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Neutral Reviews of Peau de Pêche by Keiko Mecheri

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Peach skin indeed - that of a hard, unripe, white peach, which is to say the merest whiff of peach.

This is very very light. After many applications, I get the merest whiff when smelling my forearm.

It also smells very synthetic, as if I am smelling a chemical that has a peach skin-like scent. We are ages away from the ripe luscious peach of a vintage classic such as Piguet's Fracas.

Minimalist peach dissolving ito a light musk. Totally underwhelming, uncomplicated, and uninteresting to my nose.
20th March, 2016
Genre: Fruit

This is a remarkably accurate and literal rendition of fresh peaches. It’s surprisingly natural to my nose and makes a simple, cheerful, and refreshing scent for casual wear in warm weather. Superior, by the way, to the much more costly Flower of Immortality from By Kilian.
23rd June, 2014
Dang. I'm really starting to wonder if I might be anosmic to a particular range of peachy/milky notes, maybe undecalactone. (Could that be why Mitsouko is so irretrievably bitter on me, while I simply can't smell Chant d'Aromes at all?) Anyway, this goes on with a lovely burst of not-too-sweet peach. I love it, and I have a feeling that creamy orris is doing great things with sandlewood at the bottom, but this simply disappears on me within minutes and no amount of huffing my wrist will let me get a real sense of it. I used up my sample in one day and still don't really know what this smells like. I really envy those of you for whom this works.
19th August, 2009
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I had high hopes for this, but prefer Cote Bastide's Peche de Vigne. This turns to canned 'Peas and Peach' on my skin. Not good. The peas stay in front for me and I just can't seem to re-wire my brain to smell peach only. Too bad...I love the scent of fresh peaches.
11th October, 2008