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Positive Reviews of Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

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This is a nice scent, but I do think I could only pull it off on special occasions. It starts with a burst of green leaves, reminiscent to Elephant by Zoologist. Both are a bit too sharp for my tastes. However, within 15min it sweetens and the floral notes develop, they are rich and ripe. Not quite indolic but teetering on the edge. Then after about an hour that edge wears off and is replaced by creamy coconut. Not as beachy as something like Soleil Blanc but still a little sun-creamy. I love how the fragrance develops like an expedition: starting in the deep thickets of jungle, following a flower-lined riverbed, all the way to the beach.

It's unisex but leans a bit feminine. So I think I could only make it work in either formal occasions or on vacation. So for that reason (and the price) I don't think I'd ever get a bottle. I also really like beachy fragrances so I wouldn't mind something more coconutty all the way through. Really cool to try though, worth a sample for sure.
11th September, 2019
Beautiful flowers like tuberose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and orange blossom. The tuberose is the Queen of this fragrance. The sweetness of coconut and a citric/musky background. Pure love from me, lasts a long time and is a complement getter.
11th March, 2019
Beautiful but Enormously Overpriced Take on the Legendary Fracas.

Notes: Tuberose, Eucalyptus, Coconut, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Melon, Ylang-Ylang, White Musk, Bergamot.

I was gifted a sample of Carnal Flower recently, and I liked it so much that I purchased a full bottle from a very reputable retailer. I do not know how old was the sample gifted me, but I now suspect that it must have been a few years old because the perfume in the full bottle does not seem to be as rich and complex as is the sample, and to my surprise given its price point, its performance is moderate at best. With an amazing six spritzes, projection and sillage were only mild to good for the first hour, and then it very quickly turned into a skin scent. Longevity was also mild to good at roughly four hours. After having read so many reviews that claimed only 1-2 spritzes provided massive projection and sillage for an entire day and half the night or more, I am very disappointed in Carnal Flower's performance.

Carnal Flower is a very beautiful perfume, but having worn Fracas many times, I did not find Carnal Flower to be at all unique or even very different from Fracas, and given its mediocre performance, I could not recommend it over Fracas. Perhaps Carnal Flower's lack lustre performance is due to reformulation? Perhaps the fragrance in the original formulation only required 1-2 spritzes to last all day and half the night as some reviewers have stated, but this is not true of the fragrance in my brand new bottle. After 3-4 hours, Carnal Flower is only barely perceptible on my skin, and it smells so similar to Fracas that I find it redundant to have it my collection.

If you love and own Fracas, you can probably live without Carnal Flower. It is undoubtedly a beautiful tuberose-centric fragrance, but I do not feel it is worth its price point even if you do not already own Fracas. You can buy roughly three 100ml bottles of Fracas for what it costs to purchase one 50ml bottle of Carnal Flower. In my opinion, Carnal Flower is simply not worth the inflated price. Fracas is just as gorgeous and performs equally as well if not better.

I am sorry to say it, but I find Carnal Flower to be little more than a Fracas clone. Madonna's Truth or Dare is also a take on Fracas, but Truth or Dare is dissimilar enough to Fracas to be quite distinguishable in its own right, and it costs significantly less than Fracas which costs significantly less than Carnal Flower, so for those on a strict budget, I suggest purchasing Truth or Dare. If you can afford Fracas, forget Truth or Dare and purchase Fracas instead as it is of a higher quality and is a more beautiful fragrance. Either way, Truth or Dare or Fracas, there is no need to pay almost $300 for a 50ml bottle of Carnal Flower unless you want it for the brand name prestige.

Fragrance: 8.75/10

Projection: 6/10 (first hour only)

Sillage: 6/10 (first hour only)

Longevity: 5/10

Presentation: 5/10
26th January, 2018
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An austere green tuberose, polished and exquisite, brainy and rather brusque. I don't find it carnal or sensual but for me that is leather...
18th December, 2017
A beautifully stunning fragrance. One of the finest perfumes I have ever tried. Great longevity and projection. At first I thought it was too feminine and then I realized that with something this good gender should never come into it. I have chosen to own a decant rather than a full bottle as I only want to keep this for special occasions. Not an everyday fragrance for me!

07th December, 2017 (last edited: 17th March, 2018)
Much has been said about the realism and freshness of this fragrance, and I don't have much to add on that score - except to say that Carnal Flower's freshness is not about soap or naivete, but rather the just-cut essence of stalk and bloom. It really is like walking into a florist's refrigerated room, or strolling through a garden alive with white flowers.
There is a lovely green note that prevents Carnal Flower from sliding into sweet sentimentality - it retains its character right through the drydown. Along with Fracas (Piguet) and Tubereuse Criminelle (Lutens), Carnal Flower is among my top three current favorite tuberose perfumes (for vintage, nothing comes close to L'Heure Bleue).
27th August, 2017
Gorgeous, arguably the best of the Malle line.

