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Positive Reviews of Damascena by Keiko Mecheri

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Indolic barely harvested rose damascena combined with further diverse rosey notes, with the fruity (intense but aqueous) note of an edible (cherry kind in taste) blackcurrant in the top notes, all over a conventional musky dry down. Easy, but powerful, temperamental and joyful. The fruity taste is intense and edible (a bit plummy and similar to the blackberries and raspberries taste), and is combined with a well calibrated addition of balsams (probably a touch of benzoin or amber). Extremely natural, sophisticated and spacious. Uncompromisingly feminine and sexy. I don't crave for the musky florals but yes, this is (easy but) fully attractive and erotic.
27th September, 2012 (last edited: 22nd December, 2013)
Damascena is a pretty and extremely feminine rose scent. It is fruited and tinged with spice. What I really like about the Keiko Mecheri range of fragrances is they are not sugary sweet, yet they are sweeter than say Annick Goutal's creations. For some odd reason, the roses in Damascena remind me of the mild rose notes within Rive Gauche by YSL. This perfume exudes an aire of class, but youthfulness too. Not your grandmother's rose ~ very wearable!
17th November, 2008

Damascena certainly is rosy. It’s a very pleasant rose smell… Not an overbearing heady rose, but more like the wild variety. And there’s a fruity (berry?) sweetness to the accord. The particular sweetness is interesting. It’s feminine, and it’s very youthful. The scent, at first guess, seems to be made for the young woman, but there’s something about it that it would not be out of place on the more mature and worldly wise. It’s an interesting scent – lovely rose.

10th October, 2008
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A wonderful rose like scent. It's definitely a modern fragrance. You can smell the roses, more the fresh cut mai rose and something else which gives it the staying power.(musk?) In a strange way this frangrance makes me think of modern, glass buildings and white furniture. It's not sweet in the candy way (ribbons and giggling girls) but
more straight to the point sweet. A fragrance with self confidence. I think once you learned to like this, it's forever.
06th November, 2006