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Another Montale take on rose...not as brutal as some...and not as gentle as some....kinda middle of the road...definitely a rose fragrance...i don't really get any of the trademark Montale oud...i get the rose sitting on top of sandalwood...not a rich solid sandalwood , but more like slightly dried out and faded sandalwood powder/sawdust..., elegant and very wearable...
11th February, 2019
ATTAR opens with a distantly smoky scent of smouldering oud chips. But there is a syrupy sweetness about it that grows increasingly floral as the rose comes into play, before receding into something more resinous, if a little soapish and musky-powdery. It continues to cruise at this altitude for the better part of its development before touching down to a faintly woodsy drydown. Not the finest Montale has to offer but certainly one of the more affable compositions.
17th October, 2014
Lush Arabian perfumery roses DRENCHED in syrup, served up on powdery fragrant wood. Direct and full-on, it really touches the right spots. Somewhat unoriginal and I couldn’t say how close the ingredients are to nature, but when there’s such a combination of power and beauty, who could resist? Disregard the nail varnish air of the opening seconds, that’s just Attar checking itself in the mirror before making its grand entrance.
However this va-va-voom quality persists for only about an hour or so, after which Attar gets much lighter, muskier, the woods more prominent and the whole experience a bit more soft focus. Somewhat reminiscent of Aoud Queen Roses (but that’s hardly a surprise with the Montale clan of perfumes where family resemblances are quite pronounced).

03rd May, 2014
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Its a great combination of sandalwood, roses and a little bit of oud. Very warm and comforting scent. For me it's unisex. Lasting power is weaker than other releases, but it's very good though.
28th October, 2012
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Czech Republic
My first experience with the house of Montale. I am very impressed. Stunning stuff. Elegant, long lasting, delicate and the smell is an oasis for my nose. Rose, saffron, creamy, soft, luscious. I need to get to more from this house. This is a must buy so far!
07th September, 2011
Attar opens with none of the bitterness of Royal, Lime, Steam or Black Aoud, it also arrives much quicker at its main act. It straddles the boundary of a daywear and an eveningwear fragrance. In weight it lies midway between Steam Aoud and Black Aoud, having all of Steam Aoud’s versatility and some of Black Aoud's sensuality. The Sandalwood and rose are so perfectly balanced that it’s not possible for me to tell which is the dominant element overall, one minute it’s the rose the next the sandalwood.

Attar is a very linear fragrance with an ability to get straight to business after application. I get a decent amount of noticeable presence for 6-7 hours on my skin. Soft and sweet, but never too rich, Attar is probably the Montale I would apply the most. Given the opportunity I’d still jump quicker to put on Black or Lime Aoud.
17th September, 2009
oh goodness... this is potentially the most "real" fragrance I've ever had the luxury of sampling. As a loving and devoted boyfriend I have probably purchased hundreds if not thousands of roses in my "man" career, and this has to be the most surreal but grounded rose fragrance I've ever come across. As weird as it sounds I can actually smell "texture" in this. Without even having to bring my wrists above chest level I can "feel" rose petals, albeit slightly wilted and crushed. This baby has got monster sillage and projection, as only a couple of sprays has completely enveloped me in a heavy aura. I knew that the concentration was high when two spritzes to the wrist left me with the feeling of fresh motor oil for at least an hour. I can't really vouch for any aoud in the mix, and if there is it was incredibly well blended. There is no medicinal sharpness, and besides the opening blast the only acridity is the realistic deep floral element. It is only upon full drydown that the sandalwood really presents itself, and to me it is more of a casual companion laying the rose in bed to sleep. I have yet to sample black aoud, but after this gem from montale I have to get a whiff... Laying here in this magnificent aura I'm hard pressed to believe that I will like black oud any better, but I'm damned sure that Attar is going to be my next buy
13th April, 2009
Notes: (according to Luckyscent): Mysore sandalwood, Bulgarian roses. Some say there is also oud.

