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Neutral Reviews of Osmanthus by Keiko Mecheri

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This scent left me with the impression of a sun warmed plum blossom, rather than osmanthus. It was pleasant enough, but I agree that the true osmanthus scent was not captured here.
24th July, 2010 (last edited: 03rd October, 2010)
I reminds me verr strongly of Datura Noir by Serge Lutens only that one is much stronger and lasts longer. So if you like this one and you want more staying power I suggest giving Datura Noir a go.
08th September, 2008
Keiko Mecheri is one of the most under-rated niche houses IMO. That being said, you might want to look somewhere else if you are in search of a strikingly bold Osmanthus prominent scent. Keiko Mecheri Osmanthus doesn't have much going on, and thats what makes it beautiful. This is quite a bit subtle and creamy simple yet elegant floral, and thats what I like about it. I have always found a floral with a lot of complexity too hard to wear, perhaps because any floral that isn't simple enough would get into the feminine territory rather quickly. For a man, this is one of the best florals around. For a woman, it might be too bleh in general, but could serve its purpose when you are in the mood of appreciating simpler things in life.
25th May, 2008
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Of all the recent Osmanthus themed scents I have smelled, this is the most floral. Yet, it does not make me think of osmanthus in particular. What I get at first is a creamy reminiscent of aVasline Intensive Care Body Lotion embrace – soft and clean. This is tinged with peach and apricot skins, which is the part where the osmanthus makes its modest entry, but the overall impression is of a peachy, slightly coconuty suntan lotion. The floral heart is very appealing and has a somewhat Victorian feel to it, like a powdery violet scent, along with soapy jasmine and tuberose greenness.
Keiko Mecheri’s Osmanthus is my favourite so far from her line. But as an osmanthus scent, it is still not what I would choose for someone to try in order to get a good idea of what osmanthus is suppose to smell like. It’s a fun, comfort scent that makes me think of summer and gardenias.

Top notes: Apricot, Peach
Heart notes: Osmanthus, Violet, Jasmine,
Base notes: Musk
25th July, 2006