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The opening is a ginger beer with some nice light woody notes, with the wood being slightly singed. I think it's very masculine, unique and pleasing. In the drydown, only the woods remain.

I get excellent projection and the scent lasts all workday.

14th January, 2018
A very average scent IMO with decent longevity and minimal projection. I get some pear and ginger from the start with decent blend of slight florals and corriander. The base is slightly sweet with amber and some tonka. I would say for the price it's not a bad buy for a casual scent or for the office.
10th October, 2016
This is a decent lasting wood scent. It's a little boozy in the opening but that disappears quickly. The pepper makes it smell a little like pencil shavings. The amber and musk warm it up. It has good longevity on my skin but it's not overpowering. I think it can be used year round and is very comfortable and casual.
23rd November, 2014
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My lady got me this fragrance as a gift and it is a great spicy woody scent. I wear if mainly during nights or cooler weather. It reminds me of sandalwood soap and is a great edition to a starting collection for a dark bold scent!
15th March, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is a delight: bergamot, coriander and ginger mix with an amber note; the latter being unusually light and not harsh. In he drydown a light peppery spice impression adds a richer tone. Whilst this has touches of oriental depth, it retains a lighter and fresher note that gives this composition an ideal balance. Well well blended and original in its conception and execution. Quite good silage and projection with fours hours of longevity. A great scent for summer days that are a bit cooler.
07th January, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
i smell more gucci pour homme then anything. albeit lighter and easier to wear in nicer weather than gph. great cheap scent.
05th March, 2013
Top notes of sweet, spiced rum, pepper and smooth incense. What this settles into smells exactly like spiced rum and Dr. Pepper. It even has the sweet and fizzy pop of a can of Dr. Pepper being opened. I know you are asking yourself why you would want to smell like soda, but it is quite nice.

As it dries down I still get the rummy soda, with a hint of leather and pepper that just plain smells great. This has the notes that I like in a winter scent, but it is mild enough to wear year round I think. Also it can be picked up quite cheaply, so ther eis no excuse not to have this on hand.
03rd December, 2012
I must admit I am one who is influenced to a certain extent by reviews. I smelled Terre D"Hermes a few times and loved it. Read that Tommy Bahama was to a certain extent a ringer for this. Figured I could not go wrong in buying it. Well I would leave the glowing terms and the finite breakdown of the pyramid to the experts. All I wish to say is, this is a really really beautiful scent and I would not be buying Terre D'Hermes as I now have this. It is almost addictive. My purchase came a few hours ago and I am smelling myself continuously.
20th November, 2012
Tobacco leaf dominates this perfume from the get go. It opens peppery/spicy and very smoothly turns into this woody/leathery drydown that reminds me a lot of Dirty English and Terre d'Hermes. I can not really define an opening/heart/basnotes in this perfume, it is not linear, but I can not detect "stages", it moves smoothly and seamless from the beguinning to the end, wich to me is the signature of a well done fragrance.
After the spicy tobacco leaf start to subside, the tobacco leaf, along with the patchouli (maybe a hint of vetiver too) creates this woody note that leans toward leather that is magnificent. The amber gives some sweetness that cuts the dryness of the tobacco/leather note so it is not too harsh.
A truly delightfull scent with decent longevity.
15th July, 2012
Great fragrance though I must be honest I really wasn't in love with the opening, it seemed quite synthetic until the rum and tobacco came rushing in and then thats when I completely understood why people love this stuff.

Now lets take a moment to realize what marketing does to us :)

This cologne is very very much similar in class to Burberry London, im not saying it smells the same but it's similar enough for most to only recommend for cold weather, they both have that similar leathery tobacco base. I'm williing to bet that if this stuff didn't have the bahama label then it would conjure up the same cold weather use! But here we are with a cold weather class scent being recommended for summer use! =D

With that said. . .I can't really see myself wearing much of this in really hot daytime weather just as I wouldn't wear Burberry London in the same sense either though this is a personal thing because some people can actually pull off the tobacco,leathery,rum scents in 100deg heat during broad daylight. My senses just won't let me but i've definately seen it work with a friend of mine!

If anything this is perhaps the best summer night fragrance in my wardrobe now. Nautica Voyage by day, Tommy Bahama by night B-)
28th July, 2011
A blind buy as is most of my purchases and I have to say it smells almost identical to USHER VIP with VIP being a bit more metallic initially. And it is no wonder since the Harry Fremont is the perfumer behind both scents. Go figure! Nothing special and actually disappointed as it does smell identical to VIP, at least to my nose.
22nd July, 2011 (last edited: 24th July, 2011)
Izzy Show all reviews
United States
This reminds me of Marc Jacobs Bang at the begining but the smell of this fragrance is more tame. Just perfect!
18th July, 2011
Anup Show all reviews
United States
This scent is very relaxing. Definitely a thunderstorm in the middle of June kind of scent. I get a very strong pepper note, which in my opinion is very bold. Not only that but Tommy Bahama's boldness pays off in a slightly sweet peppery woodsy dream.
17th April, 2011
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I don't really enjoy this one. Ends up generic and a little plastic, not really pleasant for me.
26th February, 2011
I love this scent. It reminds me of an Uncle who passed away many years ago- too soon. I loved the smell of his rum tobacco pipe and the smell of rum on his skin as he picked me up as a kid. Great memories.

