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Negative Reviews of Osmanthus by Keiko Mecheri

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I wonder if Demeter is going to make an Osmanthus fragrance: I’m wanting to smell osmanthus again but I’m not having much luck with these fragrances named “Osmanthus.” In the osmanthus sense, Keiko Mecheri’s version is just so not right. The list of notes includes “datura” and “tuberose” but I don’t get any more of those than I get osmanthus. I get a fruity top that is somewhat tropical. I get a big stab of violet leaf green in the heart. There’s a drydown…?

I really, really would like to smell the tuberose… or the datura,,, or especially the osmanthus.

14th November, 2009
I can't smell this one at all. It's too light to even enjoy for yourself. What I do smell is a soft peach and floral musk. I'm sure it'd be a vibrant and lively fragrance but it's just too light!
07th October, 2008
This is soft and unoffense, but totally uninteresting and without depth (at least on my skin). If you have the right chemistry is might be lovely. The lasting power is nil too. Next!
12th March, 2006
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