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Positive Reviews of Crystal Flowers by Montale

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This is a lovely floral. Balanced just right. No note overpowers any other. The rose is delightful here. I don't detect any orange on its own. I would describe this Montale as a sparkling, floral soda pop.

Longevity could be better.
06th October, 2017
Genre: Floral

A sleeper in the Montale line, Crystal Flowers is a delicate, sophisticated blend of roses, white flowers, musk, and soft woods that hangs close to the skin, yet lasts for hours. It is a very creamy scent, but it's never overly sweet. Instead, it retains a delightful sparkling quality throughout its development - the olfactory equivalent of a sheer, silvery veil over the body. Crystal Flowers is a lovely scent for a sunny day and ought to be much better-known.
11th June, 2014
This is a lovely rose fragrance with wonderful sillage & longevity. Just a dab on my wrist & l keep getting wafts of it for hours. lt reminds me rather a lot of the base of 3 Fleurs, a gorgeous combination of velvety roses with a clean musk. lt's quite linear, but this doesn't seem to matter when it makes you feel as fresh & pretty as a summer morning. lf you love roses, l recommend you try this.
09th February, 2011
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Super classy with excellent sillage. From initial spray to final dry-down, perfection. No harshness, just clean and elegant composition of rose, lily of valley and white musk. If you are remotely interested in the Montale line, you must try this and I can assure you that you won't be disappointed.
09th April, 2007
Opens with a big breath of ultra-clean, "oxygen" type musk. Salty, sweet, clean musk and fresh, lemony rose. A deceptively light fragrance. I put it on, forgot about it after the initial rush, and it kept returning its fragrance to me, over and over. A beguiling, clean, skin scent. Friendly, happy.
26th February, 2007
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United States
thumbs up.a pleasant scent for an elegant evening.nothing sharp ,only smooth floral notes and a touch of musk to keep it unisex and interesting.I've worn this a few times and it was an instant hit. but I think women wears this best. a must try especially for women
16th December, 2006 (last edited: 26th January, 2010)