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Neutral Reviews of L'Occitan by L'Occitane

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This fragrance is a simple peppery lavender with woody notes. The lavender used is of a high quality and smells good but the scent overall I found boring.

The longevity and projection are average, I get about five hours.

To sum up a simple good quality fragrance that could do with more notes just to make it more interesting.
05th September, 2015
Good lavender scent but it's marred by the pepper.
23rd November, 2014
Decent Lavender with splash of black pepper and cinnamon. The base has a nice kick of tonka and musk. Kind of spicey and slightly sweet. Nicely done. The presentation of the bottle and box is corny, but it's all about the frag!

Natural smelling ingredients is a plus with these L' Occitane products.
21st November, 2012 (last edited: 17th July, 2018)
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Smells very high quality and natural. Longevity is superb. In the dry down I get salty-sweet herbal scents, almost like detergent. Not unpleasant but not extraordinary.
27th April, 2011
Has anyone else noticed that this picture is wrong (unless it's known by another name in a different box)? My friend has this, and the box is purple and says L'OCCITAN, not EAV DES BAVX.
I'm also curious if anyone can concur that this is a Fahrenheit rip off. Smells very similar to me, that is, good.
20th July, 2009
L’Occitan stays pretty much the same scent from the opening of bergamot dominated by pepper – quite a strong dose of pepper. I can barely perceive the lavender in the opening. Soon the nutmeg, cinnamon, and anise come on strong – some of them come on strong, that is. I guess about the only individual notes that I can identify are the pepper and cinnamon along with the lavender background. It’s not a bad accord, but I am not impressed with the opening. I guess I just don’t identify with the very strong pepper note – it’s definitely not my thing. L’Occitan holds a rather strong spice and herbal presence and is excellently wearable. It is a bit dark, but interestingly so – nothing depressing. I get some cedar and the burned effect from the base, but it doesn’t come through very strongly over the middle spice accord. I get no sweetness or musk in the base, but the base is enjoyable. L’Occitan doesn’t seem to develop much, nor does it have enough longevity on my skin. It is a very good fragrance though, and I probably would buy it if I could get better longevity out of it.
09th March, 2008