Tuberose perfumes are notoriously temperamental, often unpleasantly screeching for attention. But Carnal Flower gets everything just perfect. At its heart, it's tuberose, but deftly combined with gorgeous orange blossom, rich creamy ylang, and jasmine. There's a light, powdery sparkle as well, but the real magic is the way it combines the tuberose's indoles with leafy greens and woods. The end result is shamelessly floral, but with enough piquant woody undertones to achieve an achingly beautiful balance.

Absolutely required sniffing.
23rd July, 2017
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United States
I love this. It smells wonderful. Contrary to what a few say, this is definitely "unisex". In fact, I think it smells best on a man! A masculine male wearing this scent is very attractive, even sexy. It's the contrast, you see. I can think of a couple French actors I’d love to smell this on. The fragrance will last on your shirts for days, and you’ll keep going back to your closet to smell your collar, just because :-)
29th May, 2017 (last edited: 01st October, 2019)
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United Kingdom
Brightened up with a touch of bergamot, from the word "go" the star in the performance greets me: a beautiful tuberose, bright but intensive, rich but elegant, floral but not too sweet. This beauty hardly displays any waxiness. One of the most convincing tuberoses I have come across for a while.

The drydown gains added depth and a slightly creamy character with the addition of nice ylang-ylang undertone, soon a white floral mix gains prominence, with a jasmine that at times is bearing gently woodsy characteristics. It is, however, a lovely orange blossom that moves into foreground, but always combined with the starring tuberose, which remains prominent from beginning to the end, like an idée fixe in a work by Berlioz.

This remains the core blend in the base, with some perfunctory white musks adding - not very much noteworthy.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

A delicious evening spring scent on account of supreme and brilliant tuberose and the very nice orange blossom - the rest is mere accompaniment only. 3.75/5.
28th May, 2017
Very floral with announced jasmine. If you like honey tones, this might be it!
08th May, 2017
lauded as The tuberose scent here, I decided to try carnal flower after I fell hard for another tuberose delight: Tom Ford's orchid soleil.

Turns out my tuberose tolerance lies just before this fragrance. It's absolutely beautiful, but somehow a bit too much for me. I now understand why people find tuberose headache inducing: it's a particularly strong note.

Smelling the vial (I do that, don't judge), it smelled absolutely heavenly, and it had a tinge of something green through the wonderful white flowers. On my skin, however, the tuberose developed in all its glory, with that kind of a plasticy/rubbery feel to it that some people describe as typical for this flower.

Like others have stated before me, this perfume is big as a house. Luckily, when I applied it I stopped after the first spritz, otherwise it would surely have overwhelmed me. The scent projects and lingers full throttle for at least 5 hours, and whenever I moved my left hand I got this big waft of it. Weirdly enough, I like this scent better when I smell it up close than when I smell it as a cloud that envelopes me.

In all, I think for now this perfume may have a tendency to wear me, instead of me wearing it, so I'll save the rest of my tester for those special occasions when I want to feel like a total diva. Only Marilyn Monroe could wear this scent in a professional setting. For an everyday tuberose I'll stick to my orchid soleil.

08th September, 2016
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United States
i really like it when things smell almost rotten.ripe.white flowers.i cant get enough .that little bit of musk is just enough to butch it up.
24th July, 2016
Touch of nice green notes in the opening, and peeks of melon towards the top, but overall a white floral fragrance. It's a mixture of ylang, orange blossom and tuberose. It doesn't have the oily tuberose present in Nuit de Tuberose. The orange blossom is full, but not particularly indolic; it's not the fresh orange blossom in Houbigant's fragrance. The ylang is present in a custard-y type of way. It's a beautiful blend, but I prefer fragrances that particularly focus on those individual scents versus presenting them together.
03rd March, 2016
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For me, this is an earthy floral scent, and though the effect has been seductive (judging from male comments ;D), to me, it just feels like "me." This is my everyday scent, and I put it on the same way I put on mascara and lipgloss instead of full face of makeup. Just an enhancement. It's light and delicious, enhancing, but still natural. On the other hand, it's unusual and striking without being overbearing... I'd like to think that describes me as well. :)

CF definitely has a commanding presence, but on me, it's like that person who you notice from across the room just because there's something intense, different, and alluring about them, even though they're not saying a word. Commanding, yes, but not loud or ostentatious. CF has great warmth, but it doesn't start off that way. The bergamot cuts through the indole, but 15-30 minutes in, that "carnal" note tries to surface, but never quite makes it above the melony coconut, and even those two notes are light. The floral is present throughout and even though that indole is struggling to show out, its presence definitely puts this in the intoxicating category without straying into the icky, dirty underpinnings zone that has put me off to pure animalic florals.

