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Negative Reviews of Tomorrow for Him by Avon

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I just couldn't get on board with this one. I thought I might like it, but the ambery anise started to clash with the synthetic patchouli aroma, and in the end just turned my stomach. Too spicy to be a smooth gourmand, this dries down on me to a very earthy flat patchouli. Blech!
10th September, 2011
atrac Show all reviews
United States
I bought this for cheap and ended up selling it to co-workers minutes after I had opened the box. It smells a lot like the Hanae Morie EDT (not the EDP), which I am also not a fan of. Just say no to cocoa in your colognes! So if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to Hanae Morie EDT, Tomorrow should be in your sights.
24th December, 2007
mikeyboy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Excellent oriental smell - sweet, slightly woody, warm and rich.
This would be my favourite fragrance, were it not for the appalling longivety and sillage - it disappears on my skin literally in minutes.
09th April, 2007
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