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Reviews of Eau des 4 Reines by L'Occitane

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An adequate rose soliflore, with a sharp edge reminiscent of nail polish remover. Lasts decently, with a rather strong sillage. Not powdery or 'old-fashioned'. Since there are so many excellent examples of this type, I hesitate to recommend this one.

I enjoyed the fragrance more when I first bought it; it might have gone off in the bottle and it doesn't smell good now.
05th November, 2012
I first purchased Eau de 4 Reines about 10 years ago. That first experience evokes the
same feeling today. So clean and fresh and rosy... like walking through a rose garden after a heavy summer downpour. I love this perfume and whilst it is only an eau de toilette, I find myself catching small but pleasant flashes of this wonderful scent 7 or 8 hours into the day.
Here's to the fabulous 4 .... may you never change.
01st April, 2011 (last edited: 19th July, 2016)
very very disappointing. basically akin to opening a packet of haribos (kids sweets). but l did buy a "room fragrance" because of the prettily shaped bottle which comes with an old fashioned pump squirter in a little net ( like the prada one).
will use it in my wardrobes & when it's empty, fill it with something else.
02nd December, 2009
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lovely! a very pretty feminine true rose scent without any other flowers. sillage is minimal as is the lasting power. a bit pricey for the quality but it is pretty.
02nd May, 2009
A very pretty and light rose scent that is like a true, delicate rose. Minimal staying power however. Reminds me of a more one-dimensional version of the new Chloe scent.
09th November, 2008
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United States
Eau des 4 Reines sounds so regal and formal that I expected this to be a sort of new Nahema. Not so! This is a bright, fresh rose with fruity undertones. This is unmistakably a rose perfume, but the tea, mandarin, and blackberry in the blend provide a take on rose that I've seen before only in the great Rosines. I honestly prefer Eau des 4 Reines to Roseberry!

I have the edt and the lasting power is shameful. I can smell it for all of a minute, and then it completely disappears. I look forward to trying this in edp, because it's such a beautiful fragrance. If the edp doesn't last, I'll surely buy the bath products so that I can layer for better lasting power...

Even though this scent is fresh and lively, I like to wear it at night, and to spray my bedsheets with it. It's a lazy romantic kind of fragrance that smells warm and sweet.
07th December, 2006
I must agree with truedeluxe, this scent is wonderful. If you're looking for a rose scent that's not too "old" smelling, Eau des 4 Reines is a good one. It has a sharp, sophisticaed rose smell.
31st May, 2006
A clean, fresh rose bouquet, springy and cool, like walking into a florists' refrigerator filled with roses and ripening, tart fruit. Light and modern, not your grandmother's rose sachet smell!
17th January, 2006