My favourite thing about this fragrance is that I've never smelled anything like it and it's *so* pretty and lush. Not quite green, but definitely at home in a rainforest. It's tropical but not cliche and does just fine in the PNW summer. I just wish it lasted longer on my dry skin. That said, I did shell out $$$ for this, and will again. It's the first perfume that I'd ever had that, "oh my gosh, YES" reaction to. Would that I could afford to stock up, as it's the one bottle that I've managed to empty the fastest...

Wherever I go, people ask, "oh my god, what smells so good?!" I've gotten used to telling people, "it's me!" Haha!
01st October, 2015 (last edited: 02nd October, 2015)
I truly adore this scent. I only wish it would stick around on me longer than a few hours.

I was surprised that a scent with such a dramatic name would smell so...gentle. I'm not disappointed, though! I had hesitated making this purchase - I only bought the 10 ml bottle. I was concerned it would be overwhelming - but it really is a lovely natural tuberose.

I'm planning to experiment with spraying this on a piece of clothing. Perhaps it will last longer?

Overall, a wonderful composition, with a bit less longevity than I
would prefer.

Update: I decided to dive in and purchase a full bottle of this heady scent. I searched until I found a bottle of an older formulation, and I hope this solves my longevity issues. If not, I suppose I can always swap...

2nd Update - I wore this today, and got 6 hours of good wear before I showered. I'm considering this a keeper! I'm wondering if weather has anything to do with the longevity...anyway, love it, keeping it!


3rd Update - This is one of my very favorites - on my second bottle - this time it's a 100 ml.
24th June, 2015 (last edited: 26th March, 2017)
Rich creamy tuberose on a sandal coconutie base. Smells summer and beach :)
20th June, 2015
My sample of Carnal Flower sat in my sample box, unloved and untested, for a whole year. I kind of fear tuberose, you see. It brings back unwelcome associations for me between the sleek, buttery smell of tuberose blooms in vases and rich ladies who lunch in hotels.

I used to work in one such hotel – Kelly’s Hotel in Rosslare Strand (Irish people will know it). Don’t get me wrong – the hotel was, and still is, a great place and the owners are wonderful. But never was I so aware of my lowly socio-economic status as when I stepped through the revolving doors into the tuberose-scented air of that hotel.

Over time, the smell of tuberose became linked in my mind with rich people, carpets so deep your heels sink into them, and the indefinable smell of wealth in the air. My prejudice is wholly my own, of course – it only means that I have an inferiority complex. But I am careful about tuberose because I am only human and don’t want to deliberately trigger those feelings.

I needn’t have worried about Carnal Flower. It’s less of the ‘wealthy hotel air’ smell of hothouse tuberoses and more botanical, earthy, natural in feel – like walking through a swampy field of tuberose stalks. It is a smell rooted in nature and not in something man-made.

The opening notes are luridly green and camphoraceous, and every time I get a mental image of the waxy leaves of a privet hedge and the stalks of the tuberose being crushed and offered to me to smell. The freshness is a surprise, every time, and it moves me. Slightly bitter, sappy, and evergreen, I wish it could last forever; it’s that intoxicating to my senses.

Eventually, the opening dies back and a creamy tuberose is revealed. To my relief, it is not the butter-and-candy disco flower of my worst nightmares (hello Fracas!), but a cool and restrained take on the infamous bloom. It is creamy, yes, but not overblown.

Hints of coconut and white musk round out the floral element. Although I like the opening more, I also quite like this last phase, especially in the heat, because the tuberose and coconut give off a natural, salty beach feel.

Despite the marketing and the name, I don’t find Carnal Flower to be sexy in the slightest. In my opinion, it is simply a tuberose presented in the most botanical, natural way possible. I think Carnal Flower does a brilliant job of showcasing the headiness of the flower as it appears in nature, and not in a hothouse environment, and for that alone, I will always love it. Will I need a whole bottle of it? Nah. But a vial of it to smell every now and then would be nice.
18th June, 2015
Like a heavenly aphrodisiac.this scent is bound to turn heads.the very essence of white flowers especially tuberose and jasmine,it is unisex but i found it the the most feminine of scents,so i can't imagine a man wear it.CARNAL FLOWER is a sensual woman who loves to take control of the opposite sex with one scent.It is simply wonderful and the scent lasts all day. Enticingly Magnetic, Highly Sophisticated,Emotively Carnal and Absolutely Gorgeous.