The pepper is strong at the start but I like it. It screams manliness! As it dries down I like the rum scent that mixes with the patchouli, ginger and musk. It projects well on me and lasts around 4-5 hours on me. I thought it'd last a lot longer- perhaps it would if I really applied it but I try to keep it to three sprays as too much might be too much for people near by.

This is a great party/summer scent though great for winter as well with it's warmth. It says that man sporting this is laid back, can handle himself should need be- but doesn't need to. He'll buy you a drink rather than fight you. I feel this has a touch of class to it as well. I wouldn't wear it with a suit but for casual/smart casual outings this get a high rating. A great scent for a man. This fragrance has a grin on it's face and a rum drink in it's hand and is saying 'C'mon man, let's relax and watch the setting sun over the waves'.
16th February, 2011
This has a woodsy, tobacco, and rum scent. I've noticed that all the fragrances in the Tommy Bahama line have the exact same rum scent. This isn't a bad thing considering they do it very well. What I really enjoy about this one is the tobacco which is why I consider this a classic scent. A big thumbs up and a must have in anyone's collection.
03rd February, 2011
Tommy Bahama is a rare offering for a men's fragrance released in 2005. Given the atmosphere it's trying to depict - tropical, etc, you'd expect it to be another lame aquatic that has been castrated. Instead, it's a lovely Tobacco/Spice/Leather fragrance that shows its masculinity proudly and actually smells like a man's fragrance. Imagine puffing fine Cubans on the beach, sipping Bay Rum. Yep, there's a wee bit of Bay Rum in there too. As it dries down, the fragrance really doesn't change, except for revealing more Patchouli. Lasts a good while and has good sillage on me. For the price, Tommy Bahama is worth it - you can find it at discounters and bargain stores all around the U.S., and guys, 1 Million and Le Male will still be there if you give this a try. C'mon, grow some balls, this stuff is easy listening compared to some of the other behemoths I've tried (I'm looking at you, Havana).
10th January, 2011 (last edited: 04th March, 2011)
This was a total blind buy for me last year and as other reviewers have noted, I really didn't expect much. Generally speaking, I'm not impressed with the modern, mass market brands and so my mind was already in the "probably won't like it" mode before I took the first sniff. That'll teach me to be a perfumista elitista. This one is downright good, is long-lasting, evolves in an interesting way and has good sillage. Unlike other reviews, I get a strong blast of a leathery, somewhat boozey note at the very outset. (Hmmm, OK but not great).... I was reminded a bit of Dirty English. Then other notes began to surface, including the peppery essence and little wafts of fruit. I think the comparisons to Gucci PH are fair and if you don't like that one, I don't think you'll appreciate TBfM. I love woody colognes -- gimme those pencil shavings!! -- but unfortunately, any wood note is really minimal. Overall, this is a great cologne and I apologize to Tommy Bahama for my initial, undeserved snub. Nicely done, TB.

BTW, this is directly from the Tommy Bahama website: Men's fragrance rich in herbal notes and mild in fruit, while the scent focuses on sage, caraway, ginger root and patchouli.
09th January, 2011
I really liked this when I first got it 4 years ago or so but at some point the pencil shavings smell started knocking me out and I can't wear it anymore.
03rd November, 2010
I bought this based on the reviews here. Help me out with this. I smell 3 distinct scents here. First is the pepper smell but that seems to disappear on the dry down. Then there is a heavy scent, kind of powdery that lingers. The third is the most unusual; I don't know what it is but I like this part of it the most. It's some kind of tangy, spicy, citrusy smell. I keep on rubbing my neck to try and figure it out. I'll wear this and see how it is received by others. My all time favorite signature scent that I always get complimented on is the original Fahrenheit. However, these two colognes are completely night and day different. For now I will give this a neutral rating.
02nd November, 2010
Only perfume says
"Tobacco farm beach party!"
And the mind says "Yup."

Original review, 17 April 2010

Warm, woody, spicy - but not too strong. This was a recommendation from one of my Macy's SAs - she loves to wear it, too. Technically a cologne, but there is much more of a base here. Feels like an EDT to me. Persists on skin much longer than a typical EDC. There is nice tobacco note which isn't common or overtly synthetic. Underneath it, a subtle ozonic note which adds an enticing freshness. Not a typical woody, not a typical aquatic, not a typical sport scent, and not a typical "beach-theme" scent. I don't get a lot of development, but the handful of notes is sufficiently balanced and long-lasting to remain interesting. Not sure I would pay full price for it, but at $19.99 it was a deal. Comfortably "masculine", but I can see this on a woman who wants to take advantage of the warm, sultry, exotic feel. I think the numerous good reviews are well warranted by the juice. My only reservation would be to warn some noses about the ozonic edge. It's a bit brisk, and some are likely to find it nostril-searing. Those who can't stand pepper, dry incense, or raw ozone notes should not buy this blind. Otherwise, I say go for it!
17th April, 2010 (last edited: 25th April, 2018)
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States

I bought this blind yesterday and wore it today. I like it, but I don't love it. My main complaint is that it's not particularly creative, because it smells like a mish-mash of Fendi Uomo and Gucci Pour Homme. For the first two hours or so, Tommy Bahama smells like a de-fanged Fendi Uomo with its dark, leathery woody notes. The drydown enters pencil shaving territory, smelling almost identical to the drydown of Gucci Pour Homme, only a little sweeter. I happen to like both Fendi and Gucci PH, so this isn't too much of a problem.