I like this one very much. A true rose that isn't sweetened with anything but itself, and the sandalwood simultaneously rounds it out around the edges and gives it depth and nice grounding. If there is oud in there, it's very subtle (which makes me wonder whether it's in there, oud being what it is), and lovely. Overall a simple, elegant, and very classy rose.
03rd April, 2008 (last edited: 12th April, 2008)
Truly a rose that anyone could love. Simple and straightforward, yet surprisingly complex. The sandalwood adds a great deal more here than you might initially think, and the rose is (again) a simple but true rose that announces itself throughout the fragrance's development. Incredibly good use of oud, here, too. Very medicinal and sharp in the opening, granted, but that's true of almost every oud fragrance ever made.

Easily one of the Top Five in my Montale pantheon.
27th December, 2007
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United States
Very appealing. Beautiful Rose/Oud combination. Very good sillage, and outstanding longevity. This leans to the masculine side and just smells very romantic. It would be great for a date to the drive-in movie after dinner at a restaurant. I recommend and it near the top of my wish list.
10th December, 2007
Attar--Earthy, warm rose. Sexy and leathery and slightly green. A very reasonable rose. Spicey,not too girlie or perfumey.
23rd April, 2007
Dry, dark and velvety-floral - on me the rose really pushes itself to the front, with a surprisingly dry sandalwood and, of course, that remarkable and almost medicinal oud. This feels quite linear to me - I think the ingredients list will be quite short - but the blending of these few notes is seamless. Fantastic sillage.
18th April, 2007
Sweet, spicy, rosy. Smooth oud. Rich, elegant sandalwood provides great sweetness. The sandalwood alone is reason enough to try this fragrance. A medium rose presents itself along with fragrant spices (of the "salty" variety, like saffron or curry.) If the rose in Aoud Queen Rose is too much for you, this is the way to go. Rich, deep, intoxicating.
26th February, 2007
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I think I’m beginning to like ouds. The oud in Attar, on paper, comes through strongly, and this time I can smell purpose and feel acceptance. On paper the sandalwood comes through beautifully in a form that is sharp, rich, and totally thrilling. Unfortunately, on my skin the sandalwood and the oud recede to the background and lose their bite and passion. On paper I can’t smell the rose. On my skin the rose rather dominates the scent just as the rose notes dominate in Black Oud or Oud Damascus, but the rose in Attar is presented a bit differently from the rose in those two scents—not as dark or luxurious—it is drier, as robyogi says. It’s more chaste and formal, I think. Also, as far as spice goes, I don’t find Attar very spicy.
It’s strange how a scent can be so different on paper from how it performs on the skin. On my skin, I miss that raw, aggressive oud note and that rough, sharp sandalwood note that I smelled on the paper. On paper very little rose makes it through the proactiveness of the woods. On my skin this is a smooth, elegant rose scent—more masculinely wearable than most of the rose scents I’ve tried. I like the scent both ways, but I think I like the rougher, more aggressive wood scent a bit better. As with most Montales, this has great longevity.
04th December, 2006
A very interesting scent. It's intense and yet streamlined, not chaotic. To me it feels like there are only a few notes in the mix, but what is there is concentrated yet pleasant. I would say it is a dry spice fragrance, with characteristic oud richness. The oud seems to add an "aura" to fragrances, like a wet cloud that gives them weight and density. The rose in this scent doesn't strike me as being the same as the rose in most other scents. It adds a dry floral note to the mix, not the sweet rose that I am used to. I don't know that I would have even guessed there is rose in this scent if it wasn't listed in the notes. I don't see the comparison with no.88. While C&S no.88 is very complex, with tons of notes seeming to enter and exit, and a citric bite, on me Attar is dry, smooth, warm, focused, and intense woods and spices with a floral touch. These few notes blend to create a scent that really is unlike anything else I can think of at the moment.
03rd May, 2006