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Neutral Reviews of L'Homme Sage by Divine

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L'Homme Sage by Divine is probably one of softest fragrances I've ever sampled. It wears like a big fluffy pillow, very light on the skin and to the nose from beginning to end. It opens with saffron and light hints of flower, but nothing very distinctive. The saffron dominates in a friendly, benign sort of way, with a patchouli and wood undertone in the heart phase. Incense breaks through late, but it never goes very intently in any direction. It's a pacifistic fragrance that just wears too light for me. While not feminine, it's not very masculine either. Smells nice but in the end I found it altogether boring and extremely fleetingly. I like the opening saffron but lost interest beyond that. A neutral is all I would give this.
23rd January, 2018
I picked up a bottle of this on my last visit to LA, and once again proved the old adage of "never buy on the strength of reviews". L'Homme Sage ("Wise Man") gets rave reviews all over, but I'm mystified as to why.

It opens with a herbacious saffron and cardamom note; the smallest hint of mandarin is in the mix too but I don't detect any of the lychee that people speak about. The base is a standard and rather insipid woody incense. It turns a bit powdery on my skin and I really don't like powdery fragrances.

For me, a fragrance must delight, intrigue or lift the senses. I find L'Homme Sage to be rather mediocre. It's an interesting experiment and it's okay on a soft autumn afternoon but I shan't be wearing this often.
22nd June, 2015
Unisex, slightly powdery and sort of soapy (not in a bad way). Projection and longevity are above average. A floral patchouli blend with a light wood in the background. Decent fragrance, but I think I would get tired of it. Seems more feminine to me. Overall a well done fragrance. 7.5/10
03rd January, 2015
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It's hard to put a handle on this fragrance. While it presents a typically masculine visage with its aromatic woodsy-spicy incensey profile, there is no denying the existence of a sweetish fruity undertone. An interesting juxtaposition or an unnecessary distraction? You decide. But I don't really smell a wise guy here. More of a shy guy with its discreet projection.
30th April, 2013
The squareness of this homme’s jaw is unmistakeable – it ticks so many of the ‘masculine’ boxes it is a small wonder it doesn’t veer into travesty. To its credit, it remains calm and contained without displaying bullish urges. This one’s a gent.
After an easy opening of bright, powdery, slightly bitter, spiced mandarin (banish all notions of New York, this smells entirely different), a truly complex creation reveals itself. It shapeshifts successfully, now revealing a fir facet, now some patchouli and woods, a flash of leather, spice and incense – oh and did I mention resins? Again, it does this quite naturally without going into maximalist overdrive, but funnily enough for so much changeability the overall feel is a bit too trad for my tastes. My nose encounters a minor problem with some of the resinous tones which bring a cheapening whiff of the hardware store. I can see how the warmth and overall discretion of this perfume will please many. The deep drydown (after about 4 hours of wear) is a bit of a blanket, even and fuzzy, though also quite comforting.
17th April, 2013
So I wore this today and some things stood out immediately. The patchouli somehow behaves like a top note, and it seems to have a similar edge to the patchouli used in L'instant de Guerlain. It's very prominent for the first two or three hours and then runs and hides. After the patchouli breaks out like acne we're treated to everything else, which is quiet, conservative, masculine, powdery, and is a bit of an ambery, herbal incense. The powdery smell is similar to Tiffany's powder smell, and I can only speculate as to what is actually causing it. And that's what this review comes down to: The powdery smell in L'Homme Sage makes me not want to wear it.
27th March, 2012
I have nothing bad to say about L'Homme Sage, but I do not have anything really nice to say about it either. Thus the neutral rating. I had high hopes for this one based upon reviews but it is not what I am looking for and I would rarely wear it. I would say give it a try because you might really like it. As I said I do not dislike it, but not my thing.
28th February, 2011
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United States
Really quite a quiet and background scent. I'm not crazy about the liquorice, but it remains blended and subdued until you really think about it. It has a bit of a soapy and iris character that I don't like. Never detected any sage.
Hard to know whether it should be applied heavy or light. Right in the middle for me. I wouldn't suggest to anyone not to try it. Could be an easy default scent.
26th October, 2009
You can think of this as wearing a hint of Lagerfield while smelling lots of incense smoke. If someone else is wearing it, you'd probably not think it's coming from a person, rather from an object somewhere. As it dries down, the smoke element fades and a more welcoming scent emerges, but still not pleasant enough for my taste.
22nd March, 2009
Quite nice niche fragrance which, after all, isn`t that exciting or unique, though. Herbal and spicy in the beginning, while the base reveils a massive doze of amber(gris) to my nose. That and incensy patchouli. Smells very masculine to me.

At the end of the day L'Homme Sage smells *grey*, a bit rubbery, smooth and warm. It`s very aromatic experience and comes highly recommed if you`re into a easily wearable conservative stuff that has some animalic edge, and strong powerful masculine presence with contemporary touch.

07th November, 2008
Divine's fragrances are strange. They remind me of everything else. This one reminds me of L'Artisan's Saffron Troublant. With a less peppery note (saffron) with a more herbal, minty note (sage).
06th September, 2008
I’ve tried L’homme sage three times. It is an interesting, complex scent with attractive features, and I wanted to give it fair consideration. Bottom line: this is probably the loveliest patchouli-amber scent I know. My problem is that I find those elements to be rich and sweet, and I am not greatly attracted to them when they dominate a fragrance. This is a spicy, rich scent: aromatic at times with some very good wood notes. The incense has a good resinous quality. This is not a business or day scent, quite frankly it is a date scent and probably works quite well in that regard. My taste is more austere than this style, so I admire it but only give it a neutral rating. But I can see why it is popular.
09th December, 2007
Not for me. The opening is much too sweet to be wise. It settles down after a couple of hours (no complaints aout longevity with this one) and is then bearable. Really best suited for the 'Yumsters!' crowd.
Development is amazing, though.
At the end, you'd swear you've worn several different frags. Drydown is quite good but there's a weird herbal mid-note ( I should talk, I love Minotaure ) that is off-putting.
I can appreciate it as a work of the perfumer's art, just not anything I'd care to wear.
30th April, 2007
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Surprisingly conventional, I'm sad to say. It has that "perfumey" quality about ut, smooth and artificial and "cool" like men's perfumes often are. Underneath, there are interesting herbs and spices, woods and incense, but they're smoothed out by this conventional sweetness, like the overly sweet fruits in Le Dandy. It even has a soapy hint, which I detest. Still, by no means loathsome, just a disappointment.
10th January, 2007
Rich smoothie, lush vanilla spice, with certain affinities to KL Homme and some of Serge Lutens'productions. By no means horrible, but it does not make me want to burst my pantaloons in ecstasy.
26th May, 2006