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Positive Reviews of Blu Mediterraneo Basil / Foglie di Basilico by Acqua di Parma

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A quite well appointed take on the note of basil, in here introduced in all its herbal-aromatic-zesty brilliance. Yes a tonic take on basil, bergamot and bitter (minty-aromatic) herbs. I get spices, no flowers. Bergamot (green, fizzy, golden and minty) provides a typical mediterranean vibe, basil is quite herbal and licoricey (exotic in its radiant "projectful" greenness) while spices are well balanced, soothing (taming/mildening the herbal/hesperidic acidity) and somewhat restrained. An optimistic fragrance full of colonial (quite exotic) "brightness". Foglie di Basilico is a good versatile juice (best for a daring fashinating man) for the warmer southern seasons. I suppose Acqua di Parma is by now far better performing on these kinds of neo-classic "blu" experiments rather than on the rest of its more than pretentious line.

31st December, 2017 (last edited: 01st January, 2018)
Davem81 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Strong basil, some liquorice and a hint of mintiness. Simple yet rewarding. Very glad I managed to track this long-discontinued gem down!
09th April, 2015
Notes: bergamot, basil, sage, clove.
Blu Mediterraneo Basil is a bracing, citrus/herbal tonic. It is a great summer and daytime scent, with an attractive Mediterranean vibe. The bergamot is very citrusy. The basil has a licorice note, to be expected in true basil and rather nice. In fact, I’d say this is one of the most accurate and pleasing basil scents I know (I'm thinking of Baïme, Vigilo, even the very good Basile Uomo). Thankfully the sage and clove are restrained notes. This is a unisex scent, and because it doesn’t have sweet or floral notes I consider it quite suitable for a man to wear.
22nd October, 2007
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I really enjoyed the salty, herbal quality of this now out of production scent. It was more of a "tonic" than cologne which was perfect for me on a summary weekend day. I have some left and regret that it has been discontinued. I think LVMH should have considered at least keeping the body creams etc if not the cologne.
21st May, 2007