for me, it's a bit too far out there. Too herbal and edgy, like being brow-beaten.
13th February, 2009
I loved this when I sniffed the bottle at Aedes. When I finally got around to purchasing some, I find I'm not nuts about it. It's a well-crafted scent and probably lovely on the right person. On me, it smells rather like Neutrogena bar soap, which is not a bad smell but not worth the price of a bottle of Costes. Kind of clean and mediciney. Not awful but not something I'll buy again.
27th August, 2008
I'm 'on again off again' with Costes. But the first time I smelled it, dabbed from a sample vial it was P~a~r~a~d~i~s~e! Clean, medicinal and uplifting. After that I recieved a good sized spray decant. After spritzing on my wrist; all I smelled was dryer sheet! Wretched! Now as I write this, I sit here wearing it sprayed from a 50ml Costes bottle and it's nauseatting. I think Costes is really dependent upon time, temperature and temperment. It's nice sometimes, but not today.
18th April, 2008
Hotel Costes is vibrant and truly original place in Paris...unfortunately the same can not be said about the scent, that is in spite of its spicy opening (in my nose a little reminiscent of Gucci PH), does not deliver on the next stage and after an hour the scent is too flat to have any mystery or attraction at all left. Something a little interesting to sniff on, but nothing to wear according to me...
09th December, 2006
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Russian Federation
Quite good overall and literally "smells" of class. Nice fresh top notes, but spoiled somewhat by a too incense-y drydown.
15th August, 2006