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Neutral Reviews of Fougère Marines by Montale

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Definition of generic smelling department store fragrances: See Montale Fougeres Marines.
19th May, 2016
A basic aquatic. Nothing new but not bad.
03rd March, 2013
Smells nice but wait...This is really Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy.
24th October, 2012
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Roman_Nik is right, this does heavily remind one of a very popular, ubiquitous 90's scent, but it's not polo sport.

Montale's Fougere Marine is something like an EDP-strength version of Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger. Lovers of Tommy should definitely try this. The cranberry, subtle spices, plentiful greens, and overall signature of Tommy is there. Of course the ingredient quality and blending is better, but that's to be expected at this price point.
20th June, 2011
Nothing to add really other than what has been said. It's a safe scent. Nothing special imo. I keep trying the sample and if simply fails to impress me in any way. It also reminds me of Polo Sport way too much. Not a good thing as when I was growing up the whole school (1997-1998) smelled like Polo Sport.
14th June, 2011
I can see how people have panned this fragrance, as it doesn't do anything remarkable, but what it does it seems to do quite well. The marine note is there, as is the fern note, and it all seems enveloped in a warm cozy blanket. I was actually expecting it to be more 'fresh' but it was still likeable. If anything maybe it was too warm and cozy and not fresh, sharp, or cool enough. I was looking for the latter qualities, but still found it to be a relatively well done scent.
29th April, 2011
This is very similar to Varvatos Vintage. Another mainstream job by Montale. His originality has been waning for a while as he clones popular designer fragrances. Let's see, what else does he have under his belt? Terre d'Hermes/Red Vetyver, Gucci Pour Homme/Greyland, Embruns d'Essenza/L'eau d'Issey, Boise Fruite/Silver Mountain Water.

This has the same fruity ozone characteristics of Vintage without the evergreen and leather notes.

What's funny are the same people who rate Vintage poorly, rate this clone highly. It is done better and is far more natural-smelling but it is not worth the additional price if you already have the other.
24th September, 2009
Hmm, I think this is a minty fougere rather than a marine fougere... Cool and fresh, yes, but there's nothing obviously marine about it, nothing salty or smelly like the sea. It reminds me a bit of L'Artisan's discontinued L'eau de Caporal which I tried recently. Neither mint nor citrus are listed among the notes, yet I think I feel both. Maybe it's a minty/citrusy geranium oil, maybe it's the notes making up the "sea freshness" accord. I certainly wouldn't mind if I smelled this on a gentleman, but it's nothing I feel very strongly about wearing myself.
01st May, 2009
A little too fruity and not aquatic enough for me.. certainly nothing like Erolfa.. and NOTHING like Millesime Imperial or GIT. Bvlgari Aqva is another worth mentioning when it comes to marine/aquatics.

I didn't enjoy wearing it - it didn't develop on my skin and I had the feeling it was a bit too feminine for my tastes. Fruit punch maybe?

A nice fragrance, just not my bag.
23rd April, 2009
I'll admit that at first I was hoping for something with a little more kick (my two favorite Montales hitherto have been Chypre Vanille and Greyland), but the more I'm around Fougeres Marines, the more I appreciate it and what it tries to do.

It's very classy and very much in line with the name. If Marine scents with a hint of fougeres weren't everywhere in the market these days, it might be a little more desirable, but overall this one feels very much like an expensive, natural version of many designer scents (or, perhaps like if Creed took a hand at remaking Tommy).

Spending some time with it, though, there's a lot going on and the little hints of salt and seaweed help keep it from being TOO "clean."

Nevertheless, for the price, it doesn't really hold up and I'd still recommend Erolfa or GIT before this one. For $135, there needs to be something remarkable to the combination that this one lacks. Many Montale's have this (not just the Aoud scents, but the regular line as well), but this one plays it all just a hint too safe.

But, if you've been searching for a classy, well-made, very long lasting scent (longevity with the EdP strength is great) that is conventional without being too weird, then this could be a great choice.
22nd November, 2007
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United States
A near dead ringer for Stardust (the mens cologne by Llewylln). FM is a tad more linear in the drydown. It doesn't change. Stardust is out of production and almost never shows up on line. Like Stardust? Fougeres Marines is a worthy substitute.

17th July, 2007
Right off the bat I notice that this scent has more spices and less freshness than your average aquatic scent. I would really like it except that there is an accord in this that I can't put my finger on that bothers me and messes up the whole thing. I get the same annoying accord in Himalaya. Otherwise pretty nice.
29th May, 2006