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Future Jason:

Oh, what the hell. You enjoyed this.

You don't disagree that it smells like the 90s.
You don't disagree that there are probably a billion things that smell very much like it--and many of those likely to cost less than this does.
You don't disagree that it smells like a room scent. "Welcome to the fancy car dealership. You look poor. What are you doing here?"

But it made you happier as soon as you put it on, so that's got to count for something.

You're getting enough of the geranium and musk (you think--you're an idiot, after all) on top of the aquatic stuff to make you think that your liking this won't go away.
31st March, 2016 (last edited: 30th April, 2016)
I've been hanging on to a small decant of this for awhile now. After many tiny samplings, and now my second wearing, AND a lot of experience with smelling thangs, I think I can make judgment. This here Fougères Marines is simple, and wonderful. A combination of 3 things make this the winner that it is. First, we have the green fougere scent (that isn't really fern because ferns don't smell but that's another story) that dominates, though not too much. Next, we have the mild fruity and even milder aquatic tones that balance out the traditional smell. Now you may want to cry "mainstream" at it, but, the devil is in the details. The quality of ingredients and the superb blending put this a solid notch above mainstream.

Yes, it's safe, but it's also delicious, and here's how I know for sure. While wearing it I actually had a desire to get closer to people so they could appreciate the deliciousness of that which I was wearing, and I also caught a compliment.
29th September, 2010
Very good aromatic fougère with a decent amount of sillage and moderate longevity. Nice boddle concept with that cute splint to prevent the can from leaking. Quite affordable for a niche too. All in all a clear thumps ub. But where's the sea?
16th January, 2009
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Starts out very ozonic, but not like fragrances of lesser quality. I usually run screaming from ozone scents as being thin, watery and synthetic. Not Montale! This is a real beauty opening with the smell of a fresh ocean breezes that gently play over fields of fresh, soft ferns. Musk? Sandalwood? are they there as well? Seem to be and provide and soft fragrant base to the clean, fresh breezes that blow just above them. Love, must possess, good for either a man or a woman. Want to throw in a plug for Aromatic Lime as well, spectacular!!! Try the Perfume Shoppe in Vancouver for best prices.
12th December, 2008
This is the second niche perfume in a row that smells very similar to other mainstream scents? I agree with the Tommy comparisons. It's sorta/kinda/almost like Cool Water but it's not as aromatic. FM is a very pleasant offering in the fougere class. I was hoping for more of a salty-style marine fragrance in the style of Bulgari Aqua Marine but you can't win them all but it's slightly salted, like those peanuts you find at the grocers. Marine here seem to mean more like what imagery the sea gives people and not what it smells like. Distilled down to my two words: fruity green.
05th December, 2008
Breathtaking. I really can't add much to the other reviews, but because I found this scent quite by accident (it was in a large purchase of samples on eBay) I'm so delighted that I love it! Sea spray, salt air, gulls crying above--this is a delightful hardy marine scent. I picture a cool Fall day, bright and sunny, the sky as blue as cornflowers, and I'm on a boat fishing. The wind is off the land, bringing with it an herbaceous, scrubby accord. Every breath I take is fresh and invigorating. Suuhhhweeeet!
16th August, 2008
Fougeres Marine: it's pretty clear that Montale had GIT as an "inspiration" for this one. im not atall indicating this smells alike but, one cant help but think that hey, this is such a nice interpretation of GIT. this is obviously done in a very Montale way..

Inspite of having Erolfa and GIT, I would still buy this gem coz it doesnt smell like any of those. there is a very cool mineral water feel to it.. like clean transparent if this is what silver mountain water should have actually smelled.. it doesnt exactly remind me of the sea..ocean breeze..hmmm well.. i cudnt picture it. im surprised by how underrated this gem is. this ones clean, fresh, out of the shower kinds with a very interesting interplay of notes to keep you busy all the way till it ends. this one is a definite must buy for me.
07th August, 2008
I find two contrasting themes in the opening. Fougère fern-like spiciness dominates the opening, but marine elements lurk in the background. To me, I want the spiciness to move aside so I can get a better grasp of the marine notes. They do diminish and when that happens they reveal one of the most interesting marine accords I have smelled, hinted with musk and very well done (most marine accords are so-so to me, but not the one here in Fougères Marines). Recommended.
02nd July, 2008
God I swear I get a strong hint of Tommy Boy and Dunhill D in it. But Fougères Marines is superior in terms of quality and longevity.
30th June, 2008
a salty sea breeze,ahhhhh. very very nice
06th April, 2008
Stardust it is, with just a nod of the head in GIT's general direction.

Fan of Llewellyn but don't want to pay the price? Snag a bottle of Fougères Marines and spritz away!
16th January, 2008
It wasn't until I got Fougeres Marines home from the Perfume Shoppe and lay down a full spritz that it hit me how much I was reminded of the lead Creed, Green Irish Tweed. The similarity turned out to be only in passing however, as after a couple of days comparing GIT on my left to FM on my right, the differences became fairly clear. Although I do get a bit of a salty note from both scents, Fougeres Marine takes me right out to sea while Green Irish Tweed is decidedly landlocked, perhaps a lighthouse on some windy western shore, shining its beam in vain for Fougeres Marines who shall remain forever out among the waves.
20th July, 2007
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United States
a salty marine breeze.ahhhh, very nicewith a touch of seaweed to keep it from being too clean. a must try.
19th February, 2007
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I think most people find this familiar, Think Tommy. The original. Very similar, however more depth in this with the geranium and musk. I am a big fan, next on my purchase list. Lasts for hours, an exceptional fragrance.
30th August, 2006
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United States
Wow! This has the ability to stop people in their tracks, impress women and watch their eyes roll to the back of their heads. Fougeres marine is a salty marine scent. Many compare this to creeds green irish tweed and to coolwater. I love it
28th July, 2006
Indeed there is something very familiar about this scent. I was thinking it might be similar to GIT, so I compared them side by side, and it's similar but different enough that GIT can't be the one I am thinking of. I am beginning to think it's Cool Water that I am remembering as being similar to Fougeres Marine, but I no longer have Cool Water to compare with this. Nevertheless, Fougeres Marine is rich and "green" but not herbal green, more like oakmoss and marine notes green, or calling to mind the color green. It lasts a very long time and projects a lot. It's fresh yet warm and rich. If someone likes GIT or Cool Water but wants to try a newer, niche alternative to those, this would be a great option. Classy, masculine, and yet also refreshing and mainstream enough to wear in many situations. I found myself sniffing my arm all day.
03rd May, 2006
A harmony of ferns, lavender, geranium, patchouli and oakmoss on a base of sea freshness and cool musk.

There is something very familiar about this fragrance. The sea freshness exudes throught the longevity. It is the best fragrance under the marine category that I have ever sampled!
09th February, 2006