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Reviews of l'eau de parfum #2 Spiritus / land by Miller et Bertaux

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So, it's pretty easy to get the church idea from this scent. Spiritus is reminiscent of a high church service - one that brings out the vestments, incense and other sensory pariphanelia. Basically, I get incense and spices with this. That's not all. I can also smell some ginger, cardamom, and teak wood at times, but the heart of the fragrance is incense, spices and pepper.

This remains mostly linear on me. It's a thumbs up - I'm not in love with it, but it's very nice. Definitely worth a try.
02nd May, 2014
I bought this based on a review I read somewhere. The reviewer mentioned something along the lines of #2 Spiritus/Land being the tougher older brother of Bowling Green (my nostalgic favorite). I was intrigued, of course. Upon trying it for the first time, I was pleased with the incense and ginger notes, but noticed NOTHING in the way of Bowling Green in the slightest (the reviewer must have never smelled Bowling Green, or was high). It has a feel, overall, of a spice rack blended with Springtime. This is not to say that this is great fragrance. Contrarily, this might be the most confusing scent I have owned. I mean, I like it and and stuff... but is this worthy of wearing every day or really trying to impress somebody? No way.

I really enjoy this fragrance in the early Spring. It has a nice personal aroma. Personal in that NOBODY else is going to give a shit about your scent, or mention anything about it to you, unless you ask them first.

I wear this only on certain days, maybe three times a year. That's all this will do for me. I find myself asking: "Is that all there is?"...

Good scent, expensive, hard-to-find. Not great. No wows. No dice. Glad I bought samples and not an entire bottle. "Let's keep dancing..."
16th January, 2013
If fragrances could be film characters, this fragrance would be Hannibal Lechter. It is by far, the most soul-less, hollow and lonely perfume I have ever tested or worn. The Miller et Bertaud fragrances all seem to have a detached chemical aspect to them, but this fragrance is a bone dry (coffin)wood note with a deft use of smoke (cade) that is difficult to titrate artfully. While some have labeled this as a contemplative incense fragrance, I don't get a spiritual or calming vibe from it...I get a depressing emptiness and barren charred landscape. Maybe a scent to be worn if you're going to jump from a building or burn your house down.

I liked Alfarom's review very much...he has dissected this fragrance well.

I am giving this fragrance a "neutral" rating instead of "thumbs down" only because for a detached Goth, this fragrance could be nirvana. Just not for me.
11th September, 2012
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Fresh Incense! I know it sounds like an oximoron but overall Spiritus/Land smells exactly like fresh incense. It opens with an incredibly realistic ginger note (but after a while you start to wonder if that was really ginger) and some herbaceous notes to create a quite original accord. Intriguing if not very pleasant, familiar but somehow weird. Everything is juxtaposed to an incensey base that adds to the fragrance a meditative aspect.

While I was waiting for the drydown I went totally crazy to understand this bizarre composition and arrived to this conclusion: It's mainly made of two different parts. On one side you have a very familiar accord that is clean, somehow green and fresh (I call it soap). On the other you have woods, spices and incense. The clash between the two parts gives birth to an odd composition that's quite unique but not completely successful.
03rd August, 2011 (last edited: 05th August, 2011)
Like someone was trying to make a spicy soap. Not the usual 'oriantal spicy' though, no clove or cinnamon or nutmeg. It immediately reminds me of 'clean' like a bedroom with linen blankets, semi-opened blinds, flowers on the window and some potpourri in the wardrobe. There's a church nearby and a garden with herbs. Not the big city by all means. Quiet happiness, lazy summer afternoons with a book.
The thing spoiling the deal for me is that in the drydown it becomes a carbon copy of Montana Parfum d'Homme with its freshly cut tobacco, oakmoss and herbs (being a rustic doppelganger of Aramis Havana). ANd it spoils the deal mostly because I remember how excited I was when I bought Parfum d'Homme and then how I was completely unable to wear it. If you don't think that Montana and Aramis are dated smells then this won't spoil it for you.
15th July, 2011 (last edited: 16th July, 2011)
Notes: incense, sandalwood, rose, tobacco, spice (cardamom, pepper, ginger).
Crisp and juicy ginger – that’s the distinguishing feature of this scent. Sometimes it smells like a freshly-cut root, other times it is like the pickled ginger at a sushi restaurant. Many scents promise ginger, this one delivers! The spices are woody-dry and very good. The incense is haunting, dry, and not over-done. The scent is green and lively. It is bright and invigorating, a real tonic, just like fresh ginger. There are some smoky, tobacco-leaf notes in the background. The dry-down is a satisfying, gentle spice chord. I like this scent a lot.
18th June, 2010
Miller Et Bertaux Spiritus Land #2: #2 embraces skin with sparkling notes of tender juicy herbs and a deft hand of spices. it's almost like Franceso Smalto Ph to an extent. only with #2, the quality and smell takes it 30 levels further interms of quality. The tranparency with which this scent exudes it's shimmering quality is purely remarkable. The way spices have been handled in this one is not a step shy from being a masterpiece. i dont detect any prominent notes of thyme or ginger..well, call it a unique blend. However, the image that it evokes for me is " light green" especially betel leaf blended with lovely notes of woods...the scent progresses to harmonize and blend with the skin in a way i have never (and i mean never) experienced before...the soothing quality, the serene nature...and the unique set of progressions makes it 3 different perfume in one. The Top Notes smells nothing like it's mids and the mids nothing like the base notes. just to give a hint, the basenote smells like a refined version of Costes by Hotel Costes. smooth notes of sandalwood treats you with deft touch of incense by mids to basenotes (the quality of incense? non parellel). i'm overwhelmed to say the least. This ones a must have or at least, must test.
06th February, 2009
Herbal and heady. Very, very herbal. Rosemary, lavender, sage, thyme, ginger, they're all here in an irrational conglomerate. If you like to smell like a spice rack of green herbs then so be it.
01st July, 2008
A beautiful, rich opening: not really green and not really abstract – but a denial and an affirmation of the two. I don’t know what to make of it except that it is unique and special. It immediately has almost a narcotic effect – it has the ability to sooth and calm. After fifteen minutes of studying the opening, I still can’t confidently identify the notes, even though there is nothing strange or exotic in the accord. I believe Scentemetal said that the key note is laurel – bay: I think he’s right. I should have recognized it because I have used Bay Rhum for years, but this bay is beautifully modified into a wonderfully meditative accord… Its use presents an oxymoron: strange familiarity. The middle notes move to more familiar territory: a mild, gentle, just barely incense and a mild, gentle, just barely tobacco … surrounded by an amalgam of gentle spices and dirt. It works. The base provides an excellent sandalwood accord still tinged with the remnants of bay and incense, and gently hugging the skin. I can’t say that I have smelled a fragrance quite like this before, but its uniqueness and originality are only small parts of its attraction. #2 Spiritus / Land just plain smells great, is beautifully refined and balanced, has excellent longevity, is very wearable, and does wonderful things for my mindset and my relationship to the universe. This is a gotta have.
09th March, 2008
Miller Bertaux #2 Spiritus/land is a very rich fragrance that I think has a magical seducing quality that seems to envelop you and immerse you in its world. Very elevating and warming. Deep spices open the scent and lead to a hypnotic incense and earthy vetiver/tobacco finish. There is probably all kinds of warm spice and incense ingredients in this mix that all lead to a very nice, quite masculine and spicy fragrance. Very similar to Parfum Generale Coze 2 in the great mix of spices and ethereal elevating quality, but instead of chocolate/sativa oil basenote as in the Coze 2, the Spiritus/land ends with tobacco/frankincense base. It has become one of my favorites.
10th June, 2007
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United States
I would say this is very comforting and relaxing. However, the name to me implied more of an earthy dirty incense, not a clean soapy pretty one. Very soapy to my nose, and after reading of the pickled-ginger note, I agree with that as well. Not bad by any means, just not what I was expecting.
24th May, 2007
For the first three hours, this was sandalwood soap for me. The image was so strong that I could see the tappered bar of light beige sandalwood soap in a wooden dish. That was it. Then, after three hours or so the oriental incense and other herbal notes and a little citrus came in as the scent died down. Very nice, this has a interesting evolution. This stuff is etheral and calm. The words mild and unique also come to mind. A very nice unobtrusive, personal fragrance that is down an entirely different street than any of the currently popular fruits or sweets containing colognes.


