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Positive Reviews of Corteccia di Pino by Borsari

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Corteccia di Pino fragrance notes: orange, bergamot, lemon, mint, thyme, wild pine, lavender, sage (Borsari product pamphlet information).
I specialize in woody/pine scents so I had to try this magnificent and hard-to-find scent, sadly discontinued (as are many in the fascinating Borsari portfolio). I got a cute little mini bottle in a set, and it was worth the effort. This is one of the woodiest scents I’ve tried! It is like Pino Silvester, but much woodier and with a haunting antique patina. Also it’s a bit like Victor’s Silvestre, a similarly aged and yet still very evocative scent. This is an excellent pine wood scent, a bit herbal/green, with lovely deep forest smells. There is an aged quality about it, like brandy. I enjoy CdP very much, and wish it was still in production.
16th December, 2007 (last edited: 10th November, 2012)