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Neutral Reviews of Blu Mediterraneo Basil / Foglie di Basilico by Acqua di Parma

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Fresh basil taken straight from the garden. That's all this is. The supporting notes are simply here to enhance the garden freshness of the basil. The whole experience is one of an old school tonic.
24th March, 2012

Another Blu Mediterraneo… this time basil is the honored note. When I first saw this, I thought that it might be a bit redundant because I find Blu Mediterraneo Cipresso quite herbal / green. Well, this one glorifies the basil. It is basil, basil, and basil but it is quite an interesting presentation of basil. This basil is smooth rather than sharp probably because it is a very true basil, as odysseusm says; it is softened – just softened – by other herbs / spice …sage and clove. Besides the basil, the bergamot is the other major player in the fragrance. The bergamot is citrus and calming within the otherwise lively accords. The whole feeling of Blu Mediterraneo Basil is one of freshness and cleanliness … and it does that very well. As with several of the other Blu Mediterraneos, it could use better longevity.

10th October, 2008