It begins as a very hedy floral with tuberose note prominent, jasmine and ylang ylang are beautifully blended.a sensual blend of coconut and white musk in the base leaves a trail of allure and glamour.this mixture provide a unique and definite "signature" perfume and meant for a confident woman who knows her own mind.I must recommend this scent to ladies who love LONG LASTING floral scents that are sensual and intense,without being too prominently clingy to or getting beneath your makes you feel very elegant in special occasions.


Longevity?Great on my skin.

09th June, 2015
I'm not a fan of floral fragrances but this one is definitely the best that I've tested by far.
When you spray this on your skin and start smelling it for the first time It's like walking through a mysterious gate in a desert middle of nowhere that teleports you right into a meadow in high heaven while you're surrounded with angels and billions of tuberose all over the place!
The opening is a very beautiful and extremely natural aroma of tuberose while you can smell the green feeling of grasses and also the earth beneath your foot and extremely fresh air of this meadow.

You just start walking and while you're walking you start breaking the tuberose stems and at the same time you can smell the green bitterness aura of their stems.
In the mid scent gets slightly sweet but I can also feel a bitter green aroma beside it that increases the natural feeling of the scent and as time passes it gets stronger and stronger.

In the base I'm still getting the same airy fresh tuberose smell but more bitter and more green also slightly spicy and kind of peppery.
The interesting part is while I'm smelling it, I can taste the green bitterness of it also inside my mouth which is a new and very strange experience!
An extremely natural and peaceful scent.
Projection is strong and longevity is 12 hours plus without any problem.
03rd May, 2015 (last edited: 05th May, 2015)
Genre: Floral

An absolutely gorgeous fragrance. This is sumptuous, seductive, and yet somehow chaste, with the slightly bitter tuberose perfectly balanced by the sweet ylang-ylang, orange blossom and white musk. All of this floral richness is cut with a subtle, but still sharp eucalyptus and some fresh green notes. Coconut is a very difficult note for me, but this is the most elegantly handled coconut I've come across. It's beautifully integrated with the softest, smoothest sandalwood you can imagine. Altogether, this is a soothing and contemplative scent that could easily send me into a state of reverie.

Carnal Flower is focused and somewhat linear until its creamy, musky, sandalwood drydown. I find it quite potent, with considerable sillage and projection. I originally purchased this scent for my wife, but she liked it much better on me than on herself! It took time to screw up the courage, but I now wear Carnal Flower comfortably in public. The austere aspects of the scent and its green accents make it more unisex than you'd imagine a tuberose scent could be.
11th June, 2014
Rich, charming and as the name fittingly states, "carnal" tuberose. Nothing "stunning", but surely a beautiful, bold and self-conscious fragrance.

28th January, 2014 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)
Pure unadulterated tuberose at its best!
It is strong; parfum strength,but never too sweet or cloying.It has just the right amount of greenness and campherous notes to cut through the floral sweetness.

The longer I have it, the more versatile it seems to be.
However I love to wear it most on really hot summer days when it melts into the skin or on really crisp,sunny winter days when it seems to sparkle in the sun.

A very sophisticated white floral in my opinion.
16th January, 2014
Never seen before such a creativity effort on a niche white flower based fragrance, huge sillage and longevity btw

As far as I'm in love with tuberose fragrances and I really don't mind purchase and wear 'em whenever I fell like it (as I did with my beloved tubereuse criminelle ) , In this case this is to me just perfectly beautiful. It takes me on a different dimension and really connects me with the very concept behind this project, that I just want to contemplate it as you would do with a Michelangelo paint.

It is quite expensive indeed, but sometimes you really shouldn't mind price when it comes to this quality.

Pros: Dominique Ropion and Malle are just genious when put together, tuberouse is taken so far that you won't even call it just a tuberose perfume anymore
Cons: Really, I can't find any negative aspect beside that could be very overwhelming which is a pros anyway IMO. Maybe too pricy? well maybe not

03rd July, 2013
Nefret Show all reviews
United States
Sensual, ripe tuberose. If you haven't tried it, you should. I find it womanly, a very fleshy scent, but there is a case to be made for the right man to pull off the fragrance. It's quite strong, and doesn't settle into the drydown until a few hours after I've been wearing it. And even after that, it lasts several hours more.
22nd November, 2012
tuberose is perfect flower for scents, its strong, sweet and exotic, flower sent from heaven for women only :)
this here is the only tuberose scent that i know that could potentially be worn by men too!
it has this same quality of other FM(natural ingredients), smelling very naturaly, fresh and rich! jasmine and ylang yalng and eucaliptus make the difference with other tuberose scents!

reminded me a little bit of carolina herrera

09th October, 2012
Stunning. 10/10. Masterpiece.

