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Neutral Reviews of Attar by Montale

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Very sweet and floral and the flower is of course the rose. I am not sure what, but there is something musky and dusty beneath that rose; I get the same feeling from the use of violet leaf in some perfumes. The rose seems to open and amplify more and more and later I get a powdery aspect added to the sweet rose.
05th October, 2018
Genre: Woods

To my very humble nose, Montale's Black Aoud, Royal Aoud, and Attar are all fairly straightforward oudh-rose compositions, each of which goes in its own particular direction. Attar is a far tamer scent than the barbaric Black Aoud, but more individual than the civilized Royal Aoud. If Black Aoud is the bully of the lot and Royal Aoud the dignified uncle, then Attar is the dandy.

Attar goes on immediately sweeter than the other Montale Aouds I've tried, save the cloying Aoud Ambre. The notes read sandalwood and rose, but it's the rose that grabs me first. This is a sweet, mellow rose, far removed from Black Aoud's spicy, aggressive blossom. Tea rose if you will, as opposed to damask rose. Maybe it's the double distillation. At any rate, this rose note intensifies over the first hour or two, until it fully dominates the fragrance.

As for the Mysore sandalwood? I don't get it. Nil. Nada. At least not until well into the drydown, where the rose begins to recede. Midway through, Attar reveals a mysterious note which I can only describe as "fleshy." Juxtaposed with the oudh, this builds an accord that is somewhat reminiscent of a bandaged wound. Not a nasty wound - more like a surgical wound, with stitches and some disinfectant. Further on, things sweeten up a bit, until we reach the soft and rounded woody drydown. On me, this scent lingers less than the other Montale Aoud's - a "meager" 6 to 8 hours. Also a distinctly unisex fragrance, I believe.
09th June, 2014
Ok, too much like Montales other Rose based...Black Aoud, Rose Musk...etc, etc.. NOT bad, nice projection Rose is great, saffron or amber spices it up a bit but it still is just a clone of too many other Montales.
09th September, 2012 (last edited: 23rd December, 2012)
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I agree with Off-Scenter on its reflexion about the Montale's rose-oudh combos and about the differences between Attar, Black Aoud and Royal Aoud. Attar is for sure the more floral, ethereal, sweet and subtle of the three, purified from the spicy and pharmaceutical barbarian (Black Aoud), without the modern creaminess of the Royal Aoud and with a barely notable medicinal, animalic, salty spark. The sandalwood is almost evanescent and the fragrance is a sort of nostalgic floral and resinous cloud with an otherworldly flying structure. The final outcome is decidedly rosey, airy, slightly woody-musky, averagely sweet, leaning over the feminine side. A pleasant fragrance, finally may be too faint for my boldness demand.
03rd March, 2012 (last edited: 09th April, 2018)
16 reviews and almost no mention of saffron?

Attar is prominently saffron. The same one as Montale's confidential collection 'Indian Safran.' Here, it is blended with a minimal amount of roses, ultra-diluted Cambodhi oudh, and an ephemeral sandalwood down there at the bottom.

Don't believe me? Sample Indian Safran!
14th April, 2010
Very wain sandalwood and roses. Weak yet ethereal. This is one oud I could enjoy but I don't think there's any oud in it at all. OK overall.
17th May, 2009
The opening of this rose scent has been described as medicinal and sharp, which is true enough, though I would add boozey as well.
This is one drunk rose. Odd to think of booze and roses together, but there it is. The sandalwood gives it depth, and I'm in agreement with Pigeon Murderer that this definitely leans toward the feminine side.
Montale is full of surprises, isn't it?

29th April, 2009
I really like the medicinal woody opening of this, too bad that phase doesn’t last that long at all…

It becomes soon very bright and straightforward rose scent with woody undertones. Leans strongly towards feminine side.

I am hoping the sandalwood in here would be creamier, more full-bodied and more ”sturdy” overall. The structure of this scent seems quite thin to me, it is sharp and very simple, and most unfortunately it just doesn’t have any alluring qualities. Speaking for myself; many of the actual Montale Aoud scents simply outclasses this scent to be totally useless.

However, I know there are a lot of people out there who actually don’t like the aoud in larger quantities. For you this might be a real treasure – who knows.

I am not completely sure of the ingredients in this juice. Only rose and sandalwood are officially announced by Montale, but I’m sure there is a hint of aoud to the mix as well. Also I would be surprised if it didn’t have a small touch of amber and musk

Not bad, but nowhere near to my favourites from this house. Recommended for you to try, if “fresh waxy roses with dash of fairly sharp woods and very subtle animalic background” sounds intriguing.
03rd February, 2009
Is there aoud in Montale Attar? I really don’t know for certain. While I get the medicinal character of aoud in the opening, which reminds me of Black Aoud, I get none of the “aoud magic” that follows in all the Montale Aoud’s I have tried to date: Black Aoud, Royal Aoud, Steam Aoud and Aoud Damascus. And Montale does not list aoud as a note (and it certainly is a note that no manufacturer would want to gloss over if it is there! It is too costly not to boast about!) At any rate, this reminds me of a Black Aoud in the opening, later in development a simple rose dominated scent, supported by sandalwood. Certainly acceptable, but not especially remarkable: I see it as an unnecessary addition if one owns Black Aoud. Indeed, if I had both, the Montale Attar would never be worn.
04th October, 2008