28th October, 2006
Oh God I love this fragrance. I`m not here to review this scent in any technical ways . I`m not to describe the ingridients or notes in it.

I just tell you that TO ME this is without a doubt one of the most soothing scents I have ever discovered, if not the most. Like a breathtakingly beautiful landscape seen through teary eyes or, mirage of angels in the middle of the cool wilderness.

This fragrance really takes me away to somewhere better.

Touch of something surreal.

Touch of something unreal.
26th October, 2006
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Interesting. Quite chilly, like a CdG scent, maybe Zagorsk or one of the Synthetics. I get incense and a sharp soapy/herbal/green presence, but also something warm and comforting. I like it, but I don't know why since it's not "pretty" and not in my usual style. It should be too soapy and cold and sharp for me, but that warm, cosy tobacco/incense note makes me like it, as well as the exotic strangeness of it. It's like smelling metal and ginger, perhaps fresh ginger being cut up with a knife in a room with a lingering trace of incense and spices in the air.
22nd September, 2006
here are few scents that make me want to look for full bottles anymore. Usually a 5 or 10 ml dewcant will be enough to satisfy my desire to give it a try, and then I know I will be ready to move on. Spiritus / Land is an exception. I would LOVE to own a full bottle. Now I admit to being fond of more unique, off the beaten track scents, and unisex scents generally rate high with me. Spiritus is the one that in my mind, I refer to as my ginger-ale perfume. The intial blast, right into the sinusus - is in fack ginger. As the drydown occures, a greater complexity is shown.. i etect a cool iris note, a touch of pepper...and a decided soapy cleanness... another BIG plus for me. I can't speak to the lasting qualities, as I have only sampled this gem - never fully and passionatley SPRITZED.... but I will. And soon!

10th August, 2006
I just bought a bottle of this after having a sample for a while, not being able to make up my mind if i liked this stuff or not. It's VERY different. Avant- garde.

It begins with a kind of pickled-ginger note, and it has a note not unlike bread crusts. There is also an incense note. A kind of "off-white" incense smell. A bit of dust. But at the heart, there is a tobacco note and all kinds of stuff I can't identify. It's heavy on exotic spices and has kind of an all-spice character.

I describe it like this. Imagine a giant framed art print. Like a test pattern on a TV screen- nothing but vertical lines...this scent is like that. Here is the color scheme for the lines: White, off-white, yellow, tan, beige, grey, and grey that is just a tad darker.

It took me forever before I decided that I really love this scent, and it is QUITE wearable. Very mysterious, calm, rebellious, and not even close to smelling mainstream. Almost impossible for me to describe. It doesn't fit into any of the fragrance families. Really an odd duck.

On a side note, the bottle and packaging are really great concept-wise. The bottle has two little glass pebbles that slide around on the bottom. Well done.

Even though I'm a fan of this one, buying blind may be risky, because it's so "out-there"- try it first!
09th February, 2006