Much has been said about the patchouli in this, and although the patchouli is noticeable, I'm not crazy about the way it's treated in this fragrance. It's not strong enough. I like my patchouli to be either ultra-smooth and silky (e.g., Giorgio For Men, IceMen) or in your face like a jackhammer (e.g., Mazzolari Lui). In TB, it's neither. The patchouli smells bland and flat, an effect caused by the presence of the pencil shavings note. I wish the patchouli was grittier.

This may sound like a negative review, but it really isn't. This is a very comfortable fragrance to wear, it evolves in a very interesting way, it is enjoyably woody and spicy, which I like, and though it isn't the most original fragrance I've ever smelled, it always smells good. It has moderate sillage and outstanding all-day longevity, so you can really savor this for a long time. Though it's not one of my favorite scents, Tommy Bahama For Men is a winner.


16th April, 2010 (last edited: 11th May, 2010)
Excellent fragrance! I don't say that too often. This pretty much stays the same from start to finish, so if you don't like the top notes, you're not gonna like this. Lots of black pepper in this, but still subdued by the background notes, so it doesn't smell like just a big pepper bomb.

Tommy Bahama's sillage is better in the beginning but still decent throughout, longevity is excellent as well -- especially since this is labeled as a cologne and not even an EDT. In regards to this.. it may actually be an EDT along with the entire line, they just use the word cologne as a marketing ploy to pull in the average Joe buyers who are most familiar with the term cologne.
(Similar to Atelier - which are labeled as colognes, but are clearly edt's and perfumes)

This stuff actually reminds me of sea salt and cracked pepper deli kettle potato chips. The longer this is on your skin the more it smells like the ocean too. Regardless to the notes listed.. this is what I get from it: pepper, sage, coriander, sea salt, sand, ginger, leather. Although its got the leather and pepper, you'd think.. how can this be a Summer scent? Well, you've gotta try it. This is a masculine Summer fragrance (yet good year round). Tommy Bahama proves here that you can wear a masculine frag with leather and spices in the heat, without choking people out, or smelling like watermelon, coconut or apples.

14th March, 2010 (last edited: 14th February, 2011)
Great scent with all the right attributes. Great projection and longevity. Smells very masculine and refined. A throwback if you will compared to all the sweeter and more feminine scents out there these days.
19th February, 2010
Dry, musty plywood sawdust and black pepper. Nasty, sickening stuff through and through!
29th November, 2009
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
I do not relate to the Tommy Bahama lifestyle and am highly unlikely ever to wear an untucked Hawaiian shirt, so I was prepared to give these scents a wide berth--how glad I am that I did not. This is a great scent--comforting and masculine, with woods and spices up front and a wonderful patchouli dry-down. Great value and I have found that all of the other TB scents are of an equal quality.
10th November, 2009 (last edited: 19th December, 2011)
Spicy and boozy. Smells very similar to Burberry London actually except better in my opinion. I'll be getting this one.
15th October, 2009
OK, when I first smelled this I said good lord!!!! It was a strong hint of rum that came out of the bottle & smacked me dead in my face! I also got some weird other dark smell of some substance. But then this grew on me. ALOT! SO much that I bought me some & will be wearing it as part of my fall maybe winter fragrance! GREAT JOB! The best of the Tommy Bahama lineup!
15th September, 2009
The website calls this a herbal-fruit scent with notes of sage, caraway, ginger root and patchouli. I find it to be a warm woody-spice scent.
This is delightful! A thread discussion and all these good reviews encouraged me to try this – I wouldn’t have given it the time of day otherwise. First of all I want to say that the bottle is a great substantial handful. It has a classy feel with its golden colour and wooden top.
The opening has lovely spicy rich notes of coriander, pepper, nutmeg and other nutty-woody spices which combine well with the ginger. There is a hint of a green mint note,which is from the sage leaf. That note adds an interesting balance to the golden brown spices. Then the patchouli emerges, and this is **really** well done. I’m not a huge fan of patchouli, but here it is mellow, complex, masculine, and very classy. It may be what is contributing the leather and tobacco notes (if they are not actual ingredients themselves). All in all, this is a suave and very enjoyable scent. It reminds me of the good old Comptoir Sud Pacifique scents, before vanilla took over.
18th March, 2009
absolutely AMAZING.

so warm, excellent sillage, lasts very long..this is best fragrance bar none
07th March, 2009