I've always loved tuberose. As a man (and acknowledging that fragrance molecules don't have a gender) I didn't think I could ever pull off wearing a tuberose-centric scent because they were always too sweet and/or screamed blinding white floral (hello Fracas!).

With its bergamot and green-tinged edge (me thinks it's the eucalyptus) to keep the florals in check, a smidgen of coconut to soften and round things out (no worries, you won't smell like a tropical drink), melon and musk, it is perfection, bottled. Dead sexy perfection.

Men, if you're wondering if you can pull this off, the answer is "Yes. Absolutely." The cost is a little high but in my opinion, it's worth every penny. And you certainly won't smell like 10 other men you run into on your way to work. Get yourself a sample. You will not be disappointed.

Update: 19 November, 2012: It's official. I'm an addict. A Carnal Flower addict. I've been wearing it nonstop for a month now, neglecting every other bottle of fragrance in my relatively extensive (50+ bottles) collection. While I wear it for myself, receiving compliments (and inquires) from strangers every day is a nice bonus. I rarely tell people what it is because I want to keep it all to myself. Must. Acquire. Back up. Bottle. And a jar of the 'beurre exquise'. Absolutely lovely.

17th August, 2012 (last edited: 19th November, 2012)
Oh. Oh.... Oh................ this is so lovely it's become my comfort perfume, the one I use after being disappointed by so many others. It is simply beautiful, so different, so pure; it must be one of the best perfumes of the last 25 years. I put it on and I smile instantly; it's like being enveloped in tuberose cotton wool. I love its tenacity; so many modern perfumes just vanish from my skin. Nothing fruity here either, thank goodness; just jasmin and the wallop of that tuberose absolute with ylang ylang and orange blossom blending so sinuously, so sensually, making this a fragrance with no rough edges at all. The coconut-creaminess reminds me of gorse flowers. I didn't get eucalyptus and melon topnotes, but then, everything about this wonderful, wonderful fragrance is smooth, with no odd notes that appear 'trying to be different' or cool. I can really believe it took 2 years to create, you can 'feel' it. I found the scent deeply euphoric; it actually changed my mood. Everything in its place, perfectly balanced. Ropion must understand women down to their cells. I adore it!
28th June, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Carnal Flower opens with a beautiful, almost Eau de cologne-like opening blast of natural bergamot and mild citrus that is all too brief. At that point the real floral assault begins with tuberose playing the starring role. When I say assault I do not mean this in a bad way, but it is potent to be sure. The base is a nice clean light musk that does not call attention to itself, mixing with the tuberose as it eventually recedes. Projection is average to above average, but longevity is below average on my skin.

At first, the scent smelled very familiar to me but it took me a few hours into wearing it before I realized where I have either smelled it, or something similar to it before... It was at one of the high end hotels in Las Vegas, where the scent of the casinos and guest rooms smelled of Carnal Flower. Please do not take this as a slight to the scent, as it actually is a compliment... That resort pumps scents like that into its money making areas for a reason... It smells high class and incredible! If you feel comfortable wearing non-rose florals, then this should definitely be on your buy list, IMO, as Ropion has another winner here. On a lady in particular, I absolutely think this shines. As for myself, I'll certainly purchase a bottle as the scent is definitely collection-worthy, but I generally would rather smell this on a lady than wear it myself. I'll stick to rose scents for my own florals like Ropion's Portrait of a Lady. Both scents are winners, however and this one earns 4 stars out of 5.
21st March, 2012 (last edited: 21st December, 2012)
This is one of my new favorites. This is a serious scent with which you will make a statement - regardless of whether you wish to!

FM calls it a unisex scent. I agree, but you boys out there should know a few things. When it calms down it's definitely more unisex than when you initially spray it. The tuberose et. al. positively beat you with a bat upon application. This is a heady, heady, flowery juice. You will smell like flowers, and you'll need to be comfy with that! I definitely would NOT buy this without testing it first. And probably testing it a few times, at that!

I think it's fantastic stuff. Powerful. Distinct. Pushy. Gorgeous.
22nd February, 2012
Elzéard Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Thick, creamy, green, natural, vegetal, and completely enveloping. And it lasts forever!
Pricey though...
26th January, 2012