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Positive Reviews of Mat; Chocolat by Masak´ Matsush´ma

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Though it is meant for ladies, Mat; Chocolat has a gourmand quality that could work for men, though Iĺd noticed that it had lacked a workably masculine foundation (e.g. musk).

This scent is quite simple compared to multi-layered chocolate-note gourmands like Escadaĺs Casual Friday, Thierry Muglerĺs A*Men, or Givenchyĺs Very Irresistible; as such, Mat; Chocolat resembles fragrances along the vein of Demeterĺs ôfragrance libraryö that centers on one particular note. O

Overall, it is a decent, curious sensation of straight-up chocolate that sticks out noticeably and intentionally. Itĺll be up to the wearer whether or not she (or he!) would want to smell like THIS (given the myriad of choices out there for chocolate-type scents).
24th March, 2017
Yum! I love this. I read heaps of reviews on this on 3 or 4 different sites, and most of them were good. I took the chance and bought a bottle, as StrawberryNet had a 10% off all perfume special happening. I'm very, very glad I did. While the first blast after spraying on smelt a bit like the Cottees chocolate syrup used to flavour milkshakes, thankfully that disappeared very quickly. What's left is gorgeous - a not too sweet, delicious, warm, sensual aroma that smells a bit like chocolate, a bit like musk, with a hint of rose and just a touch of coconut and sandalwood. Divine and pretty much what I was after. I put this on over 4 hours ago and it's still there, I can still smell it - I actually can't stop smelling my wrist (have been smelling it all night) - just gorgeous!
28th March, 2014
Cocoa in the raw. Upon closer inspection, this is rather complex, another case of an elaborate recipe to make a seemingly straight forward scent. Great for folks who like chocolate scents without smelling like an eight year old. Fun.
01st January, 2009
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Very realistic chocolate top notes briefly yield to a high-pitched, slightly synthetic mock-choc accord (a la Angel) before drying down to a woodsy milk chocolate with just a hint of cardboard. I am not a fan of "edible-smelling" fragrances, but I think this one is well-done: the woods aren't too strong or distinctive, but just provide a workable framework to strengthen and prolong the chocolate scent. Well worth a try if you're looking for a not-too-artificial chocolate scent with a bit of backbone and lasting power.
06